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Longmire season 7 ?

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Longmire season 7 release netflix

Give us the release date for Longmire season 7!!! We are waiting for the new episodes or the spin-off on Netflix in 2018-2019!

Do you expect the returning of the series Longmire on Netflix in 2018? The release date for Season 7 is still being waited by many fans of this television western drama.

Bad news… The right holders stopped the shooting process, because all episodes had been filmed and the renewal was not planned. In November 2016, Netflix representatives told the fans that there were 10 new episodes, which would complete the story called Longmire. Of course, viewers have not been pleased with such news, because few people are ready to say goodbye to this amazing project.

The show was canceled in 2014 by A&E, and Netflix became the “second home” for the project. The producers John Coveny and Hunt Baldwin were grateful to this service for interest in their work and they were able to give the fans such an ending that they deserved, but not a break in the storyline.

Now it is already known that there will not be 7th season of Longmire, so don’t look for the release date. We just have to thank the creators of the series and the representatives of Netflix for the excellent collaboration, because these people heard the requests of the fans and did everything possible to complete the show logically.

By the way, there is a possibility of creating a spin-off, so we are looking forward to the news from the right holders on this matter. Support the TV series Longmire in the comments.

Should it be a Season 7? How do you think?

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  1. Rosalie

    What character would you like to see have their own show as a spin off?

    • Pikkkkk77

      How about back story on Hector? Or Mathias?

      • Sonya S.

        Mathias, for sure!!! I would definitely watch his show!

    • Leon Blair

      I would like to see Walt and Henry in a new series (spin-off) on Netflix.

    • Melody

      I would love to see a show about Mathias and the tribal police on the res. We could still see Henry and the casino and maybe even visit the Red Pony from time to time since it’s always a beautiful day at the Red Pony and continuous soirée!

  2. kathleen

    This is the best show ever. Casting is perfect. I hate to see it go! I just hope Netflix does the right thing and keep this great show. Long live Longmire!!!

  3. Kate Floyd

    Will miss watching the show! I just don’t understand why it has to be canceled! Can someone please explain to me why great programs get cut and the worse are still on the air?

  4. Sti91

    I’m so sad it’s ending… I really like this show.

  5. Betty R.

    BEST SERIES EVER!!! I have loved this show from it’s very first episode on A&E. I still don’t understand why this is the last season. Thank you Netflix for picking it up, but it breaks my heart to see it end.

  6. Wendy88

    Sorry to see a good series go. The only reason I started watching Netflix was because of Longmire!

  7. Rodney L.

    Great show! But we want more!!! An incredible Thank You to Netflix for giving us an additional three seasons.

  8. Patty Foster

    Should not be the end. Hoping for spin-off or movie!

  9. Sergio Gross

    We love this show so much! Why final? Please don’t let this be the end. Maybe if enough people watch it, that will change.

  10. Rhonda79

    I love the characters and the actors who have brought them to life. I just wish I could understand why all of the great shows get cancelled. This show is absolutely amazing in so many ways. One of the best I’ve ever seen. Here’s hoping there will be a movie ar spin-off.

  11. Zaha28

    We want more! Please make season 7 of Longmire!

  12. Picco

    Longmire is the best series we have watched in a long time. The cast is awesome and do a great job. please renew!!!!

    • Marilyn

      I really like this show. The story line and the cast are great. Everytime I find a series I like a lot they always cancel it. When somethings not broken, why try to fix or end it. Keep this show on as its GREAT

  13. Dan

    The stage has been set with Walt Longmire retiring and Katie Longmire running for Sheriff!! This would be the perfect transition for the Longmire series to continue with Katie as Sheriff and being trained by Vic until she retires with Walt. Please see this great possibility of a great new character change and continuing this series for all the fans of Longmire!

  14. Judiwc

    Also sad to see Longmire end. Good ending, but would also love a spin-off!

  15. Steven Longmire from Ogden Utah

    We demand a Season 7 of Longmire! We have had enough tragedy in the World without having to go without a Season 7 of Longmire! Please do not make us resort to sternly worded petitions!

  16. Dr. Lesiie Longmire

    Dr. Leslie Longmire demands a Season 7 of Longmire! We represent 1/5th of Utah.

  17. Pete

    Great series, hate to see it end. At the ending was better than Bloodline, my second best series on Netflix.

  18. Cathy

    My husband and I are crushed that the Longmire series is over. I wish they would spin-off if possible with Cady (new sheriff) Vickie (as her side kick), Heck just continue it where you left off. That would be great. As of now, we are CRUSHED!! I agree with Dan on 19.11.2017

  19. marie

    please bring back for season 7 they left it hanging at the end of season 6 i just love the characters

  20. Vicky Evans

    Why do they always stop filming the good shows? At least Longmire was worth watching. Love the show. Please bring back season 7.

  21. Valerei

    It’s a great show, great acting, casting is perfect !! The story lines are interesting and drams keeps me watching. I don’t know who the people who decided to cancel this show are, but they are making a huge mistake!! This show could go on for many more years. Wish they would change their minds. My husband and I really enjoy the show so much!! Please bring it back!!

  22. Christopher J Cromonic

    It just amazes me w all the crap on TV n nothing to watch n here you have a wonderful story w great actors n actresses that complete the story to be told , Why is it so hard to keep a great show like this on cuz there is no nudity or no gore for people to watch . Ive never understood the way they keep some shows n toss others n the ones that are tossed are some very good shows . You can toss em but they wont be forgotten n this show is one of them , I’m happy for Season 6 but wished for 7 cuz theres so much more to be told about this story .So sad to have it end but in our life we have all known that all must come to an end n that’s the crappy part of life . Thanks for 6 Seasons of a show to look forward to watching .

  23. curtis mitchell

    me and my wife love the show hate that its not continuing on

  24. Tim

    Dear Netflix – this is by far your best show. Curious why you are ending it. Do the people that pay for your service not deserve to watch what they want? In this case huge mistake on your part so reconsider please. Thank yuo

  25. Jim Seifert

    We have enjoyed this series from start to finish. What we hate is that it had to finish! Wonderful characters, beautiful filming, excellent and engaging plots & twists. There is NO better series on TV. We view this as a tragic loss! Our thanks to the writers for bringing the show to a strong & desirable conclusion. What an excellent springboard for a Season 7 or even a spin off! I truly hope someone is listening and thinking about it. Longmire rules and could continue to do so for many more years to come if it were allowed to. But thank you to all of the writes and performers for such a great run!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Morrie62

    BEST SERIES EVER!!! I have loved this show from it’s very first episode on A&E. I still don’t understand why this show gets canceled, but we still terrible shows that keep getting renewed over and over again. . Thank you Netflix for picking it up, and I hope we at least see a spinoff.

  27. M Chapman

    My husband and I absolutely loved watching Longmire! It’s the best show we’ve watched in a very long time. Please do a spin-off with Katie as Sherriff and keep the same cast. They are all great!

  28. Ernest

    why when some thing is good to watch they take it off that does not make any sent

  29. Denise Bentley

    Love the show so many new stories to tell , definitely another couple of seasons, for all the characters. Please Netflix continue Longmire, I’m so tired of all these superhero series, thats all thats on . Longmire had everything I wanted .

  30. Joe D

    losing season 7 is like losing a best friend. i never enjoyed watching a t v show so much. you look forward to watching the next episode. what a shame not being able to continue watching this amazing shoe longmire. youve got to be crazy not to keep this great show going

  31. Roy S

    Who Called Walt on his Cell Phone at the end of Episode 10????? WTF..Series can’t be over!!! Show Lovers need to know!!!! Who Called Walt??

  32. Sherry Commander

    I love Longmire — Sure hope it comes back with Season 7 ==

  33. Jennifer

    Love Longmire … hope they have a spin off or have Mathias be head cop so would watch it

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