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«Misfits» season 5: release date

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When does season 5 of «Misfits» start? Renewed or Cancelled? What is known about premiere (air date)?

British science fiction comedy television show «Misfits» premiered on Е4 channel in 2009. Season 3 was the turning point in the production of «Misfits» series since it had the lowest ratings in comparison with the previous Seasons. New episodes were becoming less and less interesting as the favorite characters didn’t appear on the TV any more. Since then every new season of «Misfits» is at issue, but E4 isn’t going to close the show.

New data, published in the network after Season 4 airing, indicate that Clerkenwell Films Company is already recruiting writers and screenwriters for the new episodes, as they believe «Misfits» Season 5 to be renewed. The release date of the new episodes is scheduled for autumn, 2013.

The respected foreign media confirm that E4 channel have ordered new episodes. The issue with financing hasn’t been solved yet, but Mike O’Leary is supposed to have received his first honorarium.

Is the show still interesting or not? What do you want out of season 5?

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  1. shane jones

    I have been a fan of MisFits from when it first came out. I have always wanted to be a comedy actor since I was a young one and still wish to be one day. MisFits haes inspired me and thank you for making that possible, waiting for season 5 to come out and can’t wait. Thanks.

  2. russell

    Miss Kelly, Simon and the old gang but enjoyed Season 4. Looking forward to season 5.

  3. Gomez

    Kill it off now! Season 4 was awful !!!

  4. Sam R.

    The first 2 seasons are my favorite! YEA, Gomez! Kill it off now!

  5. abudabi

    I think they lost too much talent on that show.

  6. ccooll

    Brilliant start, but it went off the rails very quickly.

    • The Dreaded Maloopey

      I don’t like you

  7. Sk8erbruh91

    Keep It Running For The Actual Fans…….(Keep Rudy)(aka Joseph Gilgun)
    Who Cares What The Ratings Are If People Don’t Like They Can Go F^ck OFF!!!!

  8. dido

    Miss Simon……….. =(((

  9. Sue-zq

    I like this show because of the new characters that are introduced.

    But, I agree, bring Kelly back!

    The new characters that are introduced make the show interesting… Bring Kelly back though because she has a raw attitude that is realistic to real life.

  10. mathijs

    i want the old crew back they where fantastic! i miss them plz let them come into season 5!!

  11. a f*cking nathan fan!

    i just want the legend nathan back!

  12. Paliss

    2 first seasons-Best of the best but when leave nathan show go to sh*t

  13. Jordan

    Bring Nathan back from Vegas, then viewings will go through the roof win win situation, fans are happy, and producers are happy!

  14. chloe

    Bring Nathan back and keep Rudy they are both hilarious and Nathan was my favourite character.
    I’ve been a fan since the beginning but now all of the original cast have been killed off so it’s not the same anymore.

  15. Alisha

    Bring Nathan back. Since all the original gang left, the show hasn’t been the same! Love misfits

  16. Feleisha

    I Think it was a awesome show and i can’t wait for the next season to come out!!!!

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