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«Alcatraz» season 2: release date

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When does «Alcatraz» season 2 come out? Premiere date is known?

Science fiction TV show «Alcatraz» was very positively welcomed and soon attracted a lot of viewers. It premiered on FOX TV Channel in January 2012 and was considered to have a «long life». It was proved by 10 million U.S. TV viewers, who watched two premier episodes.

After some time the situation with drama show «Alcatraz» changed a bit. Most fans didn’t appreciate creators’ efforts. Critics started demonstrating their dissatisfaction, which became the main reason for show cancelling. Release date for the second season wasn’t announced and the series was officially closed in May, 2012.

Well, such a verdict has not particularly affected the mood of the majority of viewers, but the discussions concerning the possibility of Season 2 production are still taking place.

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  1. rally

    Alcatraz lost my interest about three episodes in.

  2. Koddy

    It just became too confusing…

  3. stephen

    I thought it was very good and loved the fact it tells you a little bout history and they should make more seasons

  4. daniela

    I liked Alcatraz. It was more interesting then the shows i see now, different. Yes it was confusing but enjoy the twists, kind of like a book. Please bring it back, i would definitely watch it.

  5. Iwill

    Alcatraz, love this show. I found it very interesting, confusing at time but that how it should be, if their making more season? I am really looking forward for season two, can’t wait.

  6. trace

    I have just finished watching the first series on catch up as I missed it the first time round but I have to say I loved it. I was a bit annoyed to find out that they cancelled the second series especially after leaving alot of unanswered questions & the question did Rebecca die or not, I am hoping that they come to a point where they just have to film it as I think it will be worth it especially after finding out what was behind the ‘door’

  7. Anthony

    I will never watch anything connected to J.J. Abrams again !!! he always starts off with a great show, but always ends the series with to many unanswered questions, take the series ” Lost ” for example, what kind of ending was that ? Well it will never happen again, if his name is mentioned, it will not be watched by me.

    • Nola

      Please bring out season 2 as I just finished season 1 and loved it! Please please please!!!

  8. Bobby

    Who’s idea was it to cancel the second season of alcatraz? i might be young but this show teaches people a lot about Alcatraz, the most famous prison to hold the worst people out there. i don’t care about what you think about other peoples opinions but i love the show and you guys have to re-air the show. i still want to find out how all those inmates got out and how they did it. So im asking nicely for you guys to please make more episodes i really love the show it was like the only one i watched on tv and i miss it that and walkind dead.

  9. tam

    Alcatraz is a great tv series better than half the shit you see on tv now, yea it might be a little confusing if you have only seen bits and pieces of different episodes but if you watch the whole series you would realise you’re learning about each inmate and their stories on who they are and why their at Alcatraz I was quit disappointed when I herd the series had been cancelled I never got to watch it on tv because it never aired at a time I could watch it so I waited for it to come out on dvd

  10. barb

    Need season 2 i loved it, little bit of lost coming in with some history
    fab fab fab

  11. aselA

    Need season 2 i loved it,

  12. Cleo

    Absolutely brilliant, please continue this show!
    Loved everything about it!

  13. manish

    i loved the show and concept, pls continue the show.

  14. ashley

    I was not impressed that there wasn’t going to be a second season to this. Even my partner liked it. I think you should do a second season before people forget about the show completely. Also re-run the first season before the second.
    Hope to see season two soon

  15. Brian

    Bring it back love it.

  16. jackie

    Need A second series.

  17. Terry

    We loved this tv show! Come on we need season 2

  18. Deezil

    Why cancel such an awesome show because of some lame a*s critics who dont know sh*t about tv series. they want to cancel awesome historical fiction shows but they will air stupid childish bullcr*p about doctors and sluts for 7 seasons…. i have lost faith in humanity long ago

  19. piyushan

    We love ALKATRAZ
    Need it back……
    SRILANKAN fans

  20. virginie

    This tv show is really one of a kind!
    We deserve at least a season 2
    French fans

  21. Marty

    Alcatraz was awesome, definitely one of my favourites on TV- can’t believe they cancelled it, was a perfect mix of creativity and history. A lot of great shows struggled with inconsistent ratings early on- bring it back!

  22. Haley

    I really enjoyed this show. I was so disappointed when I found out they were not making a second season. I have no closure from the ending. I hate when they stop shows without ending it.

  23. Robert

    Bring it back! it was just starting to get good! give the show a chance. at least 2 season for any show!

  24. ratty

    Why, oh why did they cancel this series?
    I thought it was brilliant and suspenseful with great story lines and plots.
    And, I really want to find out what happens to so many characters, mainly, of course, the detective and the doctor, but also why the 69 & guards are coming back and where they have been.
    Please reconsider bringing it back.
    From, a BIG fan

  25. S G

    Hope this show returns. Brainteaser!
    I wanne know what happends to …. woops, no spoilers 😀

  26. Christina

    Would love to see Alcatraz return. Why not have the Scify channel or netflix pick it up??

  27. Mark Taylor

    Please , please- bring it back, I just watch all of the first series , love it, need to know the outcome….

  28. cotner dan

    Please bring it back. IF NO WAY ELSE. RELEASE IT ON DVD.

  29. Anonymous

    Just finished watching season 1 here In South Africa.PLEASE bring it back or like the previous comment said, “release it on dvd then”. EXCELLENT series

  30. luke

    I loved Alcatraz season one and really gutted about no season 2.It got me hooked into the way you got into the prisoners lives. Ive always loved my American tv series and would love to act in series’s like these.

  31. Molly

    Just make season 2. Come on!!’

  32. Laurel

    Absolutely loved Alcatraz you really need to bring it back! I have read articles about why they cancelled the show and I think it’s crazy. They complain about numbers and people saving it to their Dvrs. Hello if we are unable to watch when it airs and we record it what does that tell you we are still interested we just have crazy schedules ourselves and they keep yanking all the great shows. Besides we really need season two the season one finale killed me with all the unanswered questions

  33. mikayla

    i love it and i agree with Laurel Alcatraz i totally awesome if you cant keep up thats your prob i love the mystery surrounded by alcatraz so plz bring back alcatraz for a awesome,asskicking season 2

  34. Yusuf Numam

    M just done watching #alcatraz season1 !!! Bring back Season 2 !!! The show kept me interesting and love it !!! Hoping for season 2 soon!!! cheers

  35. darren

    I cant believe that season 2 has not been released yet. Why make such a good season one and leave it there. What’s going? You cant sell a complete season so good and never know what’s next although I know ever where what and why and who done what. This is also not confusing. You need to wat h them all one after another to get it. It was all about the silver in the bodies keeping them from ageing so they live longer. Because of all the gold hidden underneath Alcatraz and warden James was never gonna give up his gold bullion and treasures behind the door. Next season will tell. But if all the inmates disappeared that night how many seasons they will need to make and imagine the amount of money to be earned. I say money well spent
    Get season 2 ready. These morons shouldn’t get a say. Ot the people that watch it that makes it good. Critics are a bunch of t**ts. Who know sh*t all

  36. Thais

    Bring it back the show is awesome!!
    Belgian lovers!!

  37. Gareth

    Id like to see season 2

  38. Alcatraz Fan

    Let´s keep this post updated, expressing the intention to continue the season of Alcatraz!!

    It’s amazing story with an awesome background city!!!

    Come on directors, let’s resume production of the next season!

  39. Kel Vin

    Great show than Most, please resume production on the second season.

  40. Cookie

    Rebecca can’t be dead!!!! She just can’t be!

  41. Steffen - Denmark

    I just saw the Season 1 for the second time and I really loved it. Yes, the first episodes are confusing, but the more episodes you watch, the more you will know. And yes, the ending gives some question, but that’s because there was a second season planned. Please bring back the show, so we can see what happens with Rebecca and if the Warden is back also……

  42. Linda Laguna

    I have watched Season 1 four times!!! Just checked for Season 2 & was heartbroken to see no Season 2!!! Please change your plans?!? The story & actors are real & fantastic! Please bring it back!!!

  43. Ray Green

    loved the actors and the show. please bring it back. please

  44. Sandi Magee

    Please bring on season 2 of Alcatraz as there were a lot of unanswered questions at the end of season 1. I bought what I thought was the complete series of Alcatraz only to find that that it was only season 1 with just 10 episodes instead of 13.

    It is a great series, I enjoyed watching my dvds, but all those loose ends do need tying up.

    Just one thing, The Alcatraz series was set in 2012 & the disappearances happened in 1963, 50 years earlier. If so that would bring the time period to 2013.

  45. Nola

    Please bring out more seasons but yes give it a better ending than Lost! Just finished season one n very disappointed that no season 2 yet!

  46. Nolanleep

    We watched it we love it
    And why on earth will
    People give bad coments
    We waiting for season 2
    And more

  47. Emil

    I need season 2 because I like this series

  48. Shirley

    Season 1 is GREAT !!! It’s so sad there hasn’t been a season 2 for 8 years !!!! It’s sci-fi drama anyway and it’s meant to be mysterious which appeared to be confusing to some but it’s great sense of excitement for those who love mysteries.

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