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Lilyhammer season 4?

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When does Lilyhammer start in 2015? Is the show renewed or cancelled by NRK1? When will the premiere air date of season 4 be announced?

TV-channels: NRK1, Netflix
Created by: Anne Bjornstad, Eilif Skodvin
Cinematography: Johan-Fredrik Bodtker, Jakob Ingimundarson
Genre: Crime drama
Starring: Steven Van Zandt, Trond Fausa Aurvag, Marian Saastad Ottesen

Many fans of «Lilyhammer» television series are still waiting for season 4 and hope that the rights holders will announce the start date of the new episodes soon.

The matter is that the third season has been accompanied by the fall of viewers’ interest, whose number has been decreasing with every new episode. NRK1 management isn’t sure the fourth season will be successful and nobody wants to finance an unprofitable TV-project.

According to experts, now everything depends on the rights holders, who should take the final decision concerning «Lilyhammer», no matter how difficult it may be. At the moment there is no information concerning the possible renewal of the show, but also there are no data on its closing.

Lilyhammer season 4 start – [cancelled] (UPDATE 1)

We will wait for NRK1 announcement and will publish it in this article. Follow the updates.

UPDATE 1 (July 28, 2015): Bad news… Netflix has canceled Lilyhammer after three seasons.

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  1. Antonio

    What’s going to happen to Frank’s Ex? At the end of Season 3 she’s left sitting next to the bath tub having just killed Nipple Boy! There has to be a Season 4!

    • Entity

      I hope they bring season 4 soon. Steven Van Zandt was with Bruce Springsteen’s “E Street Band”, before he became an actor. He was the perfect choice to play Frank Tagliani aka Johnny Henriksen. A little hammy at times with his expressions, but I really liked all 3 seasons.

  2. Loretta

    I surely hope for season 4, this is a such a great show.

  3. Amy Gill

    We are really looking forward to season 4 of Lilyhammer. bring it back!!!

  4. Ryan T.

    I think the show is great. Please bring back the show with season 4.

  5. Val Ware

    Must have season IV!!!!! Sitting on the edge of our seats on the finale of seasonIII. What will happen next?!?

    Please return.

    Val & Bruce

  6. ginger

    There has to be a season 4……Love this show!!!!!

  7. patrick disalvo

    With all the junk shows on tv why would they think of cancelling Lillyhamer ?

  8. Laurie

    Happened upon this show and loved it! They can’t leave us hanging!

  9. John

    Looked to me like season 3 was the end.
    They wrapped everything up nicely with the exception of the bathtub death.
    Would love to see another season, but I really don’t think that will happen.

  10. Linda

    I love this show! My husband found it on Netflix and we thought it was a funny twist of the Sopranos. Please renew it for Season 4.

  11. Gary

    I think the show is fantastic! There’s always a twist.

  12. Sanne Jacobsen

    Great show. Please make another season. Cant wait!!

  13. Roe

    Love the show,hope it returns.

  14. Rick Thomas

    Okay, here’s the thing. I am a big fan of Lilyhammer, but if they don’t go for season four, I am not going to watch another Netflicks show again. I mean, why bother? What is the point of getting into a show that is just going to be cancelled after a season or two. Personally, I think it would be a mistake to cancel the show. I think it is one of the best shows on TV.

  15. Ted

    Who was end the bed with the couple at the end? His father? Love the show. Please come back.

    • Tommy A

      It was one of the London gangsters that were in an earlier episode. I think he ended up freezing to death.

  16. kimmie & treis

    we were sad watching the last episode of season 3 knowing there were no more episodes and we agree that we must know what happens with Sigrid and Torgier’s new life on the alpaca farm.
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring back Lilyhammer!!!!

  17. Tammy

    Really looking forward to season 4!!! Love the show

  18. Marji Ramirez

    This is the best series I’ve ever watched and love all the characters especially Steven Vanzant.
    I feel so awful when I reach the last episode please renew.

  19. Gretchen Guydish

    My husband and I loved every minute of the fantastically creative Lilyhammer! Please continue with a season 4 and more~This show is much more entertaining than most of the shows on major networks~We were glad to have it be accessible on Netflix so we could watch episodes at our leisure ( sometimes several at a time 😉 ). The world is definitely a better place with Lilyhammer!

  20. Kellyann

    Plz make series 4 with lillyhammer ,,,,, I loved it , Steven van Zandt is great x. He was excellent in the sopranos …brilliant in lillyhammer also x.

  21. Wayne King

    My wife and I started watching this recently and are in the middle of season 3. We love it. Please make another season!

  22. Emily

    Can’t wait for season 4. Loved loved loved this show. Please keep us entertained with more of this show!

  23. Gerry Fowwler

    Lilyhammer has been by far the best series I have watched to date,the individual caractures really add to the dynamic of the show,every show ending had you anticipating the next,Season 4 is a must as there is a couple of loose ends. Please Please Please don’t leave us hanging…

  24. Blondie

    The show needs to continue please have a season 4

  25. Jh

    Love the show hopefully there will be a season 4

  26. Susan

    It can’t be over!! Too many things left in the air. Please, I beg you, give us closure!!!!!

  27. Arleen

    Please bring back Lilyhammer! Can’t believe it won’t be back, best thing I’ve ever watched on Netflix, will definitely cancel if this doesn’t come back!

  28. Mike

    Cmon, Netflix…don’t be stingy. This is one of the best shows on TV. You have plenty of people who will watch this show. So far, most of the advertising I have seen is just word of mouth and social media. Spend some of that mountain of cash you are sitting on and get some PR for this program! Don’t let the show end as it did. If you want to cancel it, send the “loyal” viewers out with a final season.

  29. Virginia

    Lilyhammer is as refreshing as a spring breeze. Please don’t cancel the show.

  30. Susan

    I’ve enjoyed many movies/series on NETFLIX, but I truly have been totally caught up most with LILYHAMMER. Why NETFLIX has not given the public relations it truly deserves as they have HOUSE OF CARDS, which I enjoy, is beyond me.

    LILLYHAMMER has interesting wit and edge that catches up it’s viewer. Each episode leaves me wanting more. Each episode, a teaser. Please NETFLIX, do not discontinue this series! Please bring on Season 4 onward!

    There’s plenty to entertain out there. It’s easy enough to cancel a long held subscription to NETFLIX for other venues. I would however like to continue my subscription with additional seasons of LILYHAMMER on NETFLIX. Please bring Johnny back to us!

  31. Ellen

    Yes, season four! Great acting, dark humor, and originality, all in a cultural stew

  32. rebecca sicilia

    I pray there is a season 4 for Lilyhammer–just love it!

  33. Alauda

    They have to have a season four. Netflix needs to advertise the show more. My sister told me to watch it, so we watched 1-3 seasons. Fantastic. There would be more viewers if people were aware of the show. we need a season four just to find out about Siegrid.

  34. Adrian

    Just finished season 3 today. What an awesome show. I was surprised at how much I love it. I really, really hope they make at least one more season!!

  35. Rob Tardik

    Would love to see this wonderful Lilyhammer series continue on with Season 4! The acting, characters and hilarious wit of the show is contagious! As a HUGE Sopranos fan, this show has helped fill that void!

  36. pk

    I enjoyed this has be season 4, well if not Netflix lost a subscriber.

  37. eddie henneberry

    I hope they make a season 4 the show is great what the hell are they waiting for

  38. Benita

    Love this show! Quirky! Great characters! Great acting! Addictive! Please renew for 4th season.

  39. Lenny C

    I just happened upon Lilyhammer on Netflix and had to watch every episode immediately, you might want to advertise, never heard or seen any advertising, maybe thats why viewer numbers are decreasing, I suggest advertising the 3 seasons see what happens. I asked my friends about Lilyhammer, nobody has even heard of it, nuff said, somebody PLEASE pick up season 4!

  40. Vicki

    I love this show! Like others I came across it while looking for something to watch and I have seen every episode and going through them again. This show is awesome, it is funny and intense and real! I agree with previous people that there should be more advertising for this show so others can see how awesome it is. I can’t wait for season 4!!

  41. Tommy A

    Decreasing numbers of viewers?? What the f**k is going on!!! The best series I’ve watched to date. Series 4 gotta happen… Capice?

  42. Charlie

    I just recently discovered this show and I love it, A cross between Good Fellows and Trailer Park Boys.. We need more!

  43. Kim d

    I just heard about this show and could not stop watching it…went to put on the next episode and there isn’t one. PLEASE renew this show!!! There is nothing else like it!

  44. David

    I love this show! It’s really funny and ALL the actors do a great job. I can’t believe its losing the audience like they said in the review.

    • Mickele Macon

      They are in Norway where the show is shown live. Don’t know why but maybe the thrill is gone. It is a Netflix show and they need content. There should be no reason why this show is not renewed. I’ve seen worse and content is always great. Maybe if NETFLIX spend money on promotion and not giving Adam Sandler 100m to make 3 movies the show will do better.

  45. candice & Nate

    Ok here is the point we have just got netfilx and came across lilyhammer this show is great show bring it back for season 4. We were going threw sopranos withdrawal so we started watching this show now we are waiting for season 4 Please bring it back

  46. Nina

    These stupid studios do not know when they have a good thing. Is it because it’s not a stupid comedy that sounds ridiculous with the laughing sound track? Or a show of young adults making idiots of themselves or maybe because it’s not a reality show that allows women to make asses out of themselves. I can imagine the audience that is not interested in the show they probably don’t understand it. Idiots. Bring the damn show back. We pay for Netflex we should have a say on what we want to watch on it besides old reruns of movies they show on TV. Getting just as bad as REDBOX.

  47. Deborah

    Absolutely addicted to this show please continue it

  48. Mickele Macon

    I love this show. This show was one of the reasons why I love Netflix. Yes the ratings have fallen off in Norway, but this show can be a great hit if promoted. You never hear about this show and to be honest. This show made Netflix into a TV powerhouse. The series deserves a 4th and 5th seasons. You can’t even syndicate with only 36 Episodes. The series deserves 3 more seasons to justifiy the creative aspects of this show.

  49. Ronda

    I love this show, I think I read someone called it a cultural soup. What a great way to put it. I am getting rid of paid TV simply because shows like this beat the hell out of anything that comes out on general broadcasting these days. I patiently wait for the next season to come out but please don’t tell me you aren’t going to produce another season stopping the high value entertainment delivered by LilyHammer. PRODUCE SEASON FOUR!!!

  50. Cisco

    At the end of Episode 8 Season Three (“Tying Up Loose Ends”) – The Boss, Pauly Walnuts, Little Stevie, and the rest of the gang all got together in costume and toasted the portrait of the three brothers’ mother…That to means The End to the series…Sorry Folks – Once Springstein showed up as the Funeral Director Assassin, it was all over…and Pauly Walnuts from The Sopranos as the priest brother – Little Stevie getting his close Soprano buds into the last espisode – El Finito!
    No end to find out what happens to ex-wife and nipple boy…Johnny will make it all go away…Roar is back home – They gave up a nice end to a great series! tack tack!

  51. AJ

    Viewership dropped because it strayed from the formula. Nobody tuned in to see Brazil. WTF was that all about?! We wanted Norway and that’s where the story should’ve stayed…imo.

  52. Mary

    I can’t believe there not going to have season 4 . I love this show and they need to keep it going .

  53. joan

    please bring back lilyhammer love the show

  54. jmkmini

    I agree about Brazil, I loved the Norway setting and all it’s characters. This is the first time I’ve watched sub titles but since Johnny spoke English I didn’t mind reading it. I do hope they bring back another season or even a stand alone movie!

  55. pk

    I love this show hoping for season 4, No season 4 cancel out Netflix.

  56. Chris P

    Don’t leave us hangin!

  57. Don

    Great writing ! Ya gotta do a season 4 even if it is just to wrap it up. Very impressed with the drama and plot lines of Scandinavian TV and film. Lilyhammer is a pure gem. Hollywood has nothing as creative as this !

  58. MSE

    Lillyhammer is the most fun you can legally have. PLEASE BRING US SEASONS 4,5 AND HOPEFULLY, EVEN MORE!

  59. jim douglass

    I am hooked to this show!!!

  60. pk


  61. Aaron Phillips

    Great show…

  62. Carmen

    Esperamos con mucho interés la temporada 4, no es posible que se corte la historia con tantos cabos sueltos, y con tantos galanes!!!

  63. jmkmini

    Im sure views have gone up, I didn’t discover it until this year and I saw all 3 seasons. LOVED it! Please come back for a 4th season!!

  64. Marsha

    Please, please,please!!!!!! bring Lilyhammer back for season 4. Pretty please!

  65. Bigbob

    I’m going to have a hat made up, saying instead of Girls, I Love Lilyhammer. Just maybe if enough people wore the hat, they might keep the show going.

  66. Flipper

    MUST! MUST! Have a season 4 and beyond! Absolutely love this show and so does my whole family!!

  67. Alex

    Bring us season 4 please!

  68. Eric P

    You have got to bring the show back. My wife and I just found it on Netflix and bindge watched
    All three season. We need more Lillyhammer

  69. Janice

    Love the show and awaiting season 4

  70. James Clark

    This show is one of the best things Netflix has done. It is funny and also interesting. What happens to Sigrid after she drowned her boyfriend, You don’t really see Jan executed by Dag. There needs to be a season 4. Anyway hope they give the audience a chance to find the show.

  71. Shelly

    This is a wonderful series. Very comical and fun! We need season 4!

  72. Greenstx

    I like the show A LOT. I’m betting that the reason your losing viewers is because we are sick of “READING THE SHOW”. Wtf. Stop with the friggin subtitles. By having to read the friggin show I miss what is happening and the friggin subs are so fast I have to keep rewinding. Whoevers idea it was should be fired. Keep the show in English and I bet the ratings will come back. Great show, horrible producers.

  73. Elmoon

    Please bring back this show!!!

  74. Brenda

    Please Netflix bring Lilyhammer back. It’s the one series I’m waiting for. I love the characters and the writing is great. I hope you don’t disappointment the fans by leaving us hanging.

  75. Tony

    Oo u have to be kidding me the show didn’t have enough publicity it’s a great show and it’s catching on now I think some one should put that back on its great

  76. Milos


  77. ken

    Sad day to hear of non renewing Love the show please make another season .

  78. Tom Largo

    What?? this is one of the best series on TV. Imagine a funny hilarious tv show with Steven Van Zant, he plays the classic serial typical Mobster, and after 3 seasons they pull the plug REALLY, guess we need more REALITY shows like I am Cait??? WTF is wrong with this world anyway??
    Please SOMEONE bring this show back, even Ideal has like 8 seasons and this only gets 3??

  79. Linda

    I love, love, love the Lillyhammer series. I am looking forward to series 4.

  80. alica

    bring back lillyhmmer!


    I will only renew my account if lillyhammer comes back on.great show

  82. ellen

    Really, REALLY wishing for a fourth season of Lillyhammer. If only it could have been publicized on national TV in the same manner as Orange is the New Black was, then there is no doubt it would be very popular. Please renew.

  83. Ron & Karen Kacprowicz

    Lillehammer Season 4, PLEASE !!! Can’t get by on reruns forever…..

  84. Gail Anderson

    Hope Lillyhammer is renewed best story with so many twists and turns. Great way to shine a light on socialism and what it will mean for our country. Great job Steven Van Zandt.

  85. alaska68

    Amazing- a show like OITNB continues while Lilyhammer gets cut…which is better at storytelling?-it’s not even a close race! Money counts, not creativity and a truly good tale. VERY disappointed in Netflix/backers choosing to vet only cash-cow-shows and not willing to be patient.

  86. Lupe

    We need a season 4 Please

  87. Wendy Robson

    I came to show late via Netflix and loved it. Please make another series if only to find out how he helps out his wife who murdered her milk!! drinking boyfriend

  88. Diane Walsh

    Love this series, PLEASE renew, great show!!!!

  89. Mike Heisey

    Best show ever! Please bring it back. I don’t have cable. But even when I did…..there was not a better show.

  90. Roxxi

    What a refreshing, delightful series…even with its dark moments in season 3, the wonderful acting, the tongue in cheek references to The Sopranos, everything unique about this series makes a season 4 a must! How can they leave us hanging?? What happens with Sigfrid now that she’s offed that pervert of a boyfriend? Does Tommy the creep pay for his miserable behavior?? Please Netflix…make the right decision and continue this series.

  91. Kate

    Amazing show with so much left hanging the suspense!! I keep watching the 3 seasons hoping you change your mind!

  92. Paula Ross

    Wow. Such a shame. Especially since I have talked to people into watching it. Even my cousin in Norway watches this show. We are all waiting to find out what happens in the 4th. Hope you reconsider PLEASE

  93. Raya


  94. Ray G

    Lillyhammer One of the best Funniest dark crazy shows compared to all the other cr*p there playing .I’m sure season 4 will be created with a big Bang even better ,you need to expose this show off I never herd of it until recently by accident and fell in love with its great writing and amazing Characters Steven Van Dandt KIlls it!!! YOU LISTENING TO ME YOU SEE DO IT!!!

  95. Achristo05

    I hope they BRIng this back for season 4. It is a great show

  96. James Sullivan

    I hate to hear it has been cancelled, I was really looking forward to season four, it seems I have waited for nothing.

  97. J C

    At least bring back one more season to tie up loose ends, even if they make a movie to end it the show is good too bad there is no ending. At least Hemlock Grove had an ending.

  98. C H

    Just finished Season 3 of Lilyhammer. This was a nice wrap up to some storie started in the first two seasons but it’s a good time to take off with some new story arcs in season 4. Of course, Netflix it turns out is run by idiots that would rather pump out more stupid comic book hero shows than bring back a great ORIGINAL show like this. Really makes me consider dumping Netflix altogether. Go with other streaming services. After Netflix rarely has any decent new movies in its catalogue and now it’s not supporting the best of its original content.

  99. Mark R Suarez

    My Wife and I just found the show recently on Netflix and we are hooked and cannot believe that again after finding another show that we both like to view that again the producers of a show have cancelled it. Very depressing and we will be hoping it makes a comeback and at least will conclude the storyline in a few more shows.

  100. J

    Please bring the show back!



  102. Nick Shipley

    Watched myriad series over 20 years. I can say, as a professional film maker, breaking bad, dexter, mr robot and lilyhammer have been the absolute best there is on offer. No gimmicks just good scripts and film making executed by good actors. We must have lilyhammer 4

  103. Rosaria

    Come on stevie!!!make season 4 happen

  104. Ken

    June 2018. Best show on Nerflix

  105. Otis Collins

    Please bring back Lillehammer !!! It has a Cult Like following and we’ve all seen what happens when a show gets recognized the way this one has . Its the best show I’ve ever seen ! I have watched it over and over again and never get tired of Lillehammer. Please consider your followers and LOYAL CLIENTS AND SUBSCRIBERS. #LILLYHAMMER4LIFE

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