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Maken-ki! season 3?

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Will Maken-ki! anime series return for season 3? What is known about release date? When does the new episodes start in Japan?

The continuation of anime television series «Maken-ki!», which has been launched in January 2014, caused a lot of questions not only of fans, but also of experts. Many viewers noted «the complete lack of the plot» in the second season, and a lot of critics suggested its production to be a mistake.

One of UK Anime Network experts evaluated adaptation with 3/10, stressing on the complete lack of originality. Despite such a harsh criticism, many fans of the project believe it will be renewed for Season 3; however, there is no ground for such optimistic expectations.

Obviously, the disastrous second season might influence the future of the given anime, as this time the creators won’t get a large profit from DVD-copies sale this time. The release date of the new episodes is still being discussed on many web-sites, but there is no official information at the moment.

If Season 3 production is launched the current year, only in 2016 it seems to premiere, so there will be a long break in any case. Let’s support the show and wait for the official data. We will follow the announcements and publish them, but you also share information in case you learn it earlier!

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  1. Borrero

    im hoping for the season 3 thanks

  2. SanMarino

    I really enjoyed this anime. I haven’t read the manga yet but this series is amazingly popular.

  3. Mich

    this is one of the best animes! I strongly believe it should continue.

  4. Tromp

    second season was s*cks

    • Ed

      You’re grammar s*cks.

      • XSmoky


  5. Lima

    stop it’s! no season 3 please!

  6. DaD

    Where can I watch Maken-Ki! uncens0red?

    • Cole ainslie

      Maken ki ova has it but I think only 3 episodes

    • Reda

      Pinoyanime [.] tv

    • Destroyer4503

      at animefreak(dot)tv if you watch dub it is uncensored

  7. nagil

    my favorite anime ever!

  8. garlygunto

    yesssssss!! make a season 3 and continue the story from the first season of makin ki.

  9. takeru

    Please I really want to see this anime have another 3 seasons

  10. Elboy

    I want three more seasons too!!! I’m sure that as the Anime progresses the Anime will get even better! I still want to see what Takerus father was like. And why he hasn’t appeared yet. Maybe he’s gonna come out in the next season.

  11. Ichigo

    The second season may have had no plot, but it was fun and enjoyable to watch which is al that matters to be completely honest

  12. kyle

    i love Maken-Ki i think it deserves to have more than 2 seasons.

  13. jordyecruzp

    The special episodes of Maken-ki two! Where the best episodes yet 😉

  14. Juan

    I also want a 3rd season I want to know who takeru ohyama is going to choose to be his???? Is it going to be with haruko Amaya,inaho kushiya or it can possibly be kodama himegami I strongly believe kodama is going to be with takeru but then garlic is going to fight her for him and win!!! Who knows????

  15. phan anh

    I really love this anime
    I hope manufacturers will release

  16. phan anh

    I would expect manufacturers will read the “previous vow” of our brothers
    I’m very thank

  17. SwordArt

    Some people say the second season s*cked , yes it had no plot but it was still enjoyable to watch please make another season

  18. maken ki

    there needs to be a 3 season because maken ki was so good that i cant stop waching it so please make more seasons

  19. chikcho

    i want season 3 damn it – i want to know the past and why that takeru always forgets things and if he have forgotten about inaho because of a strange phenomenon
    and how he’s gonna deal with the matter of 2 girls deeply in love with him
    so many questions i can’t wait for 2016 chikcho
    the best anime i’ve ever seen and i’ve watched death note naruto one piece hunter*hunter bleach and also high school DxD listed in the same category of anime

  20. caxgod

    let’s hope the release of Maken-ki season 3 ,just not let XEBEC to produce anymore ,their anime always lack of originality to the original manga, every anime appear to be so XEBEC-style seems weird to every way even though the anime have plenty of fans service. screw them if they ever made season 3 again.

  21. Destroyer4503

    well, i wish that people would realize that season 2 wasn’t meant for plot, it was more of a season 1.5, because it was just doing character build up.

  22. Dragon

    There needs to be a season 3. Season two like 2 is a character build-up. Like what destroyer4503 stated. This show is amazing. Producers. Please bring it back.

  23. Gaurav

    I am in love with this anime! All the characters are awesum!! I think season 2’s purpose was to build up character! And it achieved so very brilliantly and was very interesting to watch! I hope they release season 3 soon!! I want our protagonist to romance more with his teacher!!!! Lol

  24. gabriel thomas

    Best anime ever total plzzzz make season. 3

  25. Marco

    Que aga la 3 temporada aunque no me gusto la 2 temporada tanto pero que hay la 3 temporada

  26. Gaurav

    Want season 3 !!! Dying for it !!!!! Lol if only I knew some official site or email address of the producer, on behalf of the fan base I could pm them to make 1 more! In fact many more!!!

  27. Thunderlips1590

    yeah season 2 was a little weak didn’t even leave off from season 1 a whole new plot that didn’t make much sense I was thinking that season 2 would explain who killed taki mother and why and explain who is father was season 2 hints at it but never really tell you if there a season 3 I hope they go into all those details like who kill taki mother and who is taki father. so iam thinking any where between 24 to 26 in two parts to end it all and the series to hash out all of this and lets hope all the characters end up with who and were they should be.

  28. Season3Fan

    should be a great third season if they make one

  29. Khan

    It should be continued

  30. Godlike007

    plss the author of the maken ki… pls released the seson 3… 🙁 🙁 🙁

  31. Anime lover 777


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