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Kill la Kill season 2

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When does Kill la Kill Season 2 come out? Will fans get excited to see new episodes anytime soon? What about the release date?

Now it can be said with confidence that Trigger studio managed to adapt the manga Kill la Kill just perfectly. The created anime television series got many adoring reviews of both fans and experts of anime industry.

It premiered on October 3, 2013 on MBS, and company Aniplex of America licensed the given anime for the simultaneous broadcast and release for home viewing. All 24 episodes were discussed in social networks and the majority of fans were satisfied with the final.

The show was highly scored by such experts as Eliot Gay of Japanator and Richard Eisenbeis of Kotaku. As for the second season, which is still discussed on the Internet, it is unlikely to be released, as Trigger studio doesn’t plan to produce it.

OVA, released in September 2014, apparently, will be the final adaptation of manga Kill la Kill and even many fans support such rights holders’ decision. Anime turned to be really nice and ended decently, that’s why Season 2 can have negative impact on the Trigger project. What do you think?

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  1. Deepascher

    It ended well, so why start something that obviously wouldn’t be as good as the first season?

  2. CjiGo

    I think it would be a mistake to only go for one season. I really hope they make a season 2.

  3. Mauriii

    It’s so sad that kill la kill is over…

  4. MaximuS

    I don’t want a season two! A good story has to know when to end.

  5. Darkoolio

    I dont realy think that they make an 2nd season. Adding another season seems impossible!

  6. Singh22

    Not a chance. The story already ended. I really hope they’re not doing anything more.

  7. DakaLove

    This anime is one of my favorites! It ended so well. No season 2 at all it doesnt need one!

  8. xJanox

    An anime like this deserves a second season!

  9. ArmLight

    I want a season 2 more than anything in the world!!! As much fun it would be to see Ryuko and the gang again.

  10. wonderng

    most popular serires have a lot of seasons like bleach with 366 ep. and some movies and naruto is done but boruto is still running even if their diffrent names it still has the original characters in naruto . so why can’t kill la kill get at least a season 2 seems unfair to end it so fast

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