Feb 22

«The River» season 2: release date

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Will «The River» have a season 2? What is known about new episodes and premiere date?

Mockumentary story called «The River» premiered on АВС in 2011 and immediately attracted attention of fans of this genre. A pilot episode was viewed by 8,2 million fans, but with every new episode it was losing its popularity and audience’s interest was gradually falling.

In March, 2012 after the airing of the final episode, the series was closed. Extremely low rates of the last episode made the production of Season 2 of «The River» impossible. Release date, expected by fans, isn’t relevant any more. But TV viewers are still discussing the possibility of series renewal on Internet forums.

Critics point out that the series closing was inevitable; however nobody could predict «The River» to end so soon after the pilot episode.

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  1. LeoN

    That was a very good show to watch. Please bring back the river….

  2. Julia

    I hope you change your minds and bring it back.Thanks for one great season, anyhow.

  3. chico

    please bring back the river it very the best series i ever watch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Schauntel Ambeau

    I really got hooked on season’ please make another season. I have been so looking forward to the next one.

  5. corey

    i really wanted to know what would happen next n i’m really dissappointed that i might never know i really want there to b another season. please bring this show back cause its awesome!

  6. Casper

    BRING IT BACK! Please!

  7. Norwegian girl

    I really liked this serie, hope you’ll change your mind about making a second episode

  8. jessie

    I’ve been longing to watch the season 2 this is a very nice series

  9. Matt

    Bring back the river !!!! Awesome series!

  10. Tab

    Bring out season 2 just watch all of season 1 on love film and was brilliant

  11. Keira

    I wonder why it was losing views, it was great!! One of the best series ever, in my opinion 🙂

  12. Bobby-lee

    Love the series bring back series 2 and more…..

  13. Sammy

    I have just watched the first season I was so hooked on it it can’t end the way it did we need more

  14. Mitchell

    I can’t believe that they never made a season 2 .. i really really REALLY !!! wanted to see what was gonna happen next .

  15. Katarina Larsson

    Really good show!

  16. Suzanna

    Please bring it back. I really enjoyed the river. Tv really seems to cancel all the best programs.

  17. elvia

    I always waiting for season 2 “THE RIVER” until right now,,

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