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Date A Live season 3

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Date A Live season 3 release

When does Date A Live season 3 come out? We want to know the exact release date! Are you looking for the third season?

Will there be Date A Live season 3? What about the new episodes’ premiere? We are looking for the release date!

The experts of such studios as Anime International Company and Production IMS are not ready to start the creation of the third season of the anime series Date A Live. It is confirmed that all the forces were thrown to the development of other, more important projects.

It is also known that Kōshi Tachibana (creator of the manga) is involved in writing the script for the anime Qualidea Code, and also takes part in the creation of Light novel “Itsuka Sekai o Sukū Tame ni: Qualidea Code”. Of course, this does not mean that the creator does not care about Date A Live, but soon we don’t hear the release date of the third season.

Remind that after the final episode of the second season, fans have got an Anime film, which became a kind of completion of the storyline in 2015. But many questions still have left without answers, so the chances for a third season are quite high.

By the way, the materials of light novel Date A Live will last for more than 20 episodes, so why not to make an adaptation?

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