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«White Collar» season 5: release date

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When does White Collar season 5 premiere? Official release date is known.

Jeff Eastin – creator television series White Collar on USA Network.

Originally aired: October 23, 2009 – present.

Season 1 – 14 episodes (available on Blu-ray), season 2 – 16 episodes (available on DVD), season 3 – 16 episodes (available on DVD), season 4 – 16 episodes.

The series White Collar was renewed for a fifth season (16 episodes).

White Collar season 5 release date – July Autumn 2013 in the US.

UPDATE: «White Collar‘s» fifth season will kick off Thursday, October 17, 2013 (at 9/8c)»

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  1. Gimo

    my favorite show. White Collar rocks!!!!

  2. Sanno

    Realy nice TV Show, the best i ever seen! Keep updated for fifth season.

  3. Arieh berlin

    nooooo!!!!!!! white collar finished- 4 month break!?!?!?! nooooo!!!!!
    Please make the time pass quickly!!!! 🙂

    • Eda

      My favorite show,i love it

  4. keren ben gigi

    THE best show e-v-e-r

  5. E.leong

    Please….make the time pass quickly! Im addicted to you (white collar)!!

  6. E.leong

    July is tooooo long 🙁

  7. reddy

    how many seasons does whitecollar have
    when will it end

    • Jenny

      4. Season 5 will premier this fall!!!!!!

  8. bleeming

    Just finished watching season 4 online! what a killer ending. Cant wait to see season 5 not sure how long though as im in UK 🙁

    • Bishop Walton

      @Bleeming where did you go to watch it online?

      • bobby-b


  9. Noki

    I miss White Collar already

  10. Wolvorin

    I keep watching old episodes… No option till July….

  11. Aleesha

    White Collar is my favorite show by far! I love how you fall in love with all the characters and you never know what’s going to come up next:) Well done! I’m going to get my boyfriend hooked before the next season starts:P

  12. Mrs. caffrey

    Can’t wait for the latest season. The greatest tv show ever. Love it love it love it! You guys rock!!

  13. Jose

    I hardly can wait, for 5th season, can Neal and Sarah please be together,
    A fan from Holland

  14. Kimia

    i can’t wait for the 5th season!! Im addicted to white collar! and i’m keep watching old episodes forr several times!
    in july is so loooong 🙁

  15. aidil

    love willie garson..he’s so cute n funny <3

  16. Eda

    I am a fan from Turkey.july is to long

  17. Nk

    White collar series is the best I have watched ever. It’s the only show I follow and I am a really great fan of the entire cast. Waiting for July eagerly.
    But I know that these months I am going to watch the entire series aired until now again and that’s a huge relief. Man, I don’t even get bored. It’s just awesome.

  18. Emily

    I’m looking forward to enjoy it again. pls hurry~!!!!

  19. Nike

    Actually, season 5 will be air in Autumn… :/

  20. cliff

    Ith all the other new shows on USA this summer, one show had to wait til fall to premiere. It’ll be worth the wait. I like Warren Kole. Good addition to the show. I live Graceland. If you have not watch that you need to

  21. Paula

    This is the B E S T show! Best entertainment I have seen in a long long time. I am addicted to this show………….the actors/actresses are so well cast for each character they play. I love it! Every show I see, I can’t wait to see the next one! Keep them coming!

  22. kamya

    Ahh! Waiting eagerly for season 5! The Show Rocks..!!

  23. ahmed gill

    the best show i have ever watched !!!!!! seriously can’t wait for the next season watching the previous season again just to let the time pass

  24. Betsy

    Love the show! Chemistry between characters great! Storyline great! Great casting. Can’t wait for 5th season!

  25. aina


  26. Mary Anne

    Why was the date changed from July 2013 to “autumn” 2013. July was too long a wait..”autumn” is unbearable 🙁

  27. som

    not July ????? why ???? i need season 5 today !!!

  28. MLim

    I am waiting to see what happens to Peter! Free Peter!

  29. Anne

    Never before have I really thought much about the next show but this one has me hooked. Neil and Peter are so good together.

  30. Faizan

    this is best ever. just awesome. can’t wait anymore.

  31. Janice Doan

    Love this show can’t wait to till Oct. I love Sarah and Neil together. I love Neil’ partner even though he gets mad at him for the decision he makes he has his back.

  32. James N.

    Can’t wait for the new season. I think Neil ends up arresting his dad. Damn! Best show ever.

  33. Alec Hawkins

    Yes, Please release it by October 20, 2013.

    Thanks USA NETWORK

  34. dadey

    Im love white collar it’s the best need to know when season 5 come to the UK

  35. gramma crazy

    Ok! It’s a great show! So when can I watch it again!!! Please don’t tell me I have to wait until summer for the next season! Already suffering major White-Collar-Withdrawal!

  36. Virgil Seibt

    I Am stating to start amc now that they cancel all great shows like the glades and more so take care ok ty

  37. GP

    Love the show!! Can´t wait to get season 4 and 5 on Blueray

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