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The Newsroom season 4?

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The Newsroom show renewed or cancelled by HBO? When does the new episodes premiere in 2015? The fans have last short season and no more…

TV-channel: HBO
Genre: Political drama
Starring: Jeff Daniels, Emily Mortimer, John Gallagher (Jr.)…

Season 2 Episode 9: 1.67 million U.S. viewers

Season 3 Episode 1: 1.21 million U.S. viewers

HBO TV-channel management didn’t change its decision concerning «The Newsroom» show. Only the third season of the series, which seemed to be the final one, was financed.

The air date of the final episode of the show is scheduled for December 9 this year and season 4 shouldn’t be awaited, the HBO representatives note.

According to statistics, the given TV-project has lost some of its fans within its last season, but the number of viewers is still above the level of 1,1 million people. Jeff Daniels, the television star, thanked the fans for their support as well as the creators for the well-done work.

Would you like to see the continuation in 2015? Should the new episodes be filmed?

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  1. Rufus

    This is such a great show and it’s sad they’re ending it. Please tell HBO to bring it back!

  2. Grant88

    I love Aaron Sorkin’s work and I love this show. My family really enjoyed the smart, quick witted and thought provoking dialogue. We are very sad to see Newsroom go.

  3. Mr. Klein

    The Newsroom is a brilliant show. Do not cancel!

  4. Donnie Parker (SL)

    I can’t believe that an intelligent network such as HBO would consider canceling a show that is quick-minded and as thoughtful as The Newsroom.

  5. Linda M.

    It just makes me sad to say goodbye to this brilliant and one of my favorite drama shows of all time.

  6. KimMc7

    I’m disappointed! I love the show…

  7. 8Monique8

    I’m heartbroken! That’s really too bad. Sorkin is an excellent writer and his shows are always fast-paced and interesting. Give us season 4, please!

  8. Jane

    Are they crazy? Only 3 seasons?

  9. Nora Drake

    Newsroom is such a smart show with Aaron Sorkin and Jeff Daniels at their best. What a disappointment that HBO has cancelled it!

  10. Holmes

    HBO needs new series! So many of its veteran shows are coming to an end all at the same time.

  11. E. P.

    I love it too. Need season 4!

  12. Phil Porter

    Newsroom is great. More please!!

  13. Linda Hines

    My husband and I love this series. I have no idea why you would cancel the series. I hope you reconsider. It brings to light many issues and ending with big $ with no ethics winning is a sad fate for all of us. That is the issue in the USA right now. One man with lots of $ and no morals can drive out good people. Please bring it back and allow strong ethical people a chance to change the situation.

  14. Brian Mirson

    Quick wit. Strong characters. Entertainment at it best. Reason to subcribe. Fund season 4. Please!

  15. Rob

    They can’t just judge shows by tv viewership what about us who log on via on demand or with hbo go. I love the show because it is so well written and acted. Hey HBO keep it rolling!

  16. Felicia

    I am absolutely so frustrated that this is cancelled. Especially because the last and final episode so many great things have happened. I mean really, there’s so much potential for this show to grow. Instead they’ll keep the silliest shows and cancel the ones that are actually worth watching.

  17. N. G.

    HBO, do not cancel a well written, acted show as the Newsroom. Somebody create a petition so that people can sign it to show that people want more of season 3, and a season 4, with, if they want to then take the show off the air, a season 5. Have someone give the petition to HBO so they can take notice of how well the people want the show. I love the show and it’s actors.

  18. alan

    Newsroom is a great show. Please renew it for another season.

  19. Katie

    Love this show! Wish it was coming back!

  20. netsurfr

    How do they take their poll on how many viewers they have?????? With all the different types of media out there today how would they say how many viewers they really have. I have just watched all 3 seasons in just 2 weeks and I don’t believe that I was taken into consideration of their polling numbers. How many people are out there just like me? It’s really to bad to shut down such a good show. I would rank this show up there with breaking bad and the soa. It was that good.

    • Owen Migdal

      I just binge watched it this weekend and feel they should take actual poles so the 50% of us who watch the show off of tv are being left out

      • Blu

        i agree with you 100% i just watched all three seasons in a weeks time because i was so drawn in and wish they would reconsider canceling the show.

    • Tim C

      I love the show as well and HBO doesn’t care how many people download or stream they only care about how many people subscribe to there channel so they get money that way and from commercials. It is totally driven. Just like in the show where they want more people to watch it so they can charge the companies more money to advertise during the commercials. I do agree they need to bring it back if not on the channel maybe on a more easy access channel where more people will see it and love it

  21. Rick Ewald

    Please give us a Season 4

  22. Mary Ward

    This is one of my favorite shows, I would be very sad to see it go!

  23. Sean Murphy

    We discovered Newsroom after reading a positive comment in a magazine. We’re now midway through Season 3 On Demand and couldn’t wait for Season 4. What a disappointment to hear it’s cancelled. What an intelligent, witty show. The writing is excellent and characters have depth. I hope another network could pick it up. Hello AMC?

  24. Dana

    This was such a great show! It had everything! Written with intelligence, great characters and sense of humor… incredibly entertaining! Please bring on S4!! There aren’t enough quality shows! 🙁

  25. Marian

    I think all has been said. Please bring this show back, for at least a fourth, an a fifth, an a sixth season…

  26. simon

    wholesome good entertainment why wouldn’t you make another season

  27. A

    Very sad to see it go…please reconsider.

  28. Bree

    Please bring The Newsroom back. Best series ever.

  29. Julia Driver

    Great show. Why are you canceling it ? Surely it can go a few more seasons ?

  30. Eve

    I can’t believe there aren’t more comments on here to show support for this well crafted, amazing show. I can’t be without these characters and the storyline. I hope there will be more than “one” more episode. It can’t end so quickly, it’s just getting started…

  31. Penny

    What a rich TV series! I am shocked it was canceled.

  32. Debbie

    BRING IT BACK!!!! We just re-watched all three seasons and want more!!

  33. Laine treme

    I believe the newsroom is the diamond in the rough. Where many people blame the media for race baiting and pushing their favorite candidate rather than being fair to all candidates, and when people like magan Kelly and Ann coulter give the media a bad representation. The Newsroom offers the same story from the news network’s perspective and gives us an idea of the decisions newnetworks really have to make. I’m not saying this could be the answer to our generations epidemics, but I do believe that it is doing some good. This is an exhilarating show that has captivated my attention since day one. Dear HBO, please keep this show alive!

  34. Kyle gordon

    An intelligent show that needs to be brought back!!! Jeff Daniels at his best!

  35. norm kennedy

    Please bring back Newsroom. We need it to inspire TV networks to give us news.

  36. kdollar78

    Although Ron Burgandy was funny in Anchorman 2, I really prefer my news to be given to me like Will McAvoy. I love Newsroom and wish it would not only be brought back, but bring a change in how news is reported today.

  37. JWW

    Awesome show, HBO needs to finance the balance of season 4
    Give em a chance!
    One of the few shows I follow and make sure I’m HM to watch

  38. Brian

    The Newsroom is the best television series produced by anyone in years. The actors are superb and the stories are relevant to the lives of thoughtful Americans. If anything, it is the perfect antidote to the dumb reality tv shows that dominate “mainstream” television networks. We need the Newsroom to deal with the real American Taliban.

    Please reconsider and do Season 4, 5 and beyond.

  39. Patti

    I also just rewatched all 3 seasons. Would love to have it run FOREVER!!!

  40. Ana

    This is THE BEST SHOW ever.. especially now with so much turmoil going on now –in our Nation and others… and with the upcoming elections.. Sorkin could write some fabulous stories!!
    PLEASE do not give up on it!! I alone will advertise it everyday on my Twitter/FAcebook accounts so people know to watch 🙂

  41. Pat

    PLEASE have a season 4 and on of “Newsroom” best show anyone has put on in years.

  42. Donald Trump

    I’m glad it got cancelled. Those people at ACN were out o expose me!

  43. miguel pomerleau

    give me a 4 season please…

  44. jenny

    just bingewatched all 3 seasons and am SOOOOO disappointed that it stopped there. PLEASE bring it back.

  45. Lori

    PLEASE Don’t cancel the Newsroom. Best drama series I’ve EVER seen.

  46. Sarah

    Please … season 4!!!

  47. Greg Stanford

    I love THE NEWSROOM too. However, it’s no surprise that a show with such a high level of writing, acting, design, etc., ad inf. would never last as long as it should have in this dumbed down, 3-minute attention span era. And the massive 3-minute group[ isn’t stupid. Most of them have degrees, but they substitute Googling for knowing, which makes them much less interesting to talk to. And since everything’s “awesome”, most people have forgotten what “awesome” really means. O.K., I’m an old curmudgeon, but the sad thing is I’m probably right, though I hope it turns out I’m not. Eternal thanks to Aaron Sorkin, the phenomenal Jeff Daniels and Emily Mortimer, as well as ALL the others in a great ensemble cast and superlative crew.

  48. Julia

    I have just streamed all three seasons during the holiday and only just found out the series has been cancelled! Ahhhhh, come on! If HBO won’t pick it up, isn’t there some way another network would take it on? This show has some of the best writing on TV!

  49. Corzetta

    Love, love, love The Newsroom! Please, do not cancel the show.

  50. seldomsean

    you had me at “it’s not” the best country in the world anymore…I realize it’s probably too late since I see cast members doing other stuff…but…don’t cancel or renew!!!…so many factors made this a great program!!!

  51. rey albert

    Im a singer from manila and got the chance to watched all the 3 seasons of the newsroom..i would say this is the best political drama and love story i saw..every actors and actresses have connection to the audience..the script and dialogues are great…after i watched the last episode i feel very sad..but i know you guys from hbo are preparing for the next season as you are looking for more real news material to include in the next season..

  52. brian b

    unbelievably excellent writing, strong characters, witty, brilliant, emotion filled, and PERFECT cast of characters! I’ve enjoyed all 3 seasons and was sad to find out it all came to an end…Aaron Sorkin is KING! bring this show back!!

  53. Paula

    Loved “The Newsroom” wish it would continue!!

  54. William Wise

    The show is magnificent. I highly recommend a forth season.

  55. Mary

    My husband and I just started watching “The Newsroom” and have binged watched all three seasons. We loved the show and sad to know that it has come to an end. It was a great political drama with superior intellect to reflect actual events in todays time. This is not your everyday crime or ER drama. Please consider bringing this back or allow another network to pick this up.

  56. Kathy F

    HBO absolutely cannot cancel this show! I watch it nonstop & would do it again! Bring on Season 4, 5 & on and on. Jeff Daniels is outstanding, as is the whole cast and
    Aaron Sorkin’s writing is beyond excellent. Get rid of the rest of “reality” junk and keep this going!

  57. David Rodriguez

    Excellent Show watched every episode of the three seasons. Great script and excellent acting by all. I felt that I was watching a live news presentation.

    I hope that HBO will reconsider…


  58. ExpatROM

    In a sea of zombies, car chases, flying dragons, and aliens, it was a breath of fresh air to binge a show that makes you think and laugh.I love the show and I hope another network does pick it up. Sadly this wasn’t the only brilliantly written and casted show networks have drop because if ratings. I hope the cord cutter generation can drive the future of entertainment to a better place than the networks’ ratings religion. Thank you Sorkin, cast and crew for being a part of The Newsroom for keeping me grounded and entertained the past 7 days.

    On another note, the show reminds me of if The Colbert Report (RIP), Morning Joe, and Rachel Maddow Show raised a kid.

  59. Beth Fahlstrom

    I love this show. It’s fast paced and so well written.Great actors. WHY cancel?”’ There is so much garbage on TV!!

  60. Corey Anne

    Aazong show. Bring it back.

  61. Sherry

    Please make season 4 and so on. I have watched all three seasons and every episode! What am I going to watch now??? I love it! It’s true to life and not those stupid reality shows! Please make more! What’s happening with the leaked documents and maggie and Jim? Mac and will’s new baby?? So much more to write about!

  62. Judy Beebe

    Our whole theater gang mourns the loss of The Newsroom. We would comprise a fine audience ready to favor whatever entity brought us more of it. We would support a ready -made market too.

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