Dec 8

My Name Is Earl season 5

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My Name Is Earl season 5

When will My Name Is Earl season 5 be released? Season four had ended with the caption “To Be Continued”. We want more! Give us the release date!

There have been many attempts to revive the series “My Name Is Earl” and give viewers a release date of the 5th season, but all of them were unsuccessful. In 2009, Greg Garcia (creator) said that the company NBC did not intend to shoot a new season and after some discussions the television series has not been able to “bring to life”.

During this time Jason Lee started work in other projects, and Ethan Suplee noticeably lost weight and refused to gain weight again for the sake of her old role. After another discussion, the actors would agree to return to the project if they were paid more fees, but the NBC refused to do so. In June 2012 the show was finally canceled, although the actors spoke of their desire to withdraw in the sequel.

A little later, actor Eddie Steeples said that he was already discussing with investors about the creation of a spin-off, but he had not realized this idea.

Well, it is not worth waiting for the release date of the 5th season of “My Name Is Earl”, because no one is going to revive the series. It’s sad, is not it?

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  1. Simon T.

    I’m waiting this in 2018 on Netflix! We need closure! Netflix needs to pick it up! Fingers crossed XX

    • PRO

      You can stop your waiting and move on. It’s gone!

  2. BringBack

    The show is genius! I’ve been waiting for the 5th season this whole time. Needs new episodes on tv!!!

    • PRO

      “The show is genius!” Really? You want more of this mindless fodder filling your head? Turn the TV off and read a book about our country’s fight for freedom, the sacrifices made so YOU have a TV.

  3. Jennifer N.

    Bring back this awesome show and let it not have an ending.

  4. PRO

    Give me a break! Like, let’s not have an ending to childhood, a place you seem to be stuck little Jenny.

  5. Robin Arcuragi

    Name Is Earl We want more! Give us season 5

  6. tyler sutton

    NBC you are a shit network

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