May 21

Believe season 2?

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Will Believe fantasy drama television series renewed for a season 2? Fans are trying to save the show! Premiere air date coming?

TV-channel: NBC
Pilot episode: March 10, 2014
Creators: Alfonso Cuaron, Mark Friedman

Season 1 Episode 1: 10.56 million U.S. viewers

Season 1 Episode 9: 4.33 million U.S. viewers

9 episodes of the fantasy drama «Believe» were enough to close it. On May 9 the creators decided to confirm the cancellation of the series production due to the constant fall of auditory interest.

According to the statistics, the first episode was watched by more than 10 million Americans, while the 9th episode was enjoyed by only 4,3 million viewers.

The experts criticized the plot and actors’ play, that’s why the production of season 2 wasn’t even discussed. It should be noted that a few series that failed to prove their necessity to be broadcast on NBC, were closed on this day.

It turns out, that in 2015 we’re waiting for newcomers again?

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  1. Leon

    nice start… bad finish

  2. Elizabth Conner

    This was a very feel good show. It was a fantasy. It was something to BELIEVE in. It should be reconsidered. Remember the show, “The Millionaire”.

  3. Angela Forest

    I really like the show and would keep watching more seasons.

  4. Jack

    So many weak and cookie-cutter shows that I cancelled cable. Of the very few shows
    that can hold my interest, Believe is one to look forward to. Actors, plot, effects…now
    it won’t be renewed? I just as well sell my TV!

  5. Aurelia Kincer

    I loved the show and would hate to see it go!

  6. Susan

    I thought the show got off to a somewhat slow start, but began picking up. By the last few episodes, I was hooked, only to find out it was cancelled. Yet stupid “reality” shows continue, year after year. I’m so disappointed with the idea of a network pitting a new show against a solid show on another network and canceling when they don’t get viewers to stop watching the competition’s show. These days, people have the ability to watch BOTH– just not on the same night or via their cable/ satellite provider. Networks should begin checking out Hulu and other on-demand options to see what the viewing numbers really are.

    • RaeAnn Thornley

      Your right!!!!! I think most people have a DVR and watch on demand!

  7. Louie

    this series got better as it went on hope it comes back. It is a feel good show.

  8. Marianne

    I thought it was one of the best show’s I had seen in a long time! Good suspense, acting, plot’s and action. And I usually always teared up at some point in the show. BRING IT BACK PLEASE!

  9. john wright

    My son and I liked the show and would like to see it again so please consider it. It was one of the best show that air on television in 2014 so far.

  10. Mike

    That is the reason NBC is dying. They cancel a good show and then perpetuate trash. The good shows seem all to be non-network now so I hardly ever watch the networks. Soon NBC will be cancelled.

  11. Felisa

    My son and I love this show…we watch the shows more than once using On Demand. I will be very upset if they cancel this show!!!!

  12. lesley

    Bring it back please Superb show

  13. carrie

    I absolutely loved the show! Never been so excited watching something in my whole life. Would LOVE to see another series!!!

  14. RaeAnn Thornley

    ok, so was it cancelled for season 2 or not? It’s upsetting that this is the second new series I’ve liked this year being cancelled, leaving viewers to wonder on cliff hangers!!!! Do I delete this from my series manager on my DVR or what?

    • mic

      I”m gonna make it easy, I am just gonna delete it from my channel line up. They give up way too soon on up and coming shows.

  15. tracy

    Absolutely loved this show we was sat glued every week, me and my family all hope the producers will carry on with this show.

  16. Chrsity

    I agree with all of the above. I had to DVR the show because I work nights. I love this show.
    This is the third show I have been interested in that got cancelled.First The Firm, Missing and now Believe. What the point….

  17. mic

    well that is the last straw now between the cancellation Revelation and Believe I AM DONE, with NBC there is now absolutely no reason to watch or have it in my channel list so good bye and good riddance NBC.

  18. Rudy

    Me and my family loved the show, cant wait for season 2

  19. melisa

    Loved this series it is a shame that there wont be another season. Creators should have atleast ended the show right. Such a shame

  20. Jody Carter


  21. Beverly and Donald Block

    Please keep Believe. Do Not cancel it! It’s a good show.

  22. shaq

    NBC never had shows I was interested in til believe and I was seriously considering rechecking some of their other shows but now I won’t even try it shows a considerable lack of intelligence on their part for cancelling a good show after only 13 episode especially after a cliffhanger without the current story even being settled im done with NBC goodbye and food riddance

  23. cat

    I really enjoyed the show every week, I hate all the comedies the stations are putting on, and the reality tv! come on stations how much reality tv and comedy can we take. quite a few of the shows I liked got canceled.

  24. John Kerr

    Finally a show we all loved to sit down as a family to watch and it gets canceled. NBC YOU SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. redwood

    Just found out they wasn’t renewing believe and I have to say very highly disappointed I was waitin for march to get here to see what happened next the people who say what stays and goes must nit watch tv themselves or understand what its like to be a fan and wit for a new season well hope you are happy with yourselves you got four million viewers angry and upset with your network I know I will think twice when my satellite company wants to ditch you network about saving it believe fans say you s*ck bet that four million matter now

  26. Tazmin Sayers

    I really enjoyed believe it was always something to look forward to please consider season 2

  27. Robert

    Ican’t BELIEVE there isn’t gonna be a second season and hopefully a third season it’s such a good show , I was looking forward to see the premiere of season two , I live in Québec (Canada) and I know some people wich we talked about the show ,we all feel the same way that it’s good ,in Québec there’s even a french speaking channel who aired the show this means there is a french audience and from what I heard they love it.Speaking for myself I Watch it on NBC because I prefere it in it’s originality ( langage and the original script ) even if i’m french speaking myself. So please reconsider about cancelling the show!!!

  28. lori z

    Can’t Believe u cancelled Believe,first u ran on Sundays when Resurrection was on same time,u did a different nice,it was a very heart felt show,a family show.Please bring it back.but consider put it maybe Saturday ‘s night seems Boone has any good shows on Saturday wionder why there’s no series line up on Saturdays strange no network have any good shows even cable net do not have any shows either..go figure.

  29. michelle

    I thought it was a great show. And the actors were perfect for their parts. PLEASE bring it back and take into account all the other ways for it to be watched.(DVR,Netflix,on demand,ext…) out of all the stupid shows on tv all the good ones always get cancelled. Im so tired of seeing reality tv shows of famous people or used to be famous people, that are in debt and had to come up with something to make more money…THEY ALL S*CK< BRING BACK BELIEVE!

  30. belinda graham

    yes please bring season 2 out

  31. mojisola

    There you go again.every good story you stop them,then u leave trash up there for us.

  32. Travis Williams

    When is season 2 of believe NBC starting.

  33. kassy

    Bring back BELIEVE please!!!!!!!!

    Je viens juste de finir la saison 1 et je ne peux pas me dire qu’il n’y aura jamais de suite….
    On voit au dernier episode que Bo est capable de faire une nouvelle chose qui pourrait tout régler.. Je veux connaître la suite!!!!!

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