Sep 20

Blood Drive season 2

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Blood Drive no season 2

Are you a fan of the Blood Drive television series? Then you must to know that Syfy had decided to cancel the show after one season.

The fans of the series Blood Drive not very long enjoyed watching new episodes. It is confirmed that Season 2 of this sci-fi action is not planned, because the right holders have decided to cancel the shooting process.

Series creator James Roland has told reporters that SyFy representatives are not ready to continue financing of the series, as the rating of the first season of Blood Drive is very low. Indeed, the number of viewers who watched weekly new episodes of this show is below the mark of 500 thousand people, it was the reason for such a rapid canceling. By the way, the series Dark Matter was canceled for the same reason.

As for the searching for a “new home” for Blood Drive and the revival of the filming process for Season 2, James Roland made it clear that nobody is engaged in this and will not be engaged, because the project has not justified itself and will be canceled completely (no release date).

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