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Tokyo Ghoul season 3

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Everyone is waiting for Season 3 of Tokyo Ghoul anime, but when will it be released? Its release date is haunted already.

The culmination of the second season of the anime television series Tokyo Ghoul left many questions opened, that’s why not all the fans remained satisfied. It should be noted that the first season of the given screen adaptation was totally approved and got many positive reviews, which couldn’t be said about the second season.

Pierrot Studio representatives haven’t announced about the launching of works on the continuation yet, but according to Internet rumors, Season 3 is already being developed.

Those fans, who get the information from the reliable sources, realize that at the moment there is only the release date for OVA Tokyo Ghoul: JACK (September 30, 2015) and OVA Tokyo Ghoul: PINTO (December 25, 2015), and the release terms for Season 3 of the anime are still unknown, as the season hasn’t been ordered yet.

Starting from October 2014 the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re began its run. At the moment it has three volumes, but this is clearly not enough for the screening of the whole anime.

We hope, soon Pierrot Studio will provide us with the new information and we will update the publication. Follow the announcements and share the new data!

UPDATE 1 (June 2016): The third season of the Tokyo Ghoul anime might be delayed, but a live-action movie adaptation of manga has been greenlit (to open the summer of 2017).

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  1. Silver

    Loved Tokyo Ghoul soo much it makes me feel happier than ever! Make Season 3

  2. Odium EL

    Season 3 is actually pretty unlikely right now, given how many changes were made in the first 2 seasons.

  3. Kaneki

    please tell this will continue!

  4. LouLo

    I’m sad. The last episode is open to many things which can happen…

  5. Satoshi

    They better should remake the first two seasons, so that they can make a good story.


    Will there be a season 3?

  7. Noel D.

    Tokyo Ghoul season 3 confirmed!

    • Mayya

      This can’t be real. Link please!

  8. ViciousC.

    I need more Tokyo Ghoul now! can’t wait for season 3

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