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The Bridge season 3?

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Will The Bridge be renewed for a season 3? When does the new episodes start in 2015 on FX? Premiere air date coming soon! We hope…

TV-channel: FX
Genre: Crime drama
Country of origin: United States

Season 1 Episode 13: 1.43 million U.S. viewers

Season 2 Episode 11: 1.22 million U.S. viewers

«The Bridge» television series has the great chances to be on air of FX in 2015. The given opinion is shared by many experts and Internet-resources, though the critics are not so optimistic.

The fact that the amount of TV viewers has reduced in the second season in comparison with the first one, makes the rights holders wonder about the budget for season 3, as exactly the profitable TV-projects are financed for the new episodes.

At the moment the rights holders are still being discussed the possibility of the given crime drama and aren’t ready to announce the air date of the new episodes and start of the filming process.

The Bridge season 3 – [cancelled] (UPDATE 1)

We will wait for the official announcement and will publish it here! Don’t miss!

UPDATE 1 (October 21, 2014): Bad news… FX has announced that they will not be moving forward with a third season of The Bridge. Series cancelled after two low-rated seasons.

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  1. CCola


  2. Helen

    FX hurry up! give us new season! This is one of the best shows out there!

  3. Ron Dean

    My son and I love this show! cant wait for season 3

  4. Melinda

    Best show on television. Spot on writing, directing, acting. Give us more seasons, FX.

  5. Jane

    It’s ADDICTIVE!! I love this show I hope theres a Third season cant wait for the next PLOT!

  6. M Albores

    Tense and scary, such a great show!

  7. Jfish

    Say it isn’t so. Heard the Bridge is cancelled and will not be back for season 3. One of the best shows on TV. Bring it back, pleasssssseeee.!!!

  8. T. Brace-Shelton

    I love the show. Please bring it back!!!

  9. L Pienaar

    Please don’t cancel the third series, it is me and my husbands favourite series. The problem here in South Africa is due to not advertising the series, nobody knows about it. When we convinced everybody that it is the best series, the second series stopped. I suggest you put more time and money in advertising the series, it is the best on TV!!!!!!

  10. OKLeslie

    Well that S*CKS!!! What a great series that was!! My husband and I loved it!!! Very sad about this!!

  11. Bonnie

    Please do not cancel The Bridge. It is one series worth watching. It is hard to believe the word is out that The Bridge, Dallas, and Longmire are all to be cancelled. Absolutely ridiculous. Please continue the series and do not fall into “the gutter” as so many other networks have.

  12. Dar

    I sure hope the reconsider this decision, as this is a marvellous show. Luv it!

  13. Carmen

    you have to bring it back …… I love that show can’t wait for it to come back can’t leave me hanging… I have watched it since it started faithfully…

  14. Ray

    This great show is cancelled? But pleeeaase give us more bachelor and stupid Kardashians.Those are much better!

    • Chris J

      Yep, that’s the world we live in today. Take the good stuff off, and leave the garbage on.

  15. tconn

    Anxiously awaiting season three! Please don’t kill this series. The depth of the characters and surprising turn of events and suspense is absolutely thrilling! Must have more!!!!

  16. Mary

    Not right. Its the best tv show right now. Why?

  17. John

    Hurry up and get us a new season FX. This is one of the best shows on tv and the best on FX. That is now that SOA is gone.

  18. KC

    YIPPEEEEEEE I can’t get enough of this show. I hope it comes back for many more seasons. I love it!!!!

  19. MW

    This is a really great series. Get rid of stupid stuff like Big Brother or the Kardashians and the Bachelor what a total waste those shows are STUPID. Maybe the rights holders will see the light and come to their senses.

    • Denise

      Just finished Season 2 playing catch up and looking forward to season 3 only to find this posting that there will not be one?? Great show and hope the powers that be reconsider. So agree that there are many other shows that should go before this!

  20. MJ

    You have got to be kidding ME! No season 3 of The Bridge!
    Have already given first two seasons to 5 different friends who can’t wait to WATCH SEASON 3 NOW !
    BEST SHOW OUT THERE….what are u thinking???
    I agree advertise it MORE. The Bridge …. Just as GREAT as Sons of Anarchy….Vikings….Longmier….Game of Thrones……and Justified.
    PleeeeeeeSE ….At least wrap it up with a SEASON 3 of The Bridge….. We need CLOSURE!!!

  21. Jh

    What a waste. With all the reality cr*p out there the real talent gets wasted.

  22. Sally Mc

    Best show since the House of Cards, there should be a Season 3!!!!My husband and I are truly disappointed.

  23. Gary beck

    I can’t help idiots that don’t watch they watch cr*p like believable two broken girls and big bang theory and American not my idol’s. Bring it Back!

  24. Patrick McCoy

    The Bridge is one of the finest TV dramas we have ever seen. We are hooked and very disappointed about the cancellation. We are only two senior citizens that used to look forward to the airing weekly.

  25. jim t

    this is an awesome show! what are you thinking fx!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Lr

    So very disappointed The Bridge was cancelled. One of the best tv dramas out there

  27. Abraham

    My wife and I soooo cannot wait for season 3 to start. Hurry up FX

  28. Joanna

    Please bring it back, our whole family (5 different households) is very disappointed. There are other shows that could be taken off the air but not this one please!!! Maybe if you broadcast it at a different time you will get more ratings. I had to catch it on demand many times because of the time of broadcast. Maybe move it to 9 or 8???

  29. Nicole

    Please, please, please, please bring us Season 3 of The Bridge. This is a great show, much appreciated. It is very well done, unique and original. The actors are great! Do not leave un hanging!

  30. Boop

    come on, this is a serious bummer and will probably keep me from watching similar FX series . TERRIBLE!!

  31. Irene's

    I prefer fx series then others.

  32. Sharon Ringshauser

    I’m disappointed The Bridge failed to meet some corporate calculation approval. This was one of the best shows out there.

  33. Chris S. Carr

    Unbelievable! Rumor or fact – The Bridge will not continue after season 2. We have been waiting an awful long time for season 3. Could it be true that some idiots cancelled this show?

  34. Michele Beck

    Everything about this series was 5 star please don’t cancel

  35. Bob Hansen

    Looks like FX is going by the way NBC, cancel all the good shows. Thats why i no longer watch NBC.

  36. BOB

    Well that really s*cks no season 3. My wife, daughter and I watched all of them and we are very disappointed it will not return. FX seems better than major net work type shows but I wonder if that will change and the will start putting on stupid reality shows next.

  37. Erick

    Thats slot of BS it was a really good show I hope another net work sould pick it up and go on with the show.

  38. Dewey

    so many angles, so many variables. come on this show was or could be the LOST of organized crime, gov graft / drug cartels reach / good cop bad cop. / good cia, bad cia. plus all the other off the wall none traditional tv crime / organized bad guys. cr*p were fed. I LIKE THERE IMAGINATION. SOMEONE PICK IT UP !!! YOU WON’T REGRET IT.

  39. Lynn

    How about on line? Pay per view? DVD? Something! Please!

  40. Joe G.


  41. Chris

    Very unfortunate. This was a great show with fantastic characters. I don’t think they did enough to promote it.

  42. adrienne

    I liked the show and thought the lead actress and actor did a great job..Bring it back

  43. Craig Johnston

    Really??? Cancelled? Where are y’all getting your numbers from??? Everyone I know loves this show. I just don’t get it, it was an AWESOME show… So disappointed…

  44. Sherry Smith

    The Bridge is/was a drama I couldn’t wait to watch each week! So, of course, this smart, intelligent, gripping and actually informative drama just HAD to be axed in order for … I don’t know – “Stupid American human tricks” LIVE and brought to you by The Original First Grade Reader “Dick and Jane eat bugs”???????? “Bison Bigots in the Bayou”????????? Come on! – ASPIRE, don’t pander to the lowest IQs in this country.

  45. jim a

    You gotta be kidding this is an awesome show, please bring it back!!

  46. Cheryl howard

    If the Bridge was advertised it would have been wildly popular. It was the best thing on 43rd.

  47. dee

    Hard to get into new shows. I got hook right away. I hope someone will pick it up. Why not cancel the stupid Kardashians instead. Never been interested in that cr*p. Is there a petition circulating, I will sign it.

  48. jose ricardo

    The best reality show on television

  49. Dan long

    One of my favorite shows. I love the characters!Breaking Bad good!
    The visuals of Juarez and El Paso are amazing. Captures crazy violence and insanity of drug war.
    Politics and corruption.

    I love the actors and storyline. How can this not of captured American imagination. The dude playing Mexican police capt. Is such a fine actor. An old friend from weeds. And how about the Lt. From El Paso? Shades of the old Silence of the Lambs. I wish someone else could pick this up. Maybe if FX did some marketing? A real shame. I wish I could tell the actors what a fine job they do in this series. I am in mourning!!!!!!

  50. R H

    Nooooooo!!! Please don’t keep me (us) hanging. Let season 3 be the end not season 2.:(

  51. Frank

    Unbelievable! Greatest show and actors ever. A massive mistake by the network/rights holders. I’m sure they knew how great of show this is. They just don’t put in the effort to market an investment outside of their network for better returns. (Business-101) “Sell the Brand”

  52. Chris

    I am so sad about you canceling the bridge. It is a great show and I was looking forward to season three. Sometimes i really do not think the people in charge think before they act. Really great actors and show really big mistake

  53. Carolina

    My husband and I loved the series! I love the characters and storyline. It is unique and I loved the twists and turns the story took. I cannot believe it was canceled! Very sad to find out. I loved all the actors, great job. I will miss the show.

  54. Karen

    I can’t believe I just read they have cancelled season 3 of The Bridge! That was one of my favorite shows. Seems producers don’t care about what we the viewers like anymore. They keep canceling all the good shows and instead keep putting more awful no talent reality garbage shows. Those shows are for people with no brains. Those shows are so boring. Since they only use people with no talent they are very low budget to make and distribute. That’s why they make them. They don’t care that we don’t like them as long as the money rolls in for them. I hate reality tv , Dancing With The Stars. etc.

  55. Glen

    Another “DEAD” series, but you cancel “THE BRIDGE”!! Can’t FX afford a decent quality law drama??

  56. Trevor

    This show is GREAT! Bring it back, we love it.

  57. Kitty

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE start filming season 3. My husband and I are hooked! Awesome show!

  58. John

    My wife and I don’t have many interest in shows. Totally different in our viewing choices,one thing we actually agree on was this show. We are waiting anxiously for season 3 . So please renew it we both love it

  59. jack c.


  60. Lori b

    I agree, one of the best series out there. Bring it back!!!!!! Why do you leave cr*p on tv and take away provocative dramas. I also loved dirt with Courtney Cox & then it was replaced by cougar town. Do you really think the public is that stupid?

  61. Carla

    The USA version is bad, bad, watch the Danish/Swedish original, it superv, there are 3 seasons, I am watching it on ITV, yes one can get it in the USA, the 2 other season Netflix has them.
    I watched 1/2 hour of the American and was more like a Mexican soap.

  62. Lee

    Can any other network pick up the series.

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