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The Messengers season 2?

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Should the TV viewers wait for the season 2 of “The Messengers” show or is the given series already closed? What about the premiere (start) date?

TV-channel: The CW
Creator: Eoghan O’Donnell
Genre: Supernatural drama

Season 1 Episode 1: 1.19 million U.S. viewers

Season 1 Episode 3: 0.65 million U.S. viewers

The television series «The Messengers», produced by Eoghan O’Donnell, should have completed the list of the popular mystical drama of The CW. The newcomer attracted many viewers and critics before its debut, but after the start of its first episode it became clear that the TV-project won’t manage to keep on air for a long time.

Very low ratings as well as the rapid decrease of the auditory are the main factors, which contributed to the closure of the show on May 7, 2015, after all three episodes were aired. Some experts believe that the reason for such a poor performance lies in the airtime, granted to a newcomer, as the Friday night isn’t popular on The CW.

The television channel management confirmed that the premiere date of Season 2 shouldn’t be expected, as the show is officially closed, but the shot episodes will still be aired.

P.S.: «iZombie» was renewed and «Hart of Dixie» was closed the day before.

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