Jan 15

Working!! season 3: release date

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Will there be a Working!! Season 3? A third season has been announced. The new episodes will premiere in July 2015. Let’s wait the start!

Directed by: Yumi Kamakura
Written by: Takao Yoshioka
Music by: Monaca
Studio: A-1 Pictures

Back in August A-1 Pictures management officially confirmed that the production of season 3 of anime television series «Working!!» (also known as «Wagnaria!!») had been started.

That was followed by the release of the final volume of manga in Japan (December 25) and then some nuances about the new episodes of the series were revealed.

In particular, according to the producers, the release date of the thirds season is scheduled for July 4, 2015, and this time Yumi Kamakura will be the director. There are some evidences, that the fans will again enjoy 13 new episodes as it was in the previous seasons.

Are you waiting for the start of the continuation?

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  1. Zorc

    Yeaaaa! Dammit Yamada! Get back to work!

  2. ShingoG

    Cant wait to see more Yamada! I find her character very unique and adorable.

  3. Souma-=-

    I hope we get to see some serious plot in season 3 that was left dangling in the last season.

  4. Cmon!!

    I really needed an announcement like this. Can’t wait for season 3.

  5. Minion#1

    I think second season was already worse than first.

  6. Sus+

    I thought I was done with this show, but now there’s more to watch now. I can’t wait.

  7. TiaraTheMoonQueen

    I am so happy right now! This show has some of the best doges ever.

  8. AN

    Yeah, I’m so glad heard this announcement! Really really really! 😀
    But.. I just wanna 25 eps again… Keep spirit Yamada!

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