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«The Mentalist» season 7: premiere date

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When does «The Mentalist» season 7 premiere? Will the show return with new episodes in 2014 on CBS? We are waiting for start air date and hope for good news!

TV-channel: CBS
Pilot episode: September 23, 2008
Creator: Bruno Heller

Season 1 Episode 1: 15.60 million U.S. viewers

Season 6 Episode 1: 9.70 million U.S. viewers

The CBS management has renewed all the main network television shows, but the series «The Mentalist» became an exception. Obviously, the creators aren’t sure in financing of the new episodes, as Red John’s death in the sixth season made the amount of its viewers decrease.

At the moment the screenwriters and the rights holders discuss the further development of the plot and nobody knows how it’s all over.

«The Mentalist» season 7 – [November 30, 2014] (update 2)

Should the seventh season be expected and will the premiere date for the new episodes be scheduled in 2014? Exactly these questions are crucial for crime drama fans, but yet there is no the official answer.

Let’s wait for the decision and support the show together!

UPDATE 1 (May 10, 2014): The Mentalist renewed by CBS for a seventh season. Bruno Heller declared that it would be an «encore».

UPDATE 2 (November 4, 2014): The Mentalist‘s seventh season will be its last, to premiere Sunday, November 30, 2014 (TVline).

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  1. Inna

    Disappointed about The Mentalist, this probably means it won’t be back.

  2. Kate

    I’m hoping that The Mentalist is renewed. This is the first show on the bubble list.

  3. Marry

    i loved the Mentalist, but 2.0 version it’s really s*cks.

  4. Samanta M.

    I’ll be sad if the Mentalist ends but it’s probably about time.

  5. Chris

    This is incredible, after 6 years make money and public around the world CBS considered the Mentalist like a f*cken trash! F*ck you CBS !

    • Avid Viewer

      Wow. Months later, CBS renews TheMentalist (a million dollad business decision), and the sting of your post lingers in the air.

      Never single-post anything to a open-discussion forum that ends with an exclimation point. Trust me.

  6. David

    I like The Mentalist but I can understand if it’s cancelled; it may have run its course.

  7. Edlin

    We loved the Mentalist up until this year! It is not near as good since they joined the FBI! Please make a way for the old CBI to “reopen” and all the main people to come back full time. Don’t want it cancelled but this year is it’s worst.

    • John

      What are you talking about. No more stupid Red John shows that don’t make sense. We’re back to good shows without the underlying plot of killing Red John again and again.

      • Laurie

        I completely agree with this comment! The Red John storyline got really “old” and pretty unbelievable and that’s why our family began to lose interest….Once that story ended, we started watching AND enjoying the show again!

    • Misty

      I disagree. I love the new route it has taken and the characters are still the same (with the exception of rigsby and vanpelt, but I never liked them anyway). I’m so glad they have moved beyond the red john bit. It was getting old and I love where they have taken the show since his death. I’m all for it continuing down the path it is on. ^.^

  8. Malinda

    I actually prefer the new location and the FBI link. I think the change and new cast members breaths new life into the series. I hope CBS gives The Mentalist a seventh season to find new angles and storylines.

  9. Lisa

    I like the new location and cast. Like the storylines now…Jane seems funnier and quirkier this season. Keep it another season CBS.

    • Lynne

      I agree that the FBI angle was better than the Red John story line. Loved Jane’s character last season. CBS please keep this great show on the air!

  10. bob

    Mentalist is GREAT, but take this Pike away, the show is Jane and Lisbon togrther

  11. chau

    I am from Hong Kong and I LOVE the show!
    Please don’t cancel it:)!

  12. Melissa

    I love The Mentalist! I hope it gets renewed!

  13. liz

    Love The Mentalist and all the buzz around it. Hope it makes to an even 8 episodes.

  14. Shawn

    I think this is one of the best show ever put on tv don’t cancel the show of this show gets canceled I won’t watch reruns. Just keep the show going I also like them working for the FBI and I like the new actors .

  15. Gary

    I thoroughly enjoy the series since the FBI affiliation. I sincerely hope the show will continue.

  16. Eric

    I LOVE this show and everything it has to offer. NEVER cancel this show! Amazing Finale, finally they Jane and Lisbon together!

  17. Amah

    I hope the show’s renewed. Love that Jane and Lisbon are finally together. I am sure you’ll find interesting cases for both to solve and develop on their relationship. Please keep Pike away.

  18. Michelle

    Luv this show..just watched Jane tell Lisbon he loves her…had tears..glad red john story is over..can’t wait to see where this relationship goes…keep it CBS..there’s so much garbage on the air now..this is a well written, witty, entertaining show!

    • Linda

      I agree, there is just so much trash on TV now and this is really the only good show!! I loved the finale, it as very romantic and well performed by Simon and Robin and the others. I like the switch to FBI and the new characters make it interesting. I look forward to season 7 and I hope there is a season 8. CBS, why did you have to air this show at 10pm on Sunday and put all that trashy stuff on at the good hours? I have to tape The Mentalist in order to watch it. I just don’t watch all that other junk you put on!!

    • CJ

      Michele, you just described exactly why it will not last very long. People just don’t appreciate quality anymore, and it actually scares some, they prefer garbage. Just look at our current government.

  19. Russell

    It just keeps getting better! It fulfills everything you hope would happen and then takes off in a new direction. I hope it stays on the air for a long time to come!

  20. Dyno Don

    My Wife & I liked the new story line. Give the show another year to develop the new plot lines. Bring back the two characters that were removed. They were important to the story line. Another couple is needed now that Lisbon & Jane are a pair.

  21. anthony

    there is a season seven see in on the internet

  22. Linda

    I love this show and think the last season at the FBI was the best season yet. It is great that the cloud of Red John has been lifted and Jane has emerged as a better character. The show should definitely be renewed for several more seasons, since the cast is phenomenal, and the chemistry is great. The humor in the show is fabulous, and I thoroughly enjoy watching all the characters and the story lines.

  23. jerry

    We love the show, we’re glad red john is history and we want to see more new shows for a long time.

  24. Eddie

    One of my favorite shows . Maybe if it was in a different time slot more people would watch .

  25. maureen

    the best show on the telly just put it on earlier, Cant wait for next season,

  26. Angelina

    SUPER Series ! It had me hooked. Yeayyyyy…..I am sooooo happy that Jane and Lisbon got together. ‘The Mentalist’ having so much to do with behavioral psychology, facial expression and body language, I am all the more impressed with the performance by each cast member in the entire Series. I really really really really really really want there to be a Season 7 and Season 8 and Season 9…. You get what I mean. So looking forward to it !

  27. Jo Ann Ramos

    Please bring back the Mentalist Show to the TV, It was 1 of my favorite shows, The only 1 on the nite our station aired it on CBS Sunday night that I watched. I couldn’t wait for Sundays to come around so I could watch it. To me it’s teaching people how to be more observeant to their surrounding & what is happening around them. I love the actors & the writtings of the shows. Please keep Him on the TV, Please!

  28. Donna

    I really like The Mentalist and have watched from the beginning, but so frustrated when moved to Sunday night. Sports ALWAYS delayed the show! I’m sure this has affected the rating. Please move it away from sports shows. Please!

  29. Lisa

    it’s one of the best shows on TV, Simon Baker is a terrific actor, he is a gorgeous, and delightful man and I look forward to watch him.

  30. Steve

    If CBS bails on this show with fate of Lisbon and Jane’s relationship in the balance, wouldn’t it be a good idea for an alternate network to pick up the show? Think USA, TNT or TBS. All three have shows that could be dumped or are winding down in popularity. Yes the clearing of the Red John case saw a lot of people give up on the show, and the first season post Red John was a tough transition.

    But now we have the team firmly in place with the FBI and there are plenty of new story lines to be explored with Patrick and Theresa. Find woman for Cho and please bring back Rigsby and Van Pelt on a more regular basis.

  31. a trest

    I stopped watching the mentalist because i got tired of the Red John saga..I hate it when the shows get tied up with some villan..Bones there has been 3 or 4 now we are on another one.Castle is the triple K killer..I hate it..After Red John was killed I started watching it again and really enjoyed it.. I hope this season will be as good as last..I will be there on sunday night watching…..

  32. Lucy

    I want season 7!!!

  33. Big dubs

    Was addicted to The Mentalist. Needs a Better story Line now that Red John is dead. DO NOT WANT IT CANCELLED

  34. terry

    Love The Mentalist. Really enjoy the “new” group. The nerdy tech guy is funny. I also like the new director. Looking forward to it’s return in fall 2014.

  35. Bertie De Klerk

    I liked season 6 with red john’s dead behind us leaving the director with a world of new storylines! I really hope a new season with a new storyline will rock us!!

  36. SJay

    Love this show. Any news on the premiere of Season 7?

  37. Sharon

    I like the show much better now without Red John.This last season was the best season ever,it was the most interesting,humorous and enthrathing.It was the best season ever

  38. LeAnne

    Got so tired of Red John. Really glad that storyline finally ended. Much better since Jane joined the FBI. Gave his character a chance to develop in new directions. Simon Baker is terrific. Please let this show continue!

  39. Bonnie

    We just love, love, love The Mentalist. It is a “smart show”, well acted and now much better story lines. It is so hard to find an intelligent show on tv anymore. There are only four worth watching and this is one of them. Please renew it. This is the favorite show of a 91 year old lady I know. Please don’t take it off at least for her sake.

  40. Oscar Arroyo

    TEMPORADA 7…!!
    TEMPORADA 7…!!

  41. James

    The Mentalist is a good show, and last season they kept screwing with the start by letting the Greatest Race run longer. The Race is a s*ck show and never liked or watched more than a few minutes. The best part of the Race is the ending. CBS needs to put the Mentalist back on, it seems like when they have a show that is good they want to pull the plug when they lose some of the viewers.

  42. Phil

    I look forward to every episode, best show on TV.

  43. Paul C Locascio Jr

    To me, THE MENTALIST is the best show on TV. Over the the years, I have enjoyed watching the two main charactors, especially the last show of the season. Threw the years I was pulling for them to get together. On the show, two other characters got married, then had a baby, Where are they now gone. I thought this was the way shows are suppose to end. If you cancel the show I will be very disappointed as will of a lot of people.

  44. Jerry

    Frankly, The Mentalist is the only “Crime” story I watch on television. All the others are just violence, etc. with no interesting story line. I am so disappointed the the guys in charge think that “The More Blood the Merrier!

  45. Margo Goldsmith

    Hope there will be a season 7 of the Mentalist. Great FBI theme and… want to see Lisbon and Jane’s new relationship dynamic progress.

  46. Christina

    Love love this show!!! Please don’t cancel it!

  47. Kathleen M.C.

    How about bringing back “The Mentalist” with the original cast members (at least Jane, Lisbon, and Cho) starting their own private investigation company?

  48. Sue in Florida

    PLEASE don’t cancel this show as it is so lighthearted in drama and I love it.

  49. Teri in Ca

    The mentalist was my favorite show. I may have to boycott cbs:(

  50. Rosanna

    I love the Mentalist….I love Simon Baker. This is my favorite show. I am so looking to
    Season 7, especially how the last season ended with Patrick & Lisbon. I will be most unhappy. There are so many shows out there that should be cancelled. TGW for one.

  51. Yvonne Harris

    I have truly enjoyed the mentalist and hope it will be renewed. It was a different type of police show and truly entertaining.

  52. Glenn Campbell

    Great show with great chemistry . CBS has a history of placing shows in that Sunday 10 pm slot that they have pre determined have run their course . Times are always messed up because of the football games . Give it a decent time slot and watch how it bounces back.

  53. Randy

    Just online to check on what date in September the new season will start…Will be very disappointed if the Mentalist is cancelled. It is the best show on the air. Why would you cancel it?????

  54. Rosaleen

    We will be very disappointed if the Mentalist is not renewed. There is so much garbage on television and this is an excellent show. The decrease in viewers (in our opinion) was not due to the death of Red John (we were sick of him) but the move to 9 pm on Sunday night! Seems really stupid of the network if they cancel this excellent show. They need to renew and put in a better time slot.

  55. Todd

    I love the mentalist. And I want to see Patrick pork Lisbon. Been waiting 7 years for this and it might actually happen this season. Ya baby

  56. amb

    Have watched and enjoyed this show for years. Glad Red John series is over and think
    the move to FBI and new characters are good and good for the show. Lisbon and Jane’s
    new relationship also add new opportunities for story lines. Please do not cancel. Cast is
    terrific, Bruno Heller is terific.

  57. Dottie


  58. dino

    I think th show shou return good witing couldmakeit work!

  59. Eaton

    When is the Mentalist new season start? Can’t wait!

  60. Tim

    Great series. Keep them coming!!!!

  61. kay

    Please don’t let the Mentalist be dropped. I would be better if everyone left the FBI and went back to the CBI. It was much better then.

  62. gail

    Love The Mentalist! Please don’t cancel. The one show I always watch, no matter what.

  63. Susan

    Love the Mentalist. I was glad Red John was over and Patrick could move on. There are so many plots that could be made interesting. Bring it back.

  64. mark b zook sr

    I always loved this show. It was a long time coming for them to end the Red John shows. I hope that it will stay on TV. It was nice to see it go with a different angle, but hope to see the old team from years past to be back on the show.

  65. Shari

    Well is it coming back or not?

  66. Laura Picerno

    Loss of viewers not the shows fault. CBS kept changing the time so nor had to keep looking it up to view. Jane and Lisbon are great together, But the whole cast works!

  67. Gloria

    Please do not cancel this show. I love the characters together. I did not like the time it was on, because it was always not on at the same time . This is our favorite show……

  68. Liliana

    Please don’t stop this show is my favorite, and FINALLY Jane and Lisbon kissed, i want to see more of their loVe story, let them LOVE each other, come on! I want them to get married have a daughter bring another serial killer if need it , but don’t allow him to kill Jane’s family this time, do something awesome and then after that, you can stop the show if you want, but please not now! Please!!! Thank you!

  69. Pam

    I just got seriously interested in this show this year, after watching re -runs on TNT/USA ? network late night, & got hooked!! Simon is a DOLL! Fantastic in this part. Please CBS don’t show reruns on Primetime. Look at the quality of acting & work with it. Why are so many quality shows getting cancelled all the time?? VEGAS was one of them. Famous actors in that one, & great story line from the past. Don’t remember channel though. I think the public deserves answers. After all without us what would there be. KEEP ” THE MENTALIST”.

  70. DORIS


  71. John Riley

    Glad it is coming back this fall. Can’t wait to see what Jane gets up to this season.

  72. Connie

    So happy the Red John story line is over. Keep the show please . Don’t let it be another CSI Miami. Almost gave up on the network when that was cancelled. If the Mentalist is canned maybe I’ll cancel CBS!

  73. Phyllis

    Can’t wait until it comes back this fall… The Mentalist

  74. Lynn Schoch

    Is the mentalist coming back, & if so when & where?

  75. A

    Very sorry to hear this. Really enjoyed the uniqueness of the show. I was glad they got rid of Red John and went in a new direction.

  76. Bill

    Why cancel this show? The cast and scripts have been great. We need more quality scripted TV like this and less of the disgusting reality trash that clogs the networks. Cable channels are becoming more relevant than the network channels, where quality is dying.

  77. Vickie

    Was tired of Red John. Like it better since he is gone. Move to Sunday was the worse thing. Hope it comes back.

  78. kelly

    Please keep Mentalist on TV! Bad move putting it on after football Sunday night’s. I don’t own a dvr or have on demand so I missed a lot of episodes. There are still people out there that love intelligent shows like this. Simon Baker is a dream.

  79. Lyn

    Good show, enjoyable characters, interesting plot lines, good performances, look forward to the fall show, every summer. DO NOT CANCEL, please. There are lots of good, innovative writers out there, get some. Y’got a good product with The Mentalist. From a loyal CBS fan. Whomever does the planning and scheduling for CBS, certainly is not in touch. Dropped, Hack, The Unit, The Agency, The Company, The Handler,others, ….think for a minute. You keep crap like How I Met Your Mother, but drop the good shows. Clean up 2 1/2 Men, and we’ll watch it again.

  80. Sue

    Really hope the Mentalist is back in the 2014 season. It wasn’t because Red John was gone that the ratings suffered. They suffered because earlier shows like sports events or the Amazing Race ran overtime for their slots. That knocked The Mentalist off schedule and sometimes off for the night. Give ut another chance but on another night or you will see the same results!!!

  81. Jen

    They cannot take The Mentalist off the air. Simon Baker is my main man on TV. Why do they keep taking good shows off???

  82. Jane

    I love the Mentalist, I hope you are smart enough to put it back on for season 7. I glad The Red John story line is over I was getting a little feed up with it. This Drama was different from the others. PLEASE do something smart……bring it back!!!!

  83. Candy

    Please don’t cancel this intriguing and sexy show !!!! as stated above there are precious few
    “intelligent and thoughtful” TV shows ….. Comeback Jane !!!!!!!!!

  84. Larry

    Great show, and a big mistake to remove it from the CBS lineup.

  85. MARY

    Lets hope the network reads these posts, there are so many new shows that need to be on the bubble not this one. This show is one of the best on the air these days so what are the suits at the network thinking.

  86. Rosana

    CBS I will be really upset if The Mentalist does not come back to primetime. It’s a great show…& Simon Baker & the whole cast will be greatly missed. The only reason his ratings when down is that you made a dumb mistake moving the show to Sunday nights. With all the award shows & football the show was hardly on. Before you moved the show..the ratings were through the roof. Please don’t cancel The Mentalist. Jane is so talented …..

  87. stef

    Don’t cancel. like new FBI setting. awesome show give it another chance.

  88. Teresa

    Love the show like the new direction with the fbi

  89. Wayne

    You can’t kill Red John, mistaken identity, he had a twin brother!!!

  90. gary


    • Lois

      There are so few shows on tv anymore even worth watching, and now they are cancelling one of those few. Soon we might as well junk our tvs and find something more interesting to do, since nothing is worth watching anymore……………

  91. Leigh

    Please keep the Mentalist alive. I look forward to it every week and have missed it and love the actors.

  92. Kat

    I love the mentalist!!!! Love simon baker’s personality in the show. Bring it back

  93. Ginny

    OH-EM-GEE. I cannot stand the thought of this show ending. With all of the talent of the writers of this show, the death of Red John SHOULD NOT be the climax to a show in which we watch reruns constantly. There is not a whole lot of intelligent dramas out there that we like. PLEASE don’t cancel!!!

  94. Joan Carr

    The Mentalist is one of my favorite shows with suburb acting and exceptional plots. So happy to hear it is coming back on Oct. 9. Love Patrick Jane!

  95. Donna

    Please bring the show back. It is one of my favorites.! I want to see what new, mischievous things Jane is up to in the coming season. And, we have to find out what happens in their reationship.

  96. Allen

    Every time a good show is moved to Sunday night (10:00pm). It’s a death sentence. Football keep the show from coming on at the correct time. If they moved NCIS it would lose viewers.
    I like football but enough is enough. Every other show that comes on begins and ends at a certain time; football should not be any different.

  97. Traci

    Please bring the show back!!!!

  98. Teresa

    Red John was getting really old. I find the new FBI story line to be refreshing!

  99. Shirley

    The Red John storyline was getting a bit tedeous and I’m glad that part is over with. I never watched it because of that. I love the team because they work so well together. Each and every one of them. Every storyline is enteretaining

  100. Carole Michaels

    My favorite show. Why would they take it off and leave so much other TRASH on TV.

  101. TJ

    We all loved The Mentalist!! I sure hope it returns, a good clean family show!!

  102. P H Weiss

    This show has great writing, acting & story line. Beat the pants off all the boring ‘reality’ shows. DO NOT CANCEL THE MENTALIST CBS!

  103. C. White

    Love this show. Please don’t cancel it.

  104. Ron Ketcham

    The Mentalist is one of the best dramas on T.V. It was always in the top ten until the network moved it to Sunday night at 10 p.m. what a lousy time to move a top show to. I hope CBS sticks with the show and perhaps give it a more favorable time slot.

  105. Lillith

    The Mentalist is one of my all time favorite shows. Simon Baker is totally awesome and I love his playful grins and stellar smile! One of the few TV shows that is not all smutty and suggestive. Please bring Patrick and gang back to me….. Thank you!

  106. Janice Oberlender

    We have watched with anticipations all of the Mentalist episodes. PERHAPS one of the reason the numbers declined.was because it wasn’t on the time advertised. If you were recording, you would not see it in its entirety. So tired of reality shows, serious blood and guts, not to exclude sexually explicit shows. This was exciting, tongue on cheek fun, imaginative and for intelligent viewers. We could watch it with our family. Please take a gamble on this wonderful cast and scripts. Please give
    us our show. Don’t forget to look into those time screw ups. We live in Dallas, TX on central time.
    Simon is too amazing to lose. Thank you for listening.

  107. Karen

    My husband and I both have watched since the series began…. We will be so dissappointed is the show is cancelled… Look forward to watching it every week. Please don’t cancel it !!!!!!!

  108. margaret hunt

    LookingForward to new season of the mentalist,I hope it is not cancelled..

  109. Elizabeth

    I don’t watch much t.v., but The Mentalist was one of the three shows I DID watch. I also watch NCIS (only the original version) and Blue Bloods. I miss The Mentalist and hope it will come back. I was glad they finished up with Red John; it was getting old. Looking forward to new episodes. Hoping, anyway!

    • J York


  110. tee

    I will miss the mentalist.i was glad that the red John ended.i dont know what to expect with Patrick Jane and elisabene love life,or the whole team.this would be wierd.

  111. Jo

    I sure hope they decide to renew it. I really liked it. Who cares about Red John. I just liked the way they solved things. It was different.

  112. Patrick

    As someone from Sacramento, I hate that they moved to texas But still like the show!

  113. ana


  114. J York

    Our favorite show! After death of Red John the show was still great with new story line…please let it come back!!!!

  115. Sal

    I’m sure CBS has viewers that are interested in finding out how the relationship between Patrick and Lisbon turns out, I know I would. I’m sure millions of other viewers would also.

  116. Lana

    Where’s the Mentalist? I love that show! I always look forward to it. It’s better than most of the shows on TV.

  117. Peggy

    Very disappointed! Enjoyed the show very much!

  118. Kimberly

    I’ve been a fan of the show since it aired. I’ve heard about the show’s decline in ratings but its declining ratings, from what I hear, are better than some shows, at least in the nineties, that stayed on the air. If CBS does decide to cancel the show, the least the network can do is give it a proper send-off and let those of us who still love the show know when it’ll air!

  119. Vancouver Mover

    I am addicted to The Mentalist and I like the chemistry between Jane and Lisbon. Jane is great of course but Lisbon, the pocket rocket is great as well. It’s best when they are working together and squabbling in a playful way and you are a bit uncertain where this is all going. It will be interesting to see if the chemistry can survive domesticity. We have to keep the squabbling going, no hearts and flowers please.

  120. Senny

    I love the mentalist. Such a great show and I hope they bring it back. And I’m glad John is gone and we can just have a great show without that part of it.

  121. Disapointed Viewer

    It was a great series & I can understand if it’s over, but I don’t like how it ended so unexpectly & with the impression that it would return. Not fair CBS.

  122. Kris

    Will the Mentalist be back? If so, could I have an email advising me when?
    I dont want to miss it

  123. Kathleen

    We love watching The Mentalist. Please bring back the show. I agree that the time slot contributed to a drop in viewers. It was a challenge to keep track of when it was on. Give the show another year.

  124. Donna Miller

    My hubby and I have always watched The Mentalist since it began and are waiting for the new season to start. This is one of the better shows on CBS. The character Patrick Jane is refreshing . . . adds humor to a serious crime scenario. The twists and turns to the story line and how the crime is solved are unique from the other shows such as CSI, NCIS, etc. However, we absolutely love NCIS. By the way, the new NCIS in New Orleans is not as appealing. The characters just don’t seem to connect as in NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles. Therefore, if we had to choose between NCIS: New Orleans and The Mentalist, The Mentalist is our choice. So, when are we going to see the premier for this 2014-2015 season? What night and time will it air? We are waiting with great anticipation.

  125. Debbie Coffman

    All of my entire family have enjoyed an faithfully watched The Mentalist, from the very beginning pilot episode. We actually didn’t much like it as much, after Rigsby and Van Pelt were taken out and the others went to work for the FBI. We would love to see them ALL BACK TOGETHER, working like they did before. I have a feeling, we are not the only FANS, who feel this way. I sure hope you will be listening to US FANS. We love how the season 6 finale ended, it was great! We are all, looking foreword to season 7 starting soon. BRING IT ON!!!

  126. Debbie Coffman

    We love, love, love NCIS, NCIS L.A. And NCIS NEW ORLEANS! I feel all the characters are very realistic, each one brings allot to the show. I’m really excited to find out the background and their history, as we get to know everyone on NCIS NEW ORLEANS. I enjoy the com-rotary and banter, when interacting with each other. It’s great to see the original NCIS cast, working together with the other two as well. It would be really great, if all three shows worked together once in a while.

  127. D

    Am patiently waiting for the show to begin
    This season. Hope it’s soon!!!

  128. marianne

    Well, CBS, you are holding back the best show on your station and putting on stupid stuff?

    The Mentalist is wonderful and had to fight for viewers only because of the time slot!

    Bring it back!

  129. Char. Green

    One of the very few programs on TV worth watching. Should stay on for many years. Would be nice to see them have a family. There is so much trash on, this show is a breath of fresh air. Please keep it on.

  130. Kent Craft

    I liked the show. Actually one of the few I recorded. However after Red John’s death and he began working with the FBI, some of the drama left. The last episode showed a long awaited and anticipated kiss and I love you with Lisbon. It will be interesting to see how the love affair will work out. The show is good…Keep It.

  131. M Campbell

    Please please bring Mentalist back! I hate the idea of not seeing Patrick & the team back solving crimes together. It is such a unique show & I miss it! Bring them back soon!

  132. Mg

    Wow when is the great Mentalist coming back? Cant wait. One of me favorite shows on tv. So tired of all the dumb realty shows rarely do i watch anything anymore. But always there for mentalist. So glad red john is gone. Story lines need changing and theyve done a great job with the new change. Please bring back one of the good shows to watch. !

  133. Tonya Charle

    Watch two shows Law & Order SVU and the Mentalist – rest of the time husband has sports on – need to know when the 2014 season starts for the Mentalist and why a show that is so popular has to be given the axe when you keep the idiot orientated “sitcoms” running their boring lives forever – also get rid of about half of the reality shows (that aren’t) and show us some that hold a persons interest.

  134. Ken

    I really enjoy the show. I thought the Red John thing over played itself and was ready to move on. I hope it remains quirky like it was in its early days rather than turn into some kind of spy show.

  135. Teresa Britt-Hutsell

    There are a lot of other plots to the Mentalist other than Red John. We love it. We have anxiously been awaiting its return and certainly hope it comes back!

  136. Golfer girl

    I am extremely disappointed with the CBS fall line up without The Mentalist!!
    So many bad shows this season they take off a good one.

  137. Sandy

    We have been waiting and waiting for this show to start this fall. I am so disappointed it has not started. One of our favorites every year and the Red John thing was just weird, glad it’s done but we really lobed Jane and Isbon. Please bring it back!

  138. Jackie

    Is the show coming back this season? I really love the show, especially Patrick. Hope it airs soon.

  139. Mona

    Please bring this show back, I really love the show, they are all great actors.

  140. Gary Deverman

    I will be VERY upset if the Mentalist does not return!!! I watched it religiously and watched it again and again in replays!

  141. Joanie

    Is that really so it’s return is Nov. 30th? Thank you so much looking forward to watching a show that’s worth the time.

  142. Char. Green

    I saw the season seven previews, and am disappointed. After six seasons of Red John, now you bring on a wife that wants revenge! A bit much. Since you are ending the show, it would be much nicer to see them planning a future. C.A.G.

  143. dominic

    this a great show silly to cancel many shows run and run like law and order and csi this better keeps you on your toes plz don’t cancel it

  144. Nina

    I sincerely enjoyed watching this show. I loved that Jane and Lisbon ended up together in the last season! I hope the show develops to a brilliant ending! I can’t wait to watch it and I’m sure that I’m not going to be disappointed! I’ve never been with this show. Hopefully it’s going to be out in the UK soon

  145. Char. Green

    I know the show will be ending in February, and I will be sorry to see the final chapter. There is so much trash on T.V., that days pass that I don’t bother turning my set on. I get news from the N.Y. Times, listen to WQXR for music, and news on the hour, and read lots of books. After Feb. 18, I will probably not bother to turn my T. V. on at all. C.G

  146. linda

    love the show, we see it as family look forward to the new ones, we tape it for rewatch it. Do not break up Jane and Theresa. Disappointed killed Vega, poor willy. Bring risby and grace to work with Jane Theresa willy and Shaw-all the gang together! So much garbage in TV and no good shows on TV, I will be so upset if it doesn’t comeback. They should make more series like this and expand this one. I hope the Mentalist writers and producers See this.

  147. Harlene

    Can’t another network pick up this great show?

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