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GJ Club season 2

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When does season 2 of GJ Club anime television series come out? Will the story return in 2014/2015 with the new episodes? We are waiting for release date!

Back in August the last year the creators of anime television series «GJ Club» announced about their plans to launch the continuation in spring 2014. Initially, the complete second season was supposed to be produced, so many Internet resources were conspicuous with the numerous discussions concerning the given information, but actually the rights holders meant OVA, that had been officially confirmed the month after.

The 46-minute-long sequel special titled «GJ Club@» received the release date on DVD – May 14, 2014, but the information concerning the second season premiere hasn’t been announced yet.

As we know the materials for the given adaptation is ready, as the debut season covers the events of only first four editions of manga, produced in 2010. Dogakobo Studio representatives and Yoshiyuki Fujiwara, the producer, agreed the story had to be continued and sequel (OVA) wouldn’t be the final one.

We want to believe the profit from DVD sales will meet the expectations of rights holders, and also they will take into account all the requirements of «GJ Club» fans and the production of Season 2 will receive the «green light».

We are following the news and will update the article. You also share the fresh information in comments!

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