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Violetta season 4?

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Will Violetta show renewed for a season 4 by Disney Channel? Bad news… It’s the final of the story. No premiere air date anymore.

TV-channel: Disney Channel
Directed by: Jorge Nisco, Martín Saban, Matías Risi
Written by: Solange Keoleyan, Sebastián Parrotta
Creative director: Víctor Tevah
Executive producer: Diego Carabelli
Production company: Pol-ka Producciones
Genre: Telenovela

Many fans of «Violetta» television series believed season 4 of the show would still be financed. Unfortunately, the high rating of the TV-project as well as its numerous fans all over the world couldn’t influence the rights holders’ decision to finish the story.

According to Disney Channel official announcement, season 3 of «Violetta» television series is the final one, that’s why there is no need to wait for the start date of the new episodes. The only pleasant fact is that the show has ended up like it was conceived by the creators, without the storyline break.

We’re waiting for new but not less successful roles of Martina Stoessel!

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  1. Amanda

    NOOOO!!! please change your mind and make season 4!

    • Kiya

      Please make a violetta seasons 4,5,6 because I can’t live without I want to see what happens on violetta every time if I don’t then I will cry and be sad please please please please please please please please please I really love this violetta story it makes me happy every time I see it and I want to see it all day If I have to and I like how they stick together and how they love is please make more seasons please please please please please please make more season so I can see it the rest of my life because it make my life good and very great to

      • connee bruce

        I want to c more too and I’m 61 years old.

    • Addy

      It makes me so sad that there isn’t another season of violetta coming out ;( Please reconsider! I love watching this show. Just make one more season please. I really hope you can change your mind about this because I can’t live without violetta! Please please change your mind about this horrible idea!! 🙁

  2. Sam D.

    I love u Violetta. I can’t wait season 4! Please, make more.

  3. Karla

    Please make a season 4 it is the best I have put my whole entire life in it I love Violetta to much Please make another one or at least make something that is like Violetta please

  4. alice

    I love Thomas I wish you end up with him violetta
    Make season 4 please also make sure Thomas is there

  5. amy

    Please change ur minds about violetta 4 plz I need to know what happens with violetta and Leon r they happy do they get married and does violetta and Leon live together or anything o need to know cuz German and Angie got married but we didn’t see if violetta and Leon were happy

    • connee bruce

      I feel the same. I like to c a season 4 with Leon and Violetta getting married with the ups and downs along the way

  6. Hallee

    Is violetta season 4 coming out on Netflix
    Cause i love it and can’t live without it please make another one

  7. Violetta Lover

    NOOO Disney please No you broke my heart we need Violetta season 4!!!!!

  8. supernova

    You should make a season 4 of Violetta, Violetta is my favorite show please concider making another season just one more

  9. Kelly

    although I am sad that there won’t be a season 4..I am very happy with the way Season 3 ended..It’s about time Herman and Angie got together and they ended the show with everyone happy and an amazing wedding also

  10. Karen

    Please make season 4 i cant live without violetta i watch it everyday.I want to see how the married life is with Herman and angie and how Violetta and Leon are

  11. madison a big fan

    Please don’t stop Violetta your letting your fans go including me the biggest one. I wish u reconsider because I was thinking of showing my friends Violetta ,f you were going to add one more season because, this is what helps me get out of bed every morning knowing something good will happen this took me a year to finish and now I keep rewatching it. Because I love seeing Vilu happy some fans are very sad to read that message it broke my heart to see that message that there will be no more I would always sing songs from that song and it makes me happy plz think about your fans and not the haters cause they just judge it by how they talk or look in season 1 but don’t make your fans disappointed I hope you rethink about this message over and over.

    A huge fan of yours

  12. Vanessa

    Please do a season 4. This show is the best that I have watched. I love this show. the show doesn’t deserve a ending like this. It should have a least more than 7 seasons. theses 3 seasons has been the best but there should be more
    I wanna see how the life goes on with Herman and Angie and also with Violetta and Leon. Please do a season 4. This show is the best that I have watched. I love this show. the show doesn’t deserve a ending like this. It should have a least more than 7 seasons. theses 3 seasons has been the best but there should be more PLEASE!!!!!! I cant live without Violetta i watch it everyday. Violetta is my favorite show please concider making another season just one more or at least more then 7 seasons. This is the best show ever.
    Please change ur minds about Violetta 4 plz I need to know what happens with Violetta and Leon r they happy do they get married and does Violetta and Leon live together or anything I need to know cuz German and Angie got married but we didn’t see if Violetta and Leon were happy.
    A lot of people love this show. its the best ever.
    I hope you guys change your mind. A lot of people are counting on u to change your mind

    • mariah brown

      I’m disappointed I love violetta and Leon and the rest of the cast. I loved how Violetta and leon met and I want to see them get married. Also I find Violetta’s character inspiring. She forgave someone for doing something mean to her and still forgiving them. I loved watching the show in Spanish and English. Wish you would reconsider making another season and 2 seasons more after. Favorite tv show by far. please make another

  13. deborah

    plz do season four I cant without it plz plz plz change your mind plz plz plz

  14. Emily

    I want you to make a season four please I want to see how the marriage of German and Angie goes

  15. Violet

    Please make another season of violetta because it’s like I’m addicted to the show because I watched it so many times that I know all the song please

  16. felicia

    please make season 4 I really liked this series and I think I am addicted to it because I never missed an episode never I know all of them I even watched two time a day. violeta really ispires me a lot so if u might reconsider I think u would have make all the people who watch violeta really happy and they will keep on supporting and loving the show.

  17. lame

    please do season 4 I mean violeta can’t end without us seeing if violeta and leon were happy together forever or what and also how did angie’s and herma live together I mean ther’s more u can do on violeta to make we as the fans of violeta pleassseeeee

  18. barb

    My 3 granddaughters and I watch Violetta everyone every day. Please continue with season 4 or at least a final episode where every thing works out. I have really enjoyed watching this series.

  19. jayleen

    Please come out with a season 4 everyone needs it has to be the most pouplar tv show on Disney I have been writing these comments every day since it ended we have to see how things are if Leon and Violetta get married if Lumida is part of Violetta, Herman, and Angie life and Leons life.Leon and Violetta make a super cute couple so does Nati and Maxi don’t forget the most second most adorable couple lumida and fede please come back with a season 4 or maybe you could make a 4,5,6 etc it would be awesome for all your friends but if you put all of them in English that would be awesome I love violetta it is my number 1 tv show my second is every witch way but Violetta is my number 1 I watch it all the tie on Netflix it is so amzing I love violetta the tv show with all my heart you broke my heart when it ended please make more seasons for every violetta fan in the world you would totally make them happy one more thing im your number 1 fan of violetta but please make more seasons please I never wanted anything more badly in my life im not lying please make more season you would make every violetta fan happy!

  20. Kenzeymeiz

    Plz l beg you make a anther one because my mom dose not know I whack voletta so I j yet love it to muck so plz if you are withtht fans leave as many colts as possible
    We love voletta and Leon any ways l saw the trailer for tain so guys it will tell us everything that will happen. Ext

  21. Amia

    U have to be kidding me plz make another one i beg of u plz

  22. bryce roy

    plz make season4 for violetta
    can you reconcedr about season 4 plz

  23. Aleseya McDaniel

    You have to make a season 4 of Violetta it is the only show I watch please you can not let the fans down WE LOVE VIOLETTA ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️. I want to know what happens to violetta’s career And what happens to Leon’s career two. And what happens to there relationship. That is my show and you can not take it away from me you would break my heart so keep the show I love to sing and dance that is why I love the show and how violetta is so amazingly nice and sweet and funny and also even loving. That’s the only show that the mane character is like that and it would be very stupid to give up a amazing show that probably took you a long time to right and come up with. So the smart thing to do is to not give it up!!!!!!! That is probably the best show you ever came up with I am I love with that show! so if you have one little drop of love for the amazing wonderful talented show you came up with you would keep is!!!!!!!!!!! PS. LOVE YOU VOILETTA ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  24. Bella

    I need to know if violent and leon get married. They are perfect for each other. PLZ. At least make 1 more season

  25. bryce roy


  26. Karisea

    Yes please make a season 4 in Violetta and include Tomas in this one PLEASE PLEASE. Violetta is my favorite show I just love to watch it over and over again my favorite season is season one. I really would like Tomas in season 4 because I think that Tomas and Violetta make the perfect couple together.

  27. Claire-Louise

    Please, I love the show Violetta all your fans would be really upset if you didn’t make another season we love you and we don’t what it to end. You have shown/taught people from all over the world to never give up on what they believe/dream in you have taken your adventure and dreams and perused them all of your fans have done the same they have believed in you and they haven’t given up on there dreams please don’t do the same keep on dreaming keep on doing what you love and make a season 4 we love you don’t let us down. Please, please, please, please, please, don’t give up on what you do best. All of your fans love watching Violetta you have inspired many, many, many people don’t give up, keep working on and we are all begging you keep making Violetta and make a season 4 of Violetta. Please your an inspiration to many. Also we love your songs and we love how many couples on Violetta are so amazing. Everyone on Violetta are amazing please, please, please, please don’t change. We are wishing/hoping for a season 4 of VIOLETTA. PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE.

    Many Thanks,

  28. martina stoessel

    its not finished,you are liars

  29. unknown

    No , please make season 4 and if you do i have a deal for you.

  30. Tini's number 1 fan

    No one can replace tini u have to get her back she inspired thousands of lives she is amazing at what she does, everyone loves her for most people including me she is there favourite character she is the best tini must come back or it won’t be the same I have just yesterday finished season 3 and I already miss watching it and seeing all the characters especially Tini

  31. Leilani

    We need season 4 because we got to find out what happens with all of the characters and does Leon and Violetta get married or does ludmila and Federico we need season 4 badly.

  32. Christian Aristilde

    Don’t stop OK Martina stoelesse you understand , you make mi happy OK you continue season 4 OK I look forward. You speak Spanish Martina espero con inpaciencia. Ok Martina don’t stop don’t stop OK finish season 4 you understand thanks you

  33. BaBY BaLLeR

    Plz Don’t End ViolettaI Luv Thid Show It Brings Me Joy And I Luv The Drama,Songs,Friendships,and RelationshipsPlz Don’t Stop This Amazingly Awesome Show. My Heart ❤️ Will Be Broken PLZ PLZ Don’t End The Show

  34. Davine

    plz don’t end Violetta, I love that show so so much u don’t even know. Plz, Plz, Plz………….

  35. Jaylyn Keyt Violetta biggest biggest fan

    Plz plz plz don’t stop Violetta make a 4 se. When I get home from school and know that I have Violetta to watch I will do my hw on the bus that’s how much I love and I think about Violetta 24 7 I love love love love this thrilling , amazing , friendship , Romance , with pall the characters u just can’t stop Violetta because u want to I bet all the people on the cast what a season 4 more then we do. People around the world would just die to have a season 4. Won’t u just have a vote with people to see if they want Violetta back and yes is the most if majority then u give us a season 4. People live for Violetta just do what so people would like a season 4 so there u my opinion about how much I love Violetta if i was u I would have a season 4 plz we all are if h change ur mind we will wailt for u to make a season four but if u don’t change ur mind then will won’t stop until u do so plz consider your opinion plz we all are begging u ‍… I really want a season 4 I’m your biggest fan. Just thing about it plz I watch Violetta over and over again and u watch the movie Tini I love it so plz if u change your mind plz plz tell us

  36. Rose Morris


  37. chloe barker

    we need a season 4 of Violetta because we need to see how the marriage goes with Angle and German, if Leon and Violetta get married, if Ludmilla and Federico go and natty and Maxie go on with there relationship plz plz plz plz make another season plaza I’m addicted to it I cried at the final episode when they did the song. it was so sad

    • Cameron De Costa

      I agree Chloe Barker because If Leon & Violetta get married it would be interesting to see what the next stage of their life would be

  38. Cameron De Costa

    When will Violetta season 4 air in the uk
    Plus I find Season 3 a bit rubbish because there were some mean characters in this season
    I also think it would be interesting if Diego left and Tomas came back because it would be interesting to see Violettas reaction for Tomas return after all these years

  39. Cameron De Costa

    Plus Violetta & Leon married means no more drama , no more irritating characters like Gery & Clement they can finally get kicked out and have no purpose in the show what so ever and we can see how Violetta & Leon act as a married couple and if Ludmilla ends up with Federico or maybe someone new

    Seriously get those characters kicked out of the show, they are irritating and damm right annoying because Season 3 is suppose to be about Violetta & Leon going on more dates with each other and experience more couple related matters with each other like going to the movies ,nice restaurant and experience more couple activities that they didn’t experience in the first 2 seasons.

    I would also like Lara to come back and replace Gery and Tomas to come back and replace Clement so that we can see Leon & Violettas actions to see if Leon still has feelings for Lara after all these years and if its the same if Violetta sees Tomas again after all these years

    Will Leon take up motorcross again because we know in the beginning of Season 3 Leon had an accident when he was doing motorcross and ended up unconscience in the hospital so that’s why he didn’t do motorcross throughout Season 3 so hopefully if there is a Season 4 and if Lara comes back he would take up motorcross again.

  40. Kayla Gardner

    Noooo!please make season 4 I need it

  41. julia

    You need to make at least a season 4 of Violetta . My happiness and also the millions of other fans depend on your hands. Make sure tomas is there . You may start like this : Tomas sends a letter to violetta where he says he is coming back in a few days.I also think Leon should be with another girl like Laura but if that isn’t possible he should leave the show

  42. ameila

    there got to be more of violetta I find out about violetta when I was 8 I’m 9 now and you no how well I was srolling down on netfix and I said what is his I seen it a lot of times and click and fell in love

  43. gabriela

    I love violetta it is my favorite show i need a season 4 i hop you can make it i need to know what happen to her she remind me as my friendship that i have with my friends .

  44. Denise Felix

    Please make more, I love Vida
    Can someone please pick it up and keep it going? Vida has a lot of fans!

  45. Josephine

    When comes the season 3 out

    • Chloe

      It’s out

  46. Chamoni Brown

    Please make a 3 more seasons and 3 more Tini movies but this time with all the cast members from season 3

  47. Chloe

    I love Violetta she is my favorite person in the world I hope they make a other season ,! Please make a other season.

  48. Michael

    I stopped watching it after Tommy left i thought like on first explode that it would’ve been love at first sight make season 4 where tommy comes back and he made it big in his music career and has a girlfriend but shes using him. Violetta over heard her on the phone telling someone tryed to tell him but he dont beleive her then finds out the truth after words lots to say about a whole script

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