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The Messengers season 2?

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Should the TV viewers wait for the season 2 of “The Messengers” show or is the given series already closed? What about the premiere (start) date?

TV-channel: The CW
Creator: Eoghan O’Donnell
Genre: Supernatural drama

Season 1 Episode 1: 1.19 million U.S. viewers

Season 1 Episode 3: 0.65 million U.S. viewers

The television series «The Messengers», produced by Eoghan O’Donnell, should have completed the list of the popular mystical drama of The CW. The newcomer attracted many viewers and critics before its debut, but after the start of its first episode it became clear that the TV-project won’t manage to keep on air for a long time.

Very low ratings as well as the rapid decrease of the auditory are the main factors, which contributed to the closure of the show on May 7, 2015, after all three episodes were aired. Some experts believe that the reason for such a poor performance lies in the airtime, granted to a newcomer, as the Friday night isn’t popular on The CW.

The television channel management confirmed that the premiere date of Season 2 shouldn’t be expected, as the show is officially closed, but the shot episodes will still be aired.

P.S.: «iZombie» was renewed and «Hart of Dixie» was closed the day before.

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  1. Buddy Slevin

    Not surprised but I’ll keep watching to the end.

  2. Iliana

    The CW buried this show and didn’t even give it a real chance.

  3. PurA

    Really stupid cancelling The Messengers. Hate to see it go! Loved the show.

  4. Jo19

    Bad move The CW! Kinda s*cks as series is cancelled before it got too many episodes out the door.

  5. Denny Jelley

    The ratings always left no question that it was going to be cancelled. Bye-bye The Messengers.

  6. Sid

    I am disappointed that The Messengers is to be canceled. Show is not bad, please give it a chance!

    • Shar

      This was pretty good, had a very powerful message even though one has to eat the meat and throw away the bones.

    • Travis

      I agree

  7. Cortney P.

    I do hope they air all episodes…

  8. hilda and mike

    Are you kidding? That was a great show. How can they cancel it?

  9. Trevor (Durham)

    The CW s*cks! I am so disappointed in decision to cancel The Messengers! Give the show a chance!

  10. Nellie Y.

    I don’t know why they are cancelling The Messengers. Very sad indeed (((

    • maria

      we love the show, looking forward to see season 2, can’t belive it was cancell.


    Go GO The CW! Cancellations everywhere!

  12. LongStory

    Hopefully they’ll at least make the episodes available online.

    • Sheila H.

      I really liked The Messengers! I don’t undestand why a season 2 is not possible. It can be aired on another chanel.I really would like to see how it all plays out with Amy being the anti-christ and Micheal being the arch-angel. So sad that there won’t be anymore episodes. 🙁

  13. Best T.

    why would they do such a thing?
    if the Cw crew knew they won’t continue the movie, why did they in d first place releases d 1$t season? what could be d reason ? I really enjoyed it, and had hope of continuing it, only to hear did sad news DAT it has been cancelled. hmmm…

  14. Mc.

    WHAT!?!?!……please tell me this is a joke?!?!!?! season 2? Love this show!!!!

  15. JD

    this is so stupid cancelling the show i loved it

  16. rick

    just finished watching the first season , stupid that they wont give it a chance!

  17. tina ax

    You better not cancel the messengers. You didn’t give it a chance and that makes me very disappointed

  18. SYLVIA


  19. benjie

    I was looking forward to season 2.i really love this show.

  20. Jeffrey

    Interesting show, disappointed that the CW is cancelling. Keep it going and move to another time slot. That doesn’t work sell the rights to Netflix, they have a pretty good track record in producing programs.

    • SpaceGirl

      It’s on Netflix right now.

      • Lea

        Season 2?

  21. Ning


  22. Aarron

    This show is really good bring it back

  23. Gabby

    Are you f*cking kidding me?!?! I watched the whole season in one day and need to see more! please give it a chance …

    • Kim

      I did the same thing. I was so hoping for season 2, and now to hear that they cancelled it… I am so disappointed.

  24. April

    Starting watching today, loving it

  25. Ronda

    I want to see the second season. Want to know what happens. If not on tv, how about Netflix?

  26. Maria and Corine

    What the F*Ck…why leave us on a cliff hanger if ur not going to continue the show……grrrrr….I love this show……WHY?!?!?!?………..please put at least season 2 on Netflix … u hate me. …….BTW that’s just a little of what I really want to say but I would be to long and there might be younger kids reading this even though I’m 14 I don’t want little kids being corrupted ….grrrr……..!…!?!!……..

  27. Darold

    Maybe Netflix will pick it up! I enjoyed it and am very disappointed they cancelled it before it really got going. If this is the kind of crap CW does I’ll stop watching this network. With knows when they will do it again. They need to at least give it an ending.

  28. Kathy Marlow

    Viewed entire season 1 on Netflix and was hooked. Went online to check about season 2 and surprise. Another show cancelled before it had a chance to grow. Really disappointed in short sightedness of networks. No wonder they are driving so many people to alternative viewing.

  29. Jewel Bray

    Just powered watched the hole season one. Cant believe they would cancel. Seriously AWESOME show. what the heck.

    • Heather


  30. A true messenger

    People, wake up!!!! This show touched basis on real life crisis going on today. The bible is very true! And this show reveals the truth of what is to come. The same people planning this world’s demise own the studios the TV series air on. To cut the plan of the director, which is to secretly warn you!! The elite know this, and before it gets too much attention.. Ruin it first!! Wayne up world!!!; plz wake up!!!
    Another thing, I’d the show was so bad, then why and the hell are all of us disappointed they canceled it?!!!!! My point exactly!! We all were tuned in to this show….i loved it!!

    • Bigdog

      I agree and the people (devils) in charge of this and many other stations need to be stopped for trying to control what we see and think. Like we don’t have a mind of our own. Everyone needs to wake up stop letting these beings control us.

  31. Heather

    To be honest I really like this show and I’m only on episode 8. I really wish there would be a season 2!

  32. John

    Love this show!!!

  33. Natasha

    That s*cks….just watched the whole season in one sitting on Netflix! So sad that another season is not coming….was one of the best tv series I have seen in a long time….super sad face

  34. SpaceGirl

    That’s disappointing, but season one is on Netflix as of right now you all. But right that I think season 2 should at least be on a different channel instead of whipped from existence.

  35. Majestyk

    So disappointing. This show was so great. I was hooked so fast. Why quit at the beginning of your success CW? Or whoever made this fucking amazing show! We want more ! Season 2 on Netflic yes please!

  36. Anthony Warren

    Bunch of cr*p…..rise up and get Netflix to carry it! The whole first series is featured there!! So disappointing that CW isn’t following through with more. I think they stepchilded it with the time slot.

  37. chris

    This is bull sh*t I saw the ending and they ended I am so pissed off why give us a taste if your not giving us the meal pissing me off better make a mother f***ing season 2

  38. Marilyn

    Very disappointing! Really got into the show. Cast was captivating, entertaining and the writing was exceptional. Loved the concept. Bring on SEASON 2!! We want more.

  39. Ms. Reed

    I just watched on Netflix…this show was awesome!!!! Ughhh, I need the second season!!!

  40. DeAusha Marshall

    Netflix should pick up the show. It’s amazing. Just because ratings were low on the show?? No one will watch a show on Friday nights… Maybe if it were Tuesday or Thursday night but not Friday, that’s why ratings were bad because some people aren’t home. Hopefully, Netflix can pick up the show with the same actors and director because the show was fantastic. I finished season 1 in a day.

  41. Rob

    Great show, but these days, shows that make you think are usually canceled.

  42. kshawna

    This is crazy!!!!! Why cancel the show it was getting really good!! I finished the Show in two days… nd it gets cancel because the views were low??? Really??? Theres other shows with low views nd they still created seasons…

  43. abs

    CW put a lot of effort into something that they didn’t even give a chance! The Messengers was a a series that left people wanting more! You cant just cancel something that you never really began!

  44. Linda

    Loved the show. Someday, people will be watching this movie and reading all of the Left Behind books to try and understand what in the world just happened when the Rapture occurs.

  45. Lesli W

    I LOVED THIS SHOW!!! I thought it was so well written and cannot believe there will be no season 2!?! That’s just dumb– this was an awesome show!! U must re-consider–
    Signed, sincerely BUMMED :((

  46. Karen S

    I thought this was an awesome series and would have loved to seen series two. I’m sure the reason that the network canceled it is because it’s about God. Well I will be watching CW!

  47. Beth Bingham

    Bring it back. Cannot end it this way. Too much u can do with this show!! Too much fear for some people. Who cares.

  48. Hallaatdamessengers

    I just finished season 1 was great but they need to bring it back now!!!!


    no no no no how can they cancel a great show NONONONONONONO


    I mostly like to view the CW show but for now u gon to let me down due to cancel that show…!!!

  51. Shirin rezai

    Love this show! Don’t want it to end!

  52. Helga Mimms

    I just got done watching it on Netflix awesome 1st season and there should be a second season. This show was showing you what is happening now in our world and what is to come – just saying

  53. Cassy

    I just finished watching season 1 of the Messenger on Netflix…..and I though it was awesome. Can’t believe there is no second series.

  54. fab

    I love this show I just spent to whole days watching it on Netflix now its not fair to me that they have a guessing and now its not even on anymore… sorry but yall need to change the channel or something find a way because some of us love this show….

  55. Netflix-PLEASE

    It’s a shame the show was cancelled especially with such a cliff-hanger! I hope that NETFLIX will pick it up! It reminded me of the Left Behind book series – unfortunately, not one of those movies were remotely good but the books were excellent!

  56. Vicki

    Finally a different twist and a great show. Never fails.

  57. UnknownGirl

    Noooooo! I love that show! Keep up with that show. It like it is my only TV Show that I could keep up and watch it all night/day!

  58. kathy culpepper

    my husband and I just finished watching this series I thought it was good why did they cancel it I think they need to finish it why leave it hanging like this maybe bring it on a another channel wow cw.

  59. Heather Foreman

    I loved this show! I just think they showed it at the wrong time. I didn’t even know it existed until I saw it on Netflix. Maybe they should ask Netflix to take it over. I have been loving a lot of the Netflix shows. I was so disappointed that season 2 was cancelled. I like many others just about watched the entire season in just a few days.

  60. Colette

    I just saw the entire first season on Netflix, and I loved it!!! I wanted to know when the second season was scheduled to begin. Now I am reading that it may never return?! It’s too bad that good programs get the shaft, even if the viewers enjoy them. The CW network is infamous for this exact kind of stupidity. Hopefully, someone with a modicum of intelligence at NETFLIX will pick it up.

  61. Anthony Nolan

    The Messengers is the best show in a long time. Much better than Supernatural.

  62. Crystal

    I like the messenger and I will be very excited to have a season 2 to come out I just hope they do because I think it is better than some other tv shows that is out here. However, Please have a season 2 come out so, I will be the first to be watching lol!! this movie if fantastic my husband even watch it and he like it too.

  63. Penny

    I just watched the series on Netflix, wasn’t even aware it was on CW. Apparently it was to my loss. I was so surprise to see a show that was actually made with a little more substance than T/A, cursing, and outright pointless hatred be cancelled. The show had a point that everyone could have benefited from, but like most shows, it didn’t appeal to the mainstream audience, it didn’t attract the teenage girls with the pretty boys, the violence for the teenage boy, the cursing and violence for the young guys. This show really had me talking to family and friends about what could be coming and what we as a people can do even though were from different corners of the earth. But nobody wants that type of show, they prefer to watch one that has 2 guys call GOD and angels, douche bags and and other four letter words…. Why can’t we have shows that have a point and that can entertain????? Just saying and asking……

  64. saul

    Awesome tv show should not have been cancelled

  65. susan

    I loved this show please don’t cancel it was telling all my friends about it

  66. Akintola Deborah (Mrs.)

    I loved this movie so much, the message it teaches is very strong. The season two 2 should be aired o, am looking forward to seeing the season two 2. Very interesting a movie.

  67. Macy

    God forbid we keep a show going that shows Him as the Victor! I’m disappointed

  68. Bevvie

    Every time the CW gets a good show on there for us watch, like the Messengers, they cancel it. This was a really good show and always had us on the edge of our seat! I hate when we get roped in, and then they cut the rope. Bring it back so we can see this play out.

  69. Stacy Salinas

    We just watched Season 1 on Netflix….Season 2 needs to show….We need to know what happening…


    Love this show too :(((
    Hope that Season 2 could be shown on the internet though its impossible…..

  71. Raquel

    I can’t believe they are going to just stop at season one. This was an amazing show. We need to have more good shows like this.

  72. Dee

    Bring on Season 2 – Please!!!

  73. thandiwe

    I was so looking forward to watch season 2, so dissapointed. I loved the show

  74. Sabrina

    Really enjoyed season one. Most realistic, actuality of the happenings of today. Would love to see this series continued.

  75. sherry

    enjoyed season 1 and unhappy that it will not continue. big mistake by producers as this show is necessary to those who have not idea what the future is bringing. Also very good entertainment; good actors and storyline.

  76. The messangers Fan

    Give it a chance please
    it was good!!!!!!!

  77. Breanna

    Does anyone know if there’s a potition that could be made to start it back? Heck I’d even start a go fund me page if it would help bring the show back! This is a show that all should see. This show teaches so much. This show would and should open the eyes to many. I believe the youth ages 16-25 should really find this show interesting!!!!!!!! This should needs to pick back up and be advertised like all these other shows because honestly they did promote it like they should have. All it would take is for a little promotion and BOOM there’s the numbers in views that they where looking for.

  78. Claire-louise

    Season 2 please…… love this show. It’s the best show in ages, and cast is amazing. I’m sick of watching stuff that’s cancelled after 1 season. Bring it back even if it’s on dvd, I’d buy it.

  79. Leovihildo

    Really nice show, pls we would like a second season.

  80. Darly Joseph

    Why they cancelling it, we the people love the show so if the people love it then shouldnt they continue it. It is not a wise decision at all.

  81. Jimmy T.

    I find it sad too they canceled it. I have seen worse shows go on. They should have found another time slot or maybe worked a deal with AMC or the SYFY channel to carry it.

  82. Sam

    This show is great! I got into it on Netflix and enjoyed it. But if they cancelled it, I hope Netflix takes it up. very interesting, good story line great actress’s and an awesome hang on….I want to see morw……this CW I don’t know and wont ever know after this.

  83. Sherry Lobajeski

    I skipped over it several times after reading the one sentence preview for it on the tv screen. I was bored and seen most every that popped up and decided to watch the first show to see if it was any good! I WAS HOOKED! I DON’T KNOW IF THE COVER PICTURE COULD BE DIFFERENT OR WHAT! I’M SAD TO SEE THERE ISN’T A SECOND SEASON! YOU REALLY SHOULD RE THINK THIS ONE! THE ACTORS WERE ALL GREAT!

  84. Blix

    I love the show..I hope it continues,I kind of learning somethings from it

  85. Des

    Really sad that such a show would be cancelled. It has such good messages and teachings, about strength and friendship and family, good and evil and how it can affect us… Let’s just continue filling their brains with nonsense and violence.. No wonder the whole world is going to hell…

  86. Amberlie

    Really sad that the show was cancelled I.absolutely love it ..It shows the good and bad against each other and right now we need a show that shows good wins out in the end .

  87. robin

    I hope whoever is responsible for canceling this show chokes on a chicken bone

  88. giovanna

    I watched it and loved it, when is season 2 coming back?

  89. johnathan

    I don’t get how they leave it it open at the end of the show and not make a another series like that is so not right. the antichrist is supposed to destroy the world but they don’t make another series please someone read this and get back to me.

  90. Philip

    When i seen that this was made on 2015 i was like they got be a season 2. When i was done with season 1. I went online to find season 2 came to this site i couldn’t not believe so i was looking everywhere to see for season 2 was so disappointed about what cw did thats why i stop watching cable. But now this makes me want to watch bible movies again.

  91. Taleah Massey 15

    I just started to watch the messengers finished in one whole day as it was on Netflix. I know this show is old but the show was really bomb I mean yeah it did get low ratings probably because nobody really use to watch cw. I feel like the way they left the show is really, really stupid because the ending is really really god an the end is not over its just the beginning of another apocolypts

  92. Ron

    It seems that programming with a Christian or Biblical theme are targeted for a short term run. The series was entertaining and thought provoking. Shame on those who were in control of the shows cancellation.

  93. Emilio

    Really stupid that show was top of my list smh and they want viewers
    If Netflix is smart they will put a season 2,3,4,5,6 I’ll watch forsure.

  94. Emilio

    Come on Netflix do the right thing just like you did with Lucifer

  95. Veronica

    Loved the Messengers and couldn’t believe there is no Season 2! Hope you see that several years later we are still watching it and hoping there is more in the future.

  96. chinedu

    plz i love this show do not remove it

  97. Lisa

    Loved the messengers on Netflix. Just do season 2’s good!

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