Apr 22

Dig season 2?

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Do you think that Dig should be cancelled or renewed for a second season? What about the new episodes premiere in 2015/2016? Let’s hope for the early start!

TV-channel: USA Network
Created by: Tim Kring, Gideon Raff
Genre: mystery/action thriller

Season 1 Episode 1: 1.83 million U.S. viewers

Season 1 Episode 7: 1.08 million U.S. viewers

A good start of «Dig» television series is to have a good influence on the show fate on USA Network television channel. Many critics believe that the TV-project won’t be limited to one season, that’s why it is quite possible that soon the official announcement concerning the second season ordering is to be made.

It should be mentioned that at first the rights holders announced about the financing of only six episodes, but later the extra four episodes were decided to be ordered.

We hope the creators won’t delay with the show renewal and will inform us about the premiere date of Season 2 already in spring.

Dig season 2 start – [cancelled]

Follow the updates!

UPDATE 1: Gideon Raff has confirmed that a potential second season would follow a new story with some characters returning.

UPDATE 2 (May 12, 2015): USA Network has cancelled Dig after one season (unofficially).

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  1. Colby D.

    I really like this new show. Most definitely want a season 2 of DIG !!!

  2. Verena Byerley

    This show isn’t like any other on TV right now! It’s getting better with ever episode. Please give this one a chance. Pleaseeeeee another season!

  3. MarcusMyName

    I really enjoy watching Dig so far! Please renew!

  4. Kristy

    LOVE this show! Please renew for Season 2!

  5. Luis


  6. Mrs. Jody Kreckel

    Fast paced, loved the cast, especially Jason Isaac and Anne Heche. Scenes from Israel and the story lined were top notch. Different tales from other parts of the world would be great to watch and see how they would unfold. writing was superb.

  7. Cindy

    Yes to a Season 2–please!

  8. Dee

    Love the show.Great story line, great cast.

  9. Linda

    Excellent show……………excellent story and location shoots…………………and THANK you for not killing the adorable calf…………….would LOVE a second season if you maintain the quality of the first season………….great cast, also…….

  10. Vera

    Love this show. Nothing else like it. Nice to see something besides csi and law and order for a change. Come on guys with season two.

  11. Jose

    One of my favorite new shows. Great cast and story line. USA, PLEASE renew for season 2.

  12. Paula Connors

    It is such shame they cancelled. Great show ! If any body listens it should be here for second season

  13. Susie Shields

    I loved this show! Please renew it for Season 2!!!!!!

  14. Deb

    I have been waiting for the second season of Dig. It’s a smart show. Not to mention intriguing.
    Good acting. There are too many channels that aire a lot of crap television! Please bring it back!!!

  15. Danette Dockins

    Such a great show! I REALLY want another season. I’m heartbroken at the thought of it not coming back. It fed the brain some good stuff, rather than the fluff available all the time everywhere else. No more fluff! Substance, please.

  16. diana

    wtf they taking everything away dig, constatine, dominon

    i hate these idiots who cancel good shows idiots

    one pissed of person here i know they don’t care true enough but i am very angry

  17. Alyssa

    Come on show season 2 already!!!

  18. Darrell

    you network people are always screwing things up, were do you get your ratings anyway? If you want true ratings then set up a web site that the viewers can go to and cast a vote or have some input.
    you just axed another great show.
    glad to hear Bates Hotel is coming back, wish they would also reconsider season 2 of dig’

  19. Rick

    Bring dig back!!

  20. Elizabeth Johnson

    Please please please bring dig back!!!!!!!!

  21. Shiron

    Sick of watching a series to find it has been cancelled.’Dig’ is a good show and we should at least have a conclusion not just let in the air with no ending.
    Please bring it back it was getting really good

  22. David

    Good series so why cancel it? We need an ending.You shouldn’t start something you can’t finish and who are all these that complain about it anyway! Please lets have a season 2 at least to finish the story line

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