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Bleach 367?

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When does TV anime Bleach (episode 367) come out? What is known about air and release date in Tokyo, USA or UK?

Studio: Studio Pierrot
Network: TV Tokyo
Writter: Masashi Sogo
US premiere: September 9, 2006

The Japanese anime series Bleach, directed by Noriyuki Abe, premiered on TV Tokyo at the beginning of October 5, 2004. It is based on on the manga of the same name written by Tite Kubo. The Bleach anime became popular both on its motherland and in many countries of Europe and America.

The release date for the Bleach 367, awaited by fans, wasn’t officially announced, but the creators noted that everything depended on the fans or rather on their amount. On February, 2012 the official statement of TV Tokyo says that episode 367 won’t be produced and the final episode aired on March 27, 2012 will be the last one. The given information was confirmed in March by Hiroki Takagi (Bleach animation director).

Bleach 367 release  – never (anime TV series gets a status «ended»)

What do you want out of Bleach 367? Leave your reply below!

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  1. raymie

    I think bleach is really,really cool…I just don’t get why they would wanna stop airing it…I’ve read the manga and every wednesday I get on the net and rush to where I read the manga online and I just keep waiting for the next week to come….pleaseeeeeee!don’t stop airing it now that it’s gotten really cooool…I’d do anything to have episode 367 and beyond on air.I hope you reconsider not airing it.

  2. julian


  3. abynum

    this is one of the best animes ive ever seen….. I strongly believe it should continue…

  4. Justin

    Well the series end with a kick start leading into a new season. Why has bleach been discontinued
    and for what reason should the tv network cancel on the fans . So if the network can cancel us why
    don’t we cancel on the makes it fair bring back bleach and all the other shows ppl love or we’ll get a world wide petition going to cancel the network provider in Japan

    • lol

      Mmmmmmm Justin u sound sexy

    • Bleach fan Anjana

      Yeah, I agree. Why should network do such things to us fans, canceling the best show anyone has ever created. It’s the most unique and precious one of all.

  5. John secret

    I think that let’s just wait until the manga finish until Jan or Feb but I was a bit more curious in bleach I was wondering if ichigo kurosaki can be together with orihime Inou and also I would like to see all captains get married except Toshiro cuz he’s really young and below average in his youth age but if any of you fans think that ichigo should go for rukia well no not even 100% no because she is small like a kid and look at ichigo he’s more mature a tall man but rukia with a small body i don’t think so I am truly 100% that orihime Inou for ichigo because Inou is more tearful and more careless and more loving and she’s even hot and pretty so my answer to that is ichigo&orihime best couple ever but my guess to rukias match maker would be renji cuz renji kinda likes her very much and also I always wanted to see ichigo kurosaki as captain ichigo even because of that I know fans been saying this sometimes but in order for ichigo to promoted as captain he has to be dead but no I would say that ichigo should be a captain without dying because hear this ichigo has defeated so many strong villains that the captains couldn’t handle but for the captains they couldn’t even beat the espadas for example the part where all the soul society fought aizen and than there was two female vizard I forgot there name but and one captain toshiro couldn’t even beat the espada blonde girl even when aizen appeared out of no where and than killed her So fans agree what I said in this comment it is really the a best story on bleach ep 367 through the end of the final complete ep thank U

    • Sapphire Williams

      I don’t think that Orihime and Ichigo would make for a dream couple. There’s a few reasons why. From what I can see Ichigo sees Orihime as more of a friend/sister. He cares for her more like a big brother. Rukia I feel is more suited for Ichigo due to their special bond that they share together. Her height as short in stature has nothing to do with relationships so the height factor is irrelevant. I am a good visionary so I tend to see certain things. Orihime if no one has noticed, always tend to compare her inadequacies to Ichigo’s adequacies, especially when she feels incapable of helping out in diere situations. It’s like she is insecure most of the time, but she does have a good heart and spirit enough to do the best that she can. But being insecure can cause a tear in relationships and is not helpful at all. I see their relationship; if they were to date or marry as more of a strain. I see her more with Ishida than Ichigo because Ishida, there is something there at every opportunity he makes sure Orihime is safe and out of harms way. Not saying that Ichigo doesn’t do the same, he does. Ishida is aware of her inadequacies and he does encourage her, but he also tells her the truth and hides nothing from her. Orihime seems to be more relaxed and comfortable around Ishida verses nervous and unsure around Ichigo. Ishida analysis everything like a true strategist that he is and the saying goes, “opposites attract.”

      • Natdanai Chanthasen

        These have nothing to do with this page

      • Bleach fan Anjana

        Seriously, you spoke my heart. I love originate but I seriously don’t like ichigoxorihime. Yeah, it’s better to have uriouxorihime.

    • chinho

      toshiro is 1000 year old man so toshiro is not young at all

  6. Courage

    I have loved both the manga and the anime from the moment I picked it up at the library. Just in the way that Rukia changed Ichigo’s whole world, Bleach changed mine. It has made me laugh, cheer, and cry. Every episode that I have seen(including the fillers and the movies) and every volume I have read is truly amazing. I don’t even want it to stop at 367 episodes. Nothing would please me more than to see the final arc of the manga, The Thousand-Year Blood War, animated in color and sound on T.V. I believe the anime should stay true to Mr. Tite Kubo’s original story. LONG LIVE BLEACH!!!

  7. John Finney

    Not coming…..oh that bull*hit!!!

  8. Loly

    bleach is the best! I want to see new episodes! :((((

  9. im14yearsold

    I feel very sorry for all of you. You need lives, it’s just a anime lol

    • im14yearsold

      Especially courage and john secret.
      Bleach started s*cking along time ago therefore the ratings went down dramatically. Yes i have to admit bleach was interesting at the start, but then bull shit was made after aizen retreated after ichigo defeated rukia’s brother. I would prefer the anime finishing there but no they had to make 200 more eps of bs.
      What was even the point of the doll saga?.
      You people want the producers to continue to make no money, why don’t you pay them to make bleach then -.-

      • The Envious God

        Why would you make a paragraph about that? Furthermore why are you on this page in the first place since you don’t give a sh*t about the new episodes? The question and answer above revolves around the subject, so how about you go post your stupid comments some other place, like on YouTube and Tumbler where they belong.

      • Bleach fan Anjana

        How could you say such things. I burning right now from anger. Are you seriously saying that. Your mouth in ridicules further more I will mind my own tongue. And besides it’s because of those haters that we fans don’t get what we want. Because of them, our favorite shows are stopped. I wish I could pay/ donate money but my parents won’t let me or neither they care. So I’m complete failure as a true fan. Still you shouldn’t have been here if you hated it so much. You totally broke me by saying all those things.

    • chinho

      ha you feel sorry for us you pathetic fool first feel sorry for yourself (baka)

  10. Shauf

    I Really Think It Should Be ReLaunched .. I Have Been Hearing Rumours Its Returning On March

  11. Milad

    can i say wtf?…why it stoped?!!! ….why they didn’t finish it?

    • Moonlit beach

      I say if you are not going to finish it don’t start it.

      • SuaveMuffinMan

        I think one of the main reasons why they stopped was that they had caught up with the manga, now i hope that they might start back up soon since its been two years and if read the manga after where the show ends it gets better and sadder TTnTT

        • That Guy

          I agree with your point. If they really planned to cancel Bleach they would probably cancel the manga as well. It only makes since that bleach is still in development

        • camrhatt

          I agree as well. Perhaps while the manga advances, the anime stops, (Much like AOT and the next season coming in 2016, excited btw) giving the people involved in the production time to spend with their families

  12. Donnie Pickens

    I need Bleach you cant take this from me that last episode is still in my mind waiting to figure out whats going to happen next he got his power you back you must start a season its the new version of dragon ball z and everybody loves it why take this show away from the people all around the world

  13. Human Cosmic Mind Of The Universe as 1

    You gotta ask yourself this question why would they publish new readable manga comics of all the episodes after 367 talking about the SOUL KING the ruler of soul society and then cancel the TV episodes of the up coming manga story line but let everyone know there is more to read as a comic its odd but my saying if you want something to happen try your hardest to do something and go to the souce someone find out where you can find contact details for the company and create who ever created bleach and send them written letters to their door and send them spam e-mails to the creator and say we want bleach back and millions of us do this at the same time they might bring it back


    what the hell is going on start bleach anime for entire world bleach anime fans

  15. Alondar26

    I have put off reading the manga because i wanted to see the anime first. Looks like its not going to happen so at least ill have the manga.

  16. Rodrigo

    Im just gonna tell you guys that why the fk they didnt finished the anime it was so close to be over, and the ppl who tell us that we are fkng nerds well its kinda of truth butim a fkng doctor with mastery and the fknb bullsh*t i live my life very good im about to get marry and i fkng love the mmo and animes so yeah im proud

  17. Crimson

    Short an simple – tv network always think they know best, its always some dumb a*s trying to save a buck or hop on the next thing when things are close to the end or shouldn’t end.

    Personally would like to see it air on the web f the tv network.

  18. Anchal

    Bleach is the best anime and is king of all animes. I have seen anime like one piece, pokemon but bleach is my favourite.

  19. Raverishes

    Yeah this really does blows. I mean after all the hours of watching every episode, even the cheesy, non story related, fillers, you tend to grow some kinda attachment to the characters and the awesome story line. And for them to just cut it….Major blue balls right now… Yeah, they have the manga and all, but who the hell wants to read some black and white, poorly drawn, backwards comic….I don’t know, I like to watch anime, not read it, and the network, or whoever, really cut me deep on this one. Ahh well, Naruto’s never ending. Guess I’ll hit that up.

  20. Vanesa

    I love bleach from the moment I first saw it. I really hope they reconsider this because I believe bleach is the BEST anime I’ve EVER seen! Petition guys!

    • bleach 367

      i agree with you for the exception of dragon ball i put them both in the same class once you start from the first episode to the last it puts you on the edge of your seat….with all the technology that’s out there i hope they make a great bleach movie soon very soon.

  21. Zedd

    It makes no sense for the manga to keep comming out if they not airing the show thats jus dumb.

  22. shin

    i read the manga and it was exciting chapter. i want to watch it .. i cant explain why .. but its awesome .. many fans waiting for next season ! .. Scandal band is my favorite band .. its feature in last opening of bleach

  23. Constantina Dinu

    i want the anime too i’ve been reading the manga until the last episode and still doing it but i do even think that it would look very cool if there would be even the anime meaning to watch it and would make it have more fans .

  24. bleach 367

    im so frustrated waiting for the newest episodes of bleach and dragon ball i have watched both of them from the very first episodes to the last over and over again just waiting patiently but my patience is wearing thin so please help help help lets get them going there is no better anime than these two.

  25. sergio

    they need to air bleach really liked this series

  26. anish

    i liked this series

    • lost

      they will never air a new episode they do that to most shows that air for a long time

  27. Kman

    Need more bleach anime, hate reading manga. It is just not the same when reading than watching

  28. SAAD

    Foolish Japan TV just when the show was so much exciting,they ended it,WOW!

  29. karolis

    yuo should create like that episode 367 that in spiritual world came enemies and they are very strong. they take all saul reapers powers somehow, except ichigo kurosaki they planing controle soul society. all soul society reapers droped in a vault . they are enemies of soul society Commander. and for that reason they planing to take revenge . they planing to destroy karakura town . and the commander is forced to watch as it happens. strange man comes to Karakura town to tell Ichigo that he is the main hope to save Karakura town. and he have to train with him. after three months enemies comes

  30. ILyassO

    I am agree with SAAD just when the show was so much exciting they ended it, the last chapter in manga is super cool so why not making a new season of the anime that’ll be GREAT !

  31. Sudarshan

    I think they are going to continue bleach after the manga ends so dat they would not need to add fillers in between.

  32. Amilea

    I love bleach its the best anime ever maybe even better than naruto I hope we can see more of ichigo kurosaki and his friends please please please make an episode 367 or at least put the anime to its grave with a bang why did u have to end it like that?
    Plus people loved bleach and companies could have made more money because of the amounts of viewer bleach would have you never know but please make a new episode

  33. Pramz yokke

    If They won’t continue it, i will create my own BLEACH !!

  34. jon

    I really have no interest in it ending but we all know it has to end sometime but right now isn’t the time for it to end in fact I believe it should end with ichigo going away for a while and a new main character steps but if they were to let indigo die would not in a good ending for the series the serial is amazing but as long as ichigo doesn’t die then I guess I can bear the thought of the series ending permanently,sadly.No matter how it ends I will never forget Ichigo or anyone who evolved this series to be the best that it could ever be.This was the first anime and manga I ever really cared about and I really appreciate it.

  35. James Garrison

    Mr great grandfather’s was 8 Feet 6 and is wife was 5 Feet 7 so size dont matter

  36. becky sturman

    hey im a really big fan of bleach and i would like for 367 to come out the manga seems really gd so the anime would be really gd if they end up stopping the best anime and manga then the people who really watch and read it will be very upset its 1 of the best anime and manga i ave ever read soooooooooooooooooooooo PLEASE DONT STOP IT AND CONTINUE THE ANIME AND MANGA

  37. epi.367

    I watched bleach from episode 1 to the very last and it was so awesome… I really need episode 367… or my life will never be complete…

  38. ThatP*rnLoverNahImJking

    Omg Bleach p*rn is the best…..Im just kidding…

    Watched bleached found out it ended….was about to cry….I just started to watch soul eater.. No big deal

    but do make 367 we need it or we will sue you for making the fans wait to long because your bs company don’t like americans

  39. Nick

    Why would they stop making these episodes. Bleach is awesome I want to watch more of it and soon. Please start making the episodes again please.

  40. poo

    because when i was reading the manga the chapter is really amazing.
    the Quincy vs shinagami is cool. i want to watch it in anime because i hate reading mangas

  41. Mobymad86

    I would pay alot of money for further anime episodes. I’ll wait until I die for the next episodes. The story and every single episode is the best I’ve ever seen. There is no Anime or Manga for me which can match up with bleach. I’ve saw it already for years ago and never will forget this Anime/Manga in the future.

  42. Cassie

    They should really keep the series going. I mean I know I’m not the only one who would love to see bleach after I have been reading the manga’s and I think that the manga’s are really good. I just want to keep watching bleach and I’m pretty sure that everyone else does too. I really hope they change their minds and keep the series going. It would really be awesome.

  43. anthony

    on wikipedia the bleach page the episode count went from 366 to 377

  44. Ali Murtaza

    Plz release bleach episode 367 we will wait for it

  45. Ali Murtaza

    Any information about bleach episode please tell next episode will release or not

  46. mhazler

    continue the series its a great anime i love it

  47. Ali Murtaza

    Any one tell me the website to download one piece episode 133 to 232

  48. Shai

    God Why Would they stop it! It’s so cool

  49. satyajeet mishra

    I think bleach is really,really cool…I just don’t get why they would wanna stop airing it…I’ve read the manga and every wednesday I get on the net and rush to where I read the manga online and I just keep waiting for the next week to come….pleaseeeeeee!don’t stop airing it now that it’s gotten really cooool…I’d do anything to have episode 367 and beyond on air.I hope you reconsider not airing it.

  50. praveen

    what the hell!! are you out of your f.c.king mind! if u don’t continue making bleach I will personally hunt you down! this is cruel torture you are going to rot in hell for stoping 🙁

  51. Ahmad Saleh

    I believed bleach English dub will catch up the last English sub episode ends, after that will decide to release or not, is up to them who made bleach.

  52. Rei Supremo

    por favor lancem o episodio 367, é um anime top, de todos anime que gosto ele esta em um dos primeiros, queria muito assistir esse anime, sem ter um fim

  53. Kat19

    I was told by another anime fan, if you like action you will like Bleach, so I bought season 1 only 2 months ago, since then I bought all the other season as quickly as I could get my hands on them.( last episode so far seen is 303) I am in love … it is not only action but also the story line is very good and al the characters you fall in love with every body. They could come up with something, they did a story line with the Zanpakuto and Rurichiyo with the new captain off squad 3,… their must be something. They could even like they did before but this time a bit more, not just 2 second’s talk about how the 13 Court Guard Squads where set up, about the live each captain had before and whilst they where training at the academy… Their are so may Naruto Ship box sets and I do not think the story line is as good and here the character is also getting older and so on. So why not see Ichigo get a bit older and see what he becomes and his sisters and funny dad. He needs to grow up and become even stronger . I know I have not seen episode 304 till 366 but is that will be the last ones that will be very SAD. Their has to be something that they can do… Bleach is lover all over the world and we love all the people , then why did they make each person so special that appeared and those little mini shows in between each episode. Like the movie Hell Verse could even have been a box set as they could have made more of that story line and show all what the bad guys did even before they got their …or something with the Royal’s,… just use your imagination and think who you might have spoken about or put on your movie screen and make a good story about something that happens with them….

  54. Moonlit beach

    Or I will get oriheme to b**ch slap you and I will get ichigo to go all hollow bokai on you and I will get uryu to go all quinsy powers activate on you so you will turn into a plushy and I will get karin to kick a soccer ball in your face and more!!!!!

  55. # 1 Fan

    I really enjoyed watching Bleach from the start up until the last episode. To watch Ichigo and his friends grow in power and unity despite there differences, was the best way to spend my free time. Bleach is like Dragon Ball Z, how can you stop making something so epic! There are many fans who want to see this to the end. Plus it will make your company money, you like money right??? Give the people what they want, thats what entertainment is all about. We want more!!! Don’t quit while the iron is hot. And also make more movies, lots lots more!!!!

  56. JetBlack

    That just is not right, they never finished the MANGA, so what’s the point of making so many episodes if you’re not going to finish the story line.

  57. Jon DiStefano

    I think there should be more episodes and to resume it from 366 to 367 all the way up to 400 and soo on…….whoever can respond to this email…please please write back to it please…..

    • Bleach fan Anjana

      No not just 400. It’s not enough I say all the way to 1000 episodes

  58. LevelUp41

    Don’t cancel BLEACH, PLEASE!

    We have more to see, more to learn!

  59. comandergrave

    please don’t stop bleach! has keep me going for close to 9 years now I have many health issues and the adrenaline rush from the show is some thing I needed to keep me from living my life in a miserable existence of unable to help my family and unable to work I needed the escape from life I most likely will fall back into a deep depression and just give up living.

  60. Hurtum

    BEST SHOW EVER CREATED!!!! Why why why does it have to end the build up the powers coming back I feel like I got robed of atleast 50 shows I’m a day 1 fan and I little hurt by far no other show on the planet could beat bleech of course I felt like that with dragon ball z but bleech IS and ALWAYS will be the BEST so long and farewell SOUL SOCIETY you will be missed


  61. Carter

    The best show ever!!!!! The last ep (366) was making me think what well happen after that?!?!?! WE ARE BLEACH FANS RIGHT?!?!?!! THE SHOW MUST GO ON!!!!!! AND RIGHT AFTER ICHIGO GETS HIS POWERS BACK!!!! COME ON WE WANT MORE!!!!!!!

  62. Omer

    I want to see more of it because this show makes me a good person so just start the show its not an request its an order from fan club owner

  63. tite kubo

    bleach will contoine on march of 2016

    • Anonymous

      March of 2016? Are you sure?
      I heard some rumor Bleach will resume on 2015, but I don’t know when..
      Just want some confirmation, because it’ll be a waste if they didn’t make a nice ending..
      And it’ll be really funny when manga finished their last arc, while anime not continuing it..

    • Victoria

      Really? Don’t care how long I have to wait so long as I know it will continue, I love the Bleach series and so does my son.

  64. justin

    i want to see ichigos hollow powers re awaken. and his full transformation used more in the future bleach episodes after episode 366. and i hope that tite kubo will further continue bleach for all the fans out there. this is the one anime i have followed to the end besides hellsing.

  65. Angie

    I can’t believe they ended the anime. It’s the best anime ever created. I was so sad when I found out there wasn’t anymore bleach episodes

  66. AJ

    this series is one of the best ever released in anime history. also the ending is not appropriet for such a show because the ending shows a new beginning and the genral idea formed is that a new chapter will open up in the story. this alone should be reason enough for the series to be continued

  67. Jason

    If the anime really is cancelled Here’s a suggestion for those bleach writers: create a sequel to the show itself like naruto shippuden

  68. Jason

    Thought I still hope for the show to continue that anime is still young and look at the Simpsons it has 25 seasons

  69. shiva INDIA

    shiva INDIA
    this series is one of the best . I can’t believe they ended the anime. It’s the best anime i enjoyed very much. I was so sad when I found out there wasn’t anymore bleach episodes.i want to see ichigos hollow powers re awaken. and his full transformation used more in the future bleach episodes after episode 366. and i hope that tite kubo will further continue bleach for all the fans out there. this is the one anime i have followed to the end…

  70. dominik

    bleach really cool

  71. Dragon

    It might be that they decided to continued when they done producing Naruto remember both Naruto and Bleach belongs to the same company the side story like the bound and the bakoto didn’t score very high and right now the story Naruto has recently finish by the Manga so properly it will finish soon by the anime ass well all so remember whey are still living in the economic crises so even they must do something about it to continue there company so be patient maybe it will come soon

  72. tenzin

    I think bleach is a awesome anime show and that’s why I am waiting for it’s next episode.

  73. Dustin huff

    are you serious? I have bein watching bleach ever seince the first day it aired on adultswim and I haven’t missed one. I have tattoos and my whole room done in bleach. I’m saying this show is my life and I love it. They really can’t cut it off like that he’ll no!

    • Dragon

      I don’t know thats way I said It might and cool for the tattoos and what you have done in your room

  74. Victoria

    Bleach is by far the best anime I have ever watched and it is beyond unfair to all the fans both old and new to just cut it off like that. I pray that they come to their senses and bring it back.

  75. Neil

    now i hadnt heard of bleach before January last year, and i didnt start watching it until feb this year. now i watched the first 200 episodes or so but then stopped after Ichigo’s return to the world of the living after saving rukia. i’ve literally just finished it about 30 seconds ago and i cannot believe they would stop it. like there’s just been a new change and leaves with so many questions. this anime probably has one of the biggest fan bases i’ve ever seen so as far as im concerned, stopping this anime would be insane from a business stand point and a fan stand point.

  76. Fitz

    I Would like a better ending if they was going to end wit like that they should not of let Ichigo get his power back I really hope yall decide to make the rest of the series

  77. code

    I think it should come back it’s one of the greatness show ever it been tied with dbz and naruto and fairy tail and one piece .

  78. Renji79

    OKK fans have been posting there thoughts about the release of bleach 367. How can you air a show where you have a big fan base just to end it on a cliffhanger. If you cant give the fans what they want then sell the rights to someone that can pick up production jerk

  79. Salman

    please resume the series this is coolest anime ever

  80. John

    when Bleach ended i realized i needed to find something else to binge watch in the meantime, i finished the series around march, since then ive watched everything that interests me on hulu and netflix and walking dead is on break and BLEACH STILL ISN’T BACK……..face palm. we as loyal bleach fans should start a boycott on naruto until bleach starts again

  81. john

    I’d trade my first born son and my left but for more bleach :3
    I mean nut

  82. Will

    Bleach is one of most awesome animes I’ve ever watched in my life.Everyday(from the day I started watching)when I wake up the first I do is watch Bleach. When I’m stressed I watch Bleach,when I feel my imagination acting up I watch Bleach but I just realised something painful… I’m reaching the end. I beg for more Bleach episodes to be released please please please.
    P.S: I fear I might become a hollow if no more episodes are released(ok this last statement was just for

  83. Samuel

    i really dont see y bleach should stop, its one of d best anime ever pls reconsider and continue

  84. bo

    idk if anyone still uses this but, its not fair, its not fair for us fans.. all were left with is un answered questions, why were rose, shinngi, and kensie (dont hate if i cant spell their names correctly) captains again? how did the become captains again and does this mean that the other vizords are back in thr soul society? but back to us fans, we’ve been waiting for a long time it upsets me to know the series isnt over yet we cannot see how ichigo and the others progress throughout the series, i am upset and im sure the rest of you are.

  85. ryan

    all I want is for the anime to continue moving forward. I have been watching bleach for over ten years and since I started I had never missed an episode. I would stay up late at night on Saturday night to watch the new anime whether it was a new episode or a rerun I would watch them even when I was on vacation I never missed an episode. and now they have stopped the anime. Why??? its not because it is to long… case closed has over 600 episodes and it is still going, its not because there aren’t enough people buying the anime, and its not because there isn’t enough people who like the anime. so the only possibility is that they stopped it because the directors were tired of producing the anime. well I say they should bring the anime back and not because I am asking or because everybody on this blog is asking . but because they enjoy making money and we have no problem giving them our money for what we love. so bring the anime back you know very well you can still milk the anime for more money than you already have

  86. roman

    i agree everyone on this blog bleach was and still is a great series. i’ve read some of the manga and it is amazing so it should come back.

  87. akira

    I want to see all episodes of bleach starting at episode 367 because i like the manga and i want to see the bleach episodes from the manga

  88. Issane Kotetsu

    Widziałam już wiele anime i żadne z nich nawet nie może się z Bleach em równać, codziennie sprawdzam czy jest już data premiery ale nic nie znajduje… Pomimo tego że obejżałam anime conajmniej 10 razy nie potrafię przestać og)lądać go wciąż na nowo mam nadzieje że nie długo pojawi się data premiery a później anime


    bleach is the best. I don’t know why they stopped airing it

  90. bleach fan

    I dont knw what the hell did they think about no .of fillers for bleach bt its clear from the fillers that bleach is one of the most loving manga and anime… So whats the matter with airing it…. Moreover the least you can do is just make an official statement….

  91. Dadiocoleman

    The anime is returning once the manga is complete. Tite Kubo said it should be done THIS YEAR.

    • Bleach fan Anjana

      Ahh. You made me so happy by saying that. I love you so much. I crying right now. My heart is bursting tears right now. I don’t know if I said that right but you know, right. I’m so glad. This better not be one of the worst jokes.

      • Dig Bick


  92. wesley

    there was too many unanswered questions and too many possibilities for the show to just end.
    I think its crazy to just cancel on all the fans like they did.
    There is absolutely not point in canceling the anime.

    • Ichi-Ruki

      not enough fans
      i wish more people were interested in bleach but now that the new Quincy ARC is on more readers were interested believe me i love bleach i own season 1-5 but the bount series was not even in the manga and the zanpakuto arc and the kageroza arc and the other unessacary arcs [excuse my bad typing] made the fans go way down they had a lot of views and if they did not have enough fans they would stop because do you know how much work it takes to make a five second anime like that and if they do not get enough they stop because who would want to continue a series like that if you do not get enough views but it still was in the top four animes in japan: 1 one piece, 2 attack on titan, 3 naruto shippuden, 4 bleach. just to less fans.

  93. Tensa Zengetsu

    They really need to bring bleach back.

  94. troy

    I would like to see more of this show.

  95. #1 fan of bleach

    Please reconsider on airing bleach until the very end. It’s a very,very interesting anime now that he regained his shinigami powers again.

  96. KF


  97. suleman

    I’m very anxious in order to watch the new bleach episodes. I don’t know when i will watch the new episodes of bleach.

  98. _

    I’m a patient person, but gunna b honest
    All this waiting in suspense is bad for my heart!

  99. ace

    I’d watch all the episode of bleach but I did’nt expect that their gonna stop it now what a bummer

  100. thom

    I’ve been watching anime for more than 20 years,and Bleach is by far the most entertaining series I have ever viewed. It would be a shame if the series does not continue .We miss you Ichigo !!!!

  101. bullsh*t

    this animes gold you guys are mesing up big by cancelling it

  102. matthew

    i agree this is bullsh*t bleach is my favorite show you cannot simply stop the series like that you should continue for as long as the manga exists

  103. Michele

    It’s a great show! I would like to see an offshoot of the show where Hueco Mundo gets a new leader and how these characters battle it out for their place in the ranks.

  104. ichigo

    they are morons if they dont relise new epizodes of bleach
    I think that bleach is the best anime ever made and it will be shame if they dont relise it

  105. Lance

    The series was amazing at first. Ichigo gaining Rukia’s powers, Ichigo having giant Zanpukto, Rukia transferring into Ichigo’s school and started humorous moments there, Ichigo meeting Uryu and conflict starting there, all the hollows coming for just a little amount of bait leaving Uryu shocked, the Menos Grande appearing, failed attempts to use Ichigo’s spirit energy into a powerful shot of Uryu’s bow, Ichigo defending himself against Cero and hurling the energy back at it, Rukia leaving and then getting captured (that part sucked), Ichigo almost getting killed and loses his substitute soul reaper powers temporarily while trying to save Rukia, Ichigo training with Urahara in his underground training ground, Ichigo learning the name of his Zanpukto and changing it’s form into a knife like sword, Ichigo firing a Getsuga Tensou at Urahara for the first time, Ichigo gathering with Chad, Orihime and Uryu in order to teleport to the Soul Society, Ichigo battling Jidanbo and making it look easy, the gang splitting up to look for Rukia, Ichigo battling that bald lieutenant, that ugly muscular guy battling the guy who looked like the male andriod that wore a black shirt from dbz, Ichigo getting injured and then gets saved by Yoruichi, Ichigo bathing with Yoruichi, Ichigo training with Zangetsu his Zanpukto, Ichigo saving Rukia from that one million Zanpukto fire bird weapon thingy, and Ichigo and Byakuya duking it out. After then on, the series was sh*t. I cannot lie, I literally skipped most of the bount arc after that guy stole the white haired guy’s badge or whatever.
    Bleach, Why Didn’t You Focus More On Soul Reapers And Not The Other Bullsh*t Arcs And Sagas?

  106. Duane Cash


  107. Jacob Atkinson

    I am very displeased about the status of the release date there is so much more i would like to know and watch this has been my favorite anime out of every one of them. and everyone ive shown this anime too agrees and had watched it all the way through i strongly suggest they make more episodes concidering that one piece im up to 707 episodes and Naruto / naruto shipuden is up that far as well and this anime is better then both of them i just dont understand

  108. tyler

    There is so much more that could be done with this show!!!! My faveret show ever. Bring it back NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  109. Cristyna Franklin

    I’m so mad because I love bleach so much and I want to know what gonna happen now since ichigo and the other soul reapers defeated the full bring users

  110. anthony

    BLEACH 367 455 COME BACK ON????

  111. edward

    why has bleach stopped at 366 are you making more with English dubbed
    so far I have all boxsets you made at moment 14 boxsets and complete series 15 is release 28th December 2015 and I’m guessing complete series 16 in January for English dub

    but then I do subscribe and pay monthly to watch manga online so ive seen them all so far

    don’t end it like this should have much more eps I way better then that rubbish nautro and one piece .. theist is bleach by far bring more I want so bad

  112. Bleach rules

    bleach is best please more bring more is my fav manga

  113. jordon

    i would love to see more bleach episodes and other reason is that naruto shippuden is getting ruined
    but it would but freaking awesome if they made more episodes of bleach

  114. jason

    This hurts. I hate how such a fantastic show just ends. Specially when you have fans in multiple countries. I’ve been waiting forever and I’m gonna keep waiting for it to start producing more.

  115. Trac

    Add me to the list. I’m 56 my son got me into anime and Bleach is #1, I continue to watch over and over LOL. I will be waiting with all the others here and those that are commenting on other sights, and there are solo many, for you to rethink and start again there are lots of openings you left just in case, you did need them ;). and for the fillers well I don’t mind them they keep me waiting with antisapation and excitement. Being from the U.S. and a little blind I do wait for dubbed/Sub, Sub might taking me longer but you do get more from it :/.. I wish to thank you tho for all the great anime you bring, and thanks to the voice over peeps they are perfect..

  116. Nico Piper

    I love bleach its my number one anime out of over 600animes that I’ve seen so far and I would love to see more of it

  117. brnadon

    bleach is the best anime i have seen it is a lot better then nrauto will ever be so can we have the shows coming back soon

  118. Schmitty

    Bring bleach back!!!!!

  119. RoryGremmRaury

    well I loved bleach. I think it was over all a great series. they could have done a lot better for the story line. and ya I kinda understand why the canceled the show. hell they canceled deadman wonderland but sadly I don’t see anyone bitching about that. and of course there going to continue the manga. they are at lest going to finish that. and they way they ended the show is fine. they didn’t leaving any cliffhangers or any thought of continuation. I’m mean they could make a second seires but the likely hood of that is really low but not imposible. so on my first choice list… I think they should bring back other anime first before bleach. I’m just saying

  120. Constance Sharp

    I agree Bleach is my ultimate favorite Anime and i definitely dont want the series to end. I grew up with Bleach and learned from the characters about values, the meaning of friendships and the will to continue to thrive through everything that Ichigo struggles through as a human and a subsitute soul reaper is quite similar as what we go through on a daily basis of our human lives. PLEASE BRING BLEACH BACK.

  121. Echigo Fan

    I really hope they keep continue Bleach I am really excited to see what happens! plus I am dying to see Echigo!…Love you Bleach! 🙂

  122. chslayer

    not to be that one guy but has anyone ever tried contacting the creater and pleaded for another episode, i mean if they cancelled because they thought it wasnt reaching what if abunch of people proved it

  123. devta

    When bleach episode 367 release? I like anime bleach

  124. miki

    prosim kedy bude pokracovat bleach pls odpovedzte

  125. Bongi RSA:)

    I Love Bleach:), Bleach is the best anime 100%

  126. jhom eric

    what the hell??? please bring it back we bleach fans cannot wait now………………… and if it comes back i’m going to public place and shout fuck off all other shows because bleach is gonna return

  127. James Portfleet

    Bleach is the best anime I have ever watched in a long time I really hope they bring it back episode 367 please

  128. Chad Seaton

    Please make more Bleach ,I was late to start watching but fell in love with it and feel it needs to kept going please!!

  129. bankiunlimited16

    i don’t believe that it is fair how they ended the series. if you were going to end the series you should have ended the manga also. there is no reason that you should shut out fans and give them high hopes of coming out with a new series, plus a more powerful ichigo. in theory you should have just have killed ichigo. I mean you already did just that by taking the show away and thus carrying along with the manga. don’t get me wrong the manga is good, but it does not bring excitement like seeing on tv does.

  130. Ichigo Kurosaki

    It’s an amazing anime that should keep on going. I want to know what happens next and what other stories will come out of it. It needs to keep going because the ending right now isn’t the best. Many people are waiting for more episode so please, continue the show! It’s too good to end now!

  131. kat

    I finally got caught up with the series. I am so shocked to see that was going to be the last episode. It can’t end like that. I want to see the next set.

  132. Hansel Davis

    Bring Bleach Back on TV please everyone here in the United States loves it and it ain’t the same with it not on TV for kids and people to watch we ask you to bring it back for everyone to see this is 2016 now we all want to see an new season of bleach and saying no to us all is not acceptable

  133. karma

    Damn…why wouldn’t they bring Bleach back sooner? When they already mentioned that it will be back soon in the last episode 366(ichigo says he would see us soon as the episode ends).

  134. hattie

    Please don’t stop it keep on because out of all this is the one I love the most so please don’t stop
    And don’t stop yet because who nose if ichigo and orihima will be a couple so please don’t stop bleach

  135. Arabia

    Bleach is one of my favorite anime’s and I wish for it to continue!!! I have waited and waited for the new release date for episode 367 I have read the all the manga and finished the bleach series and awaiting the new one. Tito Kubo the fans love bleach and we want more!!! I search almost every month for a an update on bleach, it will sadden my heart if it does not continue regardless of how many years the series has ended I still have hope and still excited for more!!!!!

  136. sky

    Bleach should be continue please it’s a good anime

  137. Bleach fan Anjana

    Why would they want to stop bleach. It’s so perfect. I’m heart broken. How could you do this to us fans. I want our bleach to go on as long as possible. I don’t like anything else but bleach. It’s my very favorite, that will never change. I want thousands of episodes of bleach. I can never have it enough. This is like the 3rd no may be forth time that I’ve watched it. Please, spare us and give us our bleach back. I want more. I want to see what kind of cool stuff does bleach introduce next. It’s sooo interesting . And I wanted to know some of the other captain’s bankhai and know what yachiru’s ability is and kanny’s janphakto’s name and ability. I want to see more of what bleach has in store for us,if they have that is. I hope the spelling isn’t a problem in my text….

    Jsut so you guys know I ment to say orihime instead of originate. and natdanai i totally agree, it’s off the topic

  138. daniela

    I am very sad because Bleach ended and I look forward for a new season. I think Bleach is the cooles anime ever and is very bad for the producers not to air the next season for several years. I like the characters, the action, even the fillers. Bleach will never loose popularity even past the years. Is the fourth time I watch Bleach and is the funniest as the first time. I hope the producers will begin make it again because is a good anime.

  139. Mary

    I really enjoy Bleach it’s so awesome, I surely hope they air 367 and more episodes! Please bring it back soon, I be waiting thank you for all the other episodes!!!

  140. Sakhiwe Dladla

    Why revive Ichigo’s powers if he’s got no more adventures???????????

    • Endless dark

      I agree with you

  141. Dig Bick

    this aged well /s

  142. Rukia

    We want it back now

  143. Endless dark

    Hmmm…….it was very good anime there was comedy and many more things I really love it I think it should need to continue and basically when ichigo change his form that time I can’t stop thinking about that what will next happened but it end in episode 366.
    Now I really feel bad but if they continue it will be best

    • Dig Bick

      Have you been living under a damn rock this whole time??? An anime of the last arc was confirmed long ago already.

  144. Dig Bick

    ^Holy shit how do you retards still think the last arc isn’t getting an anime? It literally got announced long before you commented.

  145. Drew

    Yall should make this new season you know everyone wants to see it and they wanna see kenpackis bankai man

  146. BLeaaaaaaaChhh

    The Bleach episode 367 WILL be released on late 2021 or early 2022.

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