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Maken-ki! season 3?

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Will Maken-ki! anime series return for season 3? What is known about release date? When does the new episodes start in Japan?

The continuation of anime television series «Maken-ki!», which has been launched in January 2014, caused a lot of questions not only of fans, but also of experts. Many viewers noted «the complete lack of the plot» in the second season, and a lot of critics suggested its production to be a mistake.

One of UK Anime Network experts evaluated adaptation with 3/10, stressing on the complete lack of originality. Despite such a harsh criticism, many fans of the project believe it will be renewed for Season 3; however, there is no ground for such optimistic expectations.

Obviously, the disastrous second season might influence the future of the given anime, as this time the creators won’t get a large profit from DVD-copies sale this time. The release date of the new episodes is still being discussed on many web-sites, but there is no official information at the moment.

If Season 3 production is launched the current year, only in 2016 it seems to premiere, so there will be a long break in any case. Let’s support the show and wait for the official data. We will follow the announcements and publish them, but you also share information in case you learn it earlier!

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