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«Torchwood» season 5: premiere air date

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Will «Torchwood» return for Season 5? Renewed or Cancelled? What is known about premiere air date?

«Torchwood» series is a spin-off of «Doctor Who» movie. It is created by a Welsh television producer Russell T. Davies. «Torchwood» is aired on BBC.

TV series was criticized negatively in 2011, when Season 4 called «MiracleDay» was broadcast. According to the rightholders, the income, received from the last episodes, was too small. Despite that fact, Russell T. Davies stressed that he was ready to work on the series continuation since he believed in success of «Torchwood» Season 5. The premiere air date for the new episodes hasn’t been announced yet since the Starz authorities, who support the given project, haven’t confirmed the revival of the show.

«Torchwood. ExodusCode», a book written by John Barrowman in October, 2012, could be a basis for the fifth season. According to John, if all the investments are confirmed, the show will be continued in 2014.

Would you like the show to be renewed? You can leave your review in comments.

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  1. Marilyn Semer

    PLEASE bring Torchwood back to the fans. I prefer the original style with weekly aliens and monsters. Rebuild the Hub and bring a team back, of course with Gwen (Eve Myles) and her family. The mini-series or season story arc style were not my favorite Torchwoods, but, I’d watch anything with John Barrowman in it.

    • Joan

      bring it back good series

    • becky

      Is there a season 5?? If so when is it?

    • Merp

      True… I’d watch anything with John Barrowman in it too… But seriously, please just like bring back the Hub, maybe a new one or something, but the first two seasons were my favorite because they had a team and went on daily hunts for aliens and stuff… PLEASE bring Torchwood back!!! It was amazing!

    • Nathan

      I preffered season 1 and 2

  2. alles

    Bring it back to England

  3. Semma

    Torchwood coming back in 10-20 years =)

  4. James M.

    I hope it comes back, but I was disappointed with Miracle Day

  5. Frog

    Davis would not do that!

  6. Mike J. R.

    I’m kinda new to Torchwood and truly hope they have a Season 5. Anybody Know?

  7. lillian

    bring it back!!!!!!!! you left us waiting after we found out that rex cant die and you have to at least bring it back for one more season we have to find out how jack became the face of bow and i will be realy disapointed in russle.t davis if he just leaves it at season 4

    • james

      you are wright lillian it would be a shame if torchwood did not come back and it would kinda leave doctor who at a realy mixed up state with the whole face of bow thing i hope matt smith the good idea for john barrowman to come back to doctor who for 50th annavercery and aftor 🙂

    • Julie

      I absofreakinglutely agree!

    • Beth M

      Agree Lillian. Just starting binge watching a while ago. Watched all the episodes from the first. Love, love, love the story line, the characters, even Miracle Day. Would love to see Rex battle some aliens. Hopefully if it comes back it will be on BBC America.

  8. didier

    i need moreeeee!!! bring it back!

  9. Dee

    I hope you bring Torchwood back. It was a great show. I keep watching the DVD’s. I want more!!!!

  10. Marc

    I truly enjoy Torchword, huge fan. … it must continue. You can’t leave fans hanging like that. Please continue the fascinating story of Captain Jack (John Barrowman is great) and crew…. So much still untapped …’s just too great to end. Bring it BACK

  11. alw

    Bring it back iv watched almost all the episodes now and i dont want them to end im halfway threw season 4 now and i dont want yhem to stop PLEASE make season 5 ..

  12. rebekah dunagan

    yes it should be renewed I still think you have a show for the masses it can be done several ways and no viewer truly knows whats going to happen until the final product you have several storylines plus people will still enjoy the ride how ever you might think abot rebuilding torchwood go back to Cardiff or since your main funding is America and jack harkness was American based find 1940ish American base undiscovered rift you can tie in unit or with jack harkness have the torchwood smart alic their way under their noses tie face of boe doctorwho and maybe grey I think though the storyline for miracle day should mostly just die I think because of the way you have the show you can erase a bad season not bad just according to the suits how the will view it viewers x $s look I’m not qualified I have only ever been a viewer but I been in a sickbed of sorts all my life i’ve watch shows rise and fall some had great actors writing sets but they kept being not having the numbers so it was canceled I watched them be cancelled because of actors paydays the day of the week but one thin the components you got it is still gold however it is still essential to keep on original cast members ( john barrowman captain jack harkness ) ( eve myles gwen cooper) so investers get investing. also crossover doctorwho chaching to all you suits goodluck to the show I hope ill be able to get out of pain and sickness joing you all in your next adventure hopefully 2014 or sooner

  13. Haley


    Ps. Me and friends would die if it’s canceled. (:p) from Haley. (D:) from Marie
    (Nooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) From every amazing TW fan. Great work. Loved the whole miracle day thing. The only episode I don’t like is dead ianto. Loved EVERY SINGLE other episode.




  14. Melissa Elliott

    YES! I miss the show immensely!

  15. jojo

    Yes please bring back Torchwood – Miracle day was somewhat disappointing, but Captain Jack and Gwen are amazing, there are many more stories to tell. Take them back to the UK
    Jojo Australia

  16. BBC

    We are definitely bringing back Torchwood for another season but there will be a twist, Rex is immortal like Captain Jack Harkness. This means a whole new Torchwood story.

    Offical Air Date: 2nd February 2014 at 7:15pm


  17. dia

    I just started watching torchwood season 4 was the first one I seen and I am hook can’t wait for season 5 and I will go back to see the previous seasons

  18. Kathy Davis

    Yes I felt very badly when the season was over and have awaited the return. Hopefully the wait will not be too long.

  19. Kathleen Driscoll

    Please bring Torchwood back!

  20. valantis

    even in Greece we watch Torchwood you people there, so bring it back quickly. That’s no request it’s a demand or else the thunder of zeus on your head!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Arnold

    More for goodness sake…..and keep it in the USA

  22. Rita

    Yes, please!! Torchwood season 5 needs to happen! And please air it in the USA!!

  23. Zoe

    Please bring Torchwood back! It was such an amazing show. I loved all the seasons, especially Miracle Day, but I did love the weekly-aliens-thing, too. Please rebuild the Hub with Gwen, Rhys, and Anwen, too. And please bring Torchwood back to the UK! But anyway, just keep making Torchwood:)

  24. Jess

    Yes, bring Torchwood back! But in Wales, please. Also, is Rex immortal?

  25. D

    I started Torchwood a little over 2 months ago. Now it has become a weekly favorite.

  26. Bill

    Loved Miracle Day. Bring it back.

  27. sarah

    plz bring it back i might not have cable or anything but i will deffantly buy the eps on itunes if i have to

  28. rick cressman

    I discovered the show on BBC America and was hooked from the start…..everyone I have intoduced the show is in love with it also. Smart, sexy, fantastic acting and writeing. I had a feeling a show i love would be to good to last. Plz plz plz in one way or another, bring it back. Don’t leave me stuck watching a poor american remake of it as the did with Being Human.

  29. shawn

    Continue with the series! I love it. But at the very least, make a Torchwood/Doctor Who mash up so Gwen can finally meet The Doctor and so he can lend a hand… With River Song.

    • Sissy

      Gwen did meet the doctor over camera, never in person though.

  30. aberrebi

    simply put I would pay for the renewal of Torchwood 1 year subscription to Starz

  31. Mike

    Reboot – Set it in th ehub with the original charactes and ASAP, please!

  32. Alice

    Sadly, I never watched Torchwood until the last two months, when I discovered all four seasons were offered On Demand on my Comcast cable service. I loved ALL of it, including the negatively criticized Season 4. What I hated was the demise of Ianto, Tosh and Owen and the destruction of the hub. I kept asking, “Why? Why?” They were all such great characters and together they made a great team and complemented each other perfectly with their diverse quirks and personalities. Here’s hoping the series will be back again for another season. Torchwood alone is worth my Starz subscription!

  33. Soni

    Please bring back more Torchwood!!!! Love this series and Gwen and Captain John!!

  34. Tony

    I loved Torchwood from the beginning and as far as I am concerned each season just got better and better including Season 4, which also included some great American actors.
    Please give us Season 5!

  35. Giakat

    I spent the last week engrossed in nothing but Torchwood. Ending on Season 4 last night. I truly hope it makes a comeback in 2014!

  36. jesy

    Although I love this show because of the first few seasons i appreciate where they tried to take it with “truth” instead of just interesting possibilities of aliens, i feel people are not ready for this new to amarica to close for comfort idea! I would like to know more about jacks history and his connection to the doctor! But i also like learning about these creative alien creatures, and although i like where the show is going i feel they should hold on to it for later when the have exhausted the out of our world possibilities,.. Then fans might be ready to look at the ” in our world” possibilities!

  37. Sally

    I’m not going to lie, season three royally pissed me off, but I kept watching it, so whose fault is that. I honestly love the show, but I’d like to see the format of season one and two back. Having a consistent team and a mystery solved in one or two episodes was comfortable and it made sense. Bring back the show, but if it doesn’t start making some sense soon, I may not be watching much longer. Also, CAN GWEN MAKE UP HER MIND? It still seems like she’s just stringing her family along. I understand, it’s a hard job, but she can’t have it all.

  38. Jen

    I love doctor who, and when I began to watch Torchwood I watched the first 3 seasons all at once, I personally like both the styles. Although it does seem that after along time of watching them (in season 1-2) would eventually get predictable. I think that the last 2 seasons really kept you entertained. Either way i love the show and will be waiting for its return.

  39. Sissy

    I have been watching torchwood for a very, very long time, and I waited forever to see season four, just to find out that There might not be a season 5, but now that you have told you season 5 is coming, i’m just so excited, Season 3 and 4 weren’t the best, but i’m sure Five will be ah-mah-zing, show us more of him talking about the doctor, or about his past, thanks for reading my comment =]

  40. gwen

    Yes I have been waiting patiently for the show to return. I love this show. I do hate that they killed off the doctor.

  41. Connie

    Please continue. I am on the final season on demand and love the story lines. I was never much for Science Fiction but Torchwood changed that for me.

  42. Christine Gelsinger

    Yes, yes, yes. Definitely renew for season 5. Especially now that we have 2 immortals. And what’s the Families “plan b”? Gotta find out. Love all characters! Need another season for sure.

  43. raven peters

    FINALLY something for us “older” kids ——– this show needs to be brought back —— this series has something for all who love sci-fi —– and thats alot coming from someone who has watched endless sci-fi movies,tv shows,read tons of books—- just about everything about this genre —- to the point of almost being bored —– please bring it all back — most defintily —– bring TORCHWOOD back

  44. laketa

    please bring back the show. I have been wait so long. this and the doctor who was one of the only shows that I watched every time it came on repeat or new. there is no good sci-fi shows on tv anymore. I rather turn off the tv and read a book, then to watch some of these so called sci-fi show on tv now days. please bring back the good sci-fi.

  45. cheryl

    I love Torchwood.Please bring on the 5th season.There are now two immortals which could double the excitement of Torchwood. Gwen is awesome because she is so mentally and physically strong not to mention very smart. Gwen always does the right things for all humanity and that is beyond great in my book.I wish that Jack would have been only attracted to women and maybe he will change and be that way in the 5th season.Thank you for allowing me to enjoy all of the Torchwood movies and keep up the great work.Just a thought maybe less scenes of s*x because children watch Torchwood too. S*x would be better if kept in the bedroom and not on tv.

    • Viking

      Thank you for your comments on the “sex” issue, I am old school and don’t approve of “gays”. Keep it private, I don’t need or want to see it on TV.

  46. Tanya

    The show is rated TV-14, but it should probably be rated TV-MA. I quite enjoyed the sexual interaction between the characters. I say keep the intimate scenes, and bring back Torchwood for series 5. I adore the show, and I love Captain Jack. It would torture to make us wait 10 years. To everyone who can make it happen, please honor us with your talents and gifts by present us with more of our beloved Torchwood.

  47. Ivie Owens

    I am an avid fan of Torchwood. I started watching on Netflix and I want more. I hope they find a new team with Captain Jack Harkness and Gwen. I don’t know if that is the spelling for her name. I absolutely love this show.

  48. GreyTexan

    I do hope that Torchwood returns. I have been watching it on Netflix. I really hope that this series returns.

  49. GJS

    Please bring back the weekly series of Torchwood. Miracle Day was okay, but the original series with weekly battles was much better.

  50. jennyG

    I just finished watching all the torchwood series. I hope they bring back more.

  51. Andrés A.

    Please bring back TORCHWOOD it’s my favorite BBC show of all of Earth! Capt. Jack Harkness & Gwen Cooper-Williams should build a world wide TORCHWOOD group on season 5. I think that would be cool & different. So Please Russell T. Davies Please bring back TORCHWOOD!!!!!

  52. Michelle

    Absolutely loved Torchwood. I didnt’ follow it while it aired, but have since watched all 4 seasons on my Kindle and loved it. Would love to see Season 5. You can’t leave us hanging like that.

    I do have to agree that the extra terestrial seasons were much more exciting. The mini season with The Miracle was okay, loved the characters, but prefer the alien theme. Please bring it back.

  53. Mimi

    Definitely bring back Torchwood, one of the best UK series ever

  54. susan

    YES! bring back Torchwood, I have watched from the first show and have very much liked all of the shows and I am waiting for a new seasons or what would the 5th season to be viewed. I did like the last two episode of Miracle Day.

    All of the characters are so well acted. Even in small ways, they are all so essential to the story plot.

    Torchwood, like Dr. Who are such well crafted shows they must be kept on the air for all so see and for new comers to made aware of the talents of all involved in these productions.

  55. Karen

    Love Torchwood. Please bring it back!

  56. Teri

    I was hooked from the first episode. Seasons 3 & 4 were epic sci-fi loved it. Bring it back.

  57. Deb

    Please bring back Torchwood. These shows beat many of the shows out on TV now!

  58. Anne Wiseman

    Of course I’d like the show to go on…very disappointed when it ended…hope it will be back this year sometime maybe with a more humble and wiser jack.

  59. CB

    Bring Torchwood back for another season.
    My wife and I love it as well as quite a few of our friends.

  60. ALM

    I’m getting sick of waiting for Russell T. Davies to come up with season 5. There are other books written about Torchwood, two by Barrowman. Why aren’t these being used until Davies comes up with a conclusion for Miracle Day? Torchwood aren’t just stuck to one story. See the first two seasons. Start up a petition to the BBC. Get the Doctor Who scriptwriters to do screen versions of the books. How difficult could it be? John Barrowman, surely, wants to get Jack back? So he could give permission for his books to be transferred to screen. And he and his sister could come up with more ideas for Torchwood and bring then out as both screen and book forms. This should put the wind up Russell and get him back to writing a new season.

  61. Melinda

    I’m still hoping for Torchwood to come back(and my mother as well). Was hooked from the beginning and miss the show. Please bring it back.

  62. Nancy

    I’m a huge fan of doctor who and torchwood, and i really want to see them come back. Would love to see the making of the face of Bo and the encounters with the doctor but from Jack’s point of view. Or better still, from Bo’s point of view. Please do not let us hanging…. And also do not wait for 10 years please, I might be dead then….

  63. Bill

    Northwood needs to come back. After everything that has happened it would be a shame to leave it like this.

  64. Lauren

    Torchwood was the best and it has to be brought back as you cant leave it at rex coming back to life. Please bring it back.

  65. Patricia

    My roommates and I got Starz, only to watch Torchwood. I know quite a few people willing to pay for the channel for a couple of months, while we watch one of our favorite shows!

  66. NIKKI

    Season 5 YES Please…..Just cant leave us hanging.
    And if you are feeling really generous do SO 6 and 7, 8, 9 so on and so on.
    LOL….No seriously.

  67. Carol Wiepert

    Bring it back!

  68. Michelle

    AHH i need Torchwood Season 5!
    Jack is my fav and i need more episodes with him!
    Crossing my fingers for John Barrowman to continue this show!

  69. Stephanie williams

    Please bring back Torchwood. It is a fantastic series. But if you do keep it in Cardiff please. Don’t mess with a good thing, Weevils, The Rift, Gwen Cooper and the never ending life of Captain Jack Harkness.

  70. Vanessa

    PLEASE PLEASE ! Air a fifth season of torchwood. I re-watch the show all the time because I love it so much and it would make me and my friends sad not to see another season . For you to end miracle day like that… teases us if you don’t create another season. I love this show .

  71. Rick USA

    Starz would be crazy not to bring Torchwood back. Miracle Day was a perfect lead in
    to the next season.

  72. Michele

    Please please please bring Torchwood back!!!

  73. Tawny123

    I agree with liking the different stories every episode. We gave so many story line shows already. This was something different. When Children of Earth came out I was thinking “Ok, it is just a special” Then Miracle Day and I found myself kind of wishing it would hurry up and be done already. I hope they are going back to various stories again!!

    • Michael Hollbrook

      I agree completely!

  74. Nicole S

    Please bring Torchwood back. You can’t leave it like this. Miracle Day wasn’t my favorite either…. but i DID LIKE IT…BUT I’D REALLY REALLY LIKE IT IF IT GOES BACK TO THE FORMAT OF THE FIRST FEW SEASONS. The different stories were SO good. Why would It be so hard to bring them back to a new hub? There are so many fans out here give us a chance to watch again!! Please 🙁

  75. Yuniper

    Torchwood is a great spinoff of my favorite TV show – what else . . . Doctor Who! Please keep them both going for a long long time!

  76. Tammy

    This is a great show. I watched all the first four seasons and am waiting with bated breath for the next. There is always so much going on. Captain Jack Harkness is fantastic John Barrowman needs to come back and move forward with the show.:)

  77. Taylor

    Please do a season 5, you can’t just end the show like that! I need closure, not unanswered questions!

  78. Viking

    Drop the homosexual content, it doesn’t contribute to the plot, what has being gay got to do with catching ailiens?

    • Michael Hollbrook

      It’s called character development and character story, that’s like saying they need to stop showing anything to do with Gwen’s family. It helps show the evolvement of the characters and a personal storyline helps more people connect to it. It shows you the type of person they are.

  79. j.harkness


  80. IMEPZ

    I just finished binge watching Torchwood. I enjoyed all of the seasons but I thought the edginess and intensity of the first two seasons were the best. I do hope there is a season 5.

  81. Laurie

    Thank you Roku! If it hadn’t been for Roku and Amazon, I might never had seen this gem. Although I concur that the prior seasons before 4 were my favorite format, I did also enjoy 4. So many more secrets to discover about Captain Jack. Bring back the Hub, a new team, go back to Cardiff ( love the scenery..I must have some Welch blood in my bloodline!)

    USA viewer

  82. Ann O.

    Please bring torchwood back!!!!! Before the actors and actress gets tooo old!!!! Please!!!!!!

  83. Ivan

    Hope, that Torchwood series 5 will be soon, it’s one of my favorite shows.

  84. tabitha

    i love it because I am on Netflix season 4 and I would like you to have both eve and john they are good actors in torchwood I would like to see them catch more alions.

  85. chris

    Watched all the episodes. Looked for season five finally realizing it isn’t out yet. You can’t leave all the fans hanging like this. Bring it back.

  86. Stuart Bartley

    Cant wait for Torchwood to come back on television,
    I miss seeing the lovely Eve Myles on BBC1.

  87. theresa cheeks

    I think you need to BRING BACK TORCHWOOD for a 5th season….. It is a great show. It have everything you look for in a show all rolled up in one. You could not ask for a better actors or a better or better wighter’s. come on already……….

  88. Mirko

    Would I like for the show to be renewed? Oh boy, how can I put it so that my answer can be clear enough? F*ck, yeah! Bring it back. That show was awesome. Much more adult than Doctor Who. Don’t get me wrong, I love Dr. Who, but Torchwood had another taste to the same multiverse-alien-related world, that was way interesting.

    • Michael Hollbrook

      I agree completely! I love doctor who as well but it was lacking ion the real ness department. The people in torchwood feel more real and genuine. It brought the adultness to us the way doctor who couldn’t and can’t. Also can’t wait for season 8 of doctor who!

  89. Catprater

    yes love the show

  90. Guin

    It should come back as you know it is the 10 year anniversary of it release date in 2016

  91. Bill

    A Doctor Who fan for two decades, I finally (and eagerly) experienced all 4 seasons of Torchwood thanks to NETFLIX. I would definitely welcome a 5th season!

  92. Doug

    Heck yea bring it back. Torchwood was awesome. I have watched it 4 times all the way through on Netflix

  93. Ezrae

    Please oh please bring it back!!! I know so many people that love that show!!! Plus it left at such a cliff hanger!!!! HOW COULD THEY DO THAT TO US?!!! We love torchwood please oh please for the love of the fans please bring it back I HAVE TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!!!!! *twitchy face*

  94. Kawon

    Me and 4 friends have just watch all of torch wood and we can iwant to see season 5 we even talk a few people we know into watching it please BRING TORCH WOOD BACK!!!!!!

  95. Deborah

    Please, please the on l y show I watch on BBC, love love love it!

  96. Thunderboom

    This was a horrible show and I believe Starz should focus on bigger and better ideas that will fathom this piece of trash called Torchwood.

  97. Tina

    Please continue this series! We love watching it and can’t wait to see the new season! Please! 🙂

  98. Volarte'

    Just saw Miracle day, season 4. Such a thriller and cliff-hangars: couldn’t stop. Can’t believe last show had low income. Hope it continues; they left it as if it would!

  99. Michael Hollbrook

    They better bring it back! Yeah the last 2 seasons weren’t the best, I didn’t like how the whole season revolved around one story and I think they went too far when they killed off Yantos but I love it none the less! Plus John Borrowman is hot and I think it’s safe to say that we all want him and Eve Myles back!!!

  100. P White

    Aye! If and when they do a *NEW* TORCHWOOD, the scripts need to be left in the Brits, I mean totally in they hands. They stories were the best, theirs were the reason Torchwood was so good. I am not a brit, but it like doctor who, without them writing the stories it not Torchwood or Doctor Who.

  101. Dave Rios

    Please bring Torchwood back, This is a verry missed series and fans have been waiting to long for it to return, and yes leave it to the Brits and Mr Davies hands to bring back the real Torchwood !!

  102. Mary Baker

    Bring back the original cast.

  103. jack barris

    I love torchwood and hope it keeps going for a very long time. The one thing I do have a fault with is WHY the on going thing with the gay thing ?? so ok, show a bit of kissing but seriously? on going sex scenes with two guys is a bit much.

    • christy

      I understand that some people aren’t comfortable with it, but I honestly don’t have a problem with that. John Barrowman is actually gay, and I think it’s great that he is so open about it and doesn’t object to doing these scenes. Makes my viewing experience better! 🙂 Absolutely love that man!

  104. Kristy C.

    Bring it back! There’s an incredible fan base for this show and it has it’s rightful place in the Doctor Who storyline! Would LOVE to see the original hub back. Seasons 1 and 2 were great. Can’t imagine it without Tosh, Owen and Ianto. Miracle Day could have worked with the original cast in it.

  105. Kathy

    Heck yeah we want another season of torchwood. Ive only started watching it but I want more now

  106. christy

    Bring it back, PLEASE!!! They can not just end a show with a cliffhanger! What is the Families’ Plan B? What is going on with Rex? Is he going to be immortal now? Is he leaving the CIA and joining Torchwood? I can’t stand it when there are so many unanswered questions. We NEED Torchwood!

  107. O

    I agree with all comments we need Torchwood back
    It ended to abruptly. to just stop Is crazy. there is so much
    to play with. Capt Jacks character is a pretty cool.
    it would be great to see what else he can do. New powers
    Time jumping episodes with the team plus stories that show windows
    Into his future as the face of Boe plus maybe surprise visit from the Doc
    Once or twice at least.

    • Dee

      I agree. There is so much left to do. Its almost a blank sheet with the with the blueprints started and a fan base in place. Please bring Torchwood back.

  108. Nik

    OMG! OMG! OMG! love this show, love eve, love John!!!!! I can’t wait! Saw the last episode of Season 4, and I thought to myself – this has to come back! I just wish Owen didn’t have to be killed off – again! Loved his cynical outlook on everything! He made me laugh.

    Will be waiting! I am going to go buy the series, like yesterday!

  109. Gabrielle

    Love Torchwood. There is nothing else like it on TV. Hope they bring it back.

  110. Moki Mom

    Please bring Torchwood back!!

  111. Alex

    I love this show, hopefully they bring it back

  112. stove

    Please Please bring torchwood back!! It is an absolutely fantastic series!

  113. Angel

    Bring back the series. I’d watch every episode!

  114. Crystal

    I don’t understand why so many people hate Miracle Day. I LOVED the Miracle Day episodes and I also love that Torchwood has such a variety in the storylines. I’m desperate for another season of Torchwood!!!!

  115. Jeremiah

    I think the show should be renewed and brought back to Cardiff. They should find some time travel or rift way to bring back Tosh and Owen or, if not, I think Martha Jones and Micky Smith might make cool replacements. If you want to keep consistency with Miracle Day find an excuse to bring Rex to Cardiff or cameo on the show here and there. Just a thought.

  116. CaliMom

    Torchwood is so much fun. Please continue with a new season in 2014. I’ll be waiting…!!!

  117. Ken R

    Anyone seethe relationship between “the Blessing episodes and Obamacare?
    Torchwood is doing the job the news media will not

  118. Linda

    It’s November 2014, and I still have not seen any information about Torchwood series 5. Please bring it back.

  119. Stephanie Rogers

    Before a month ago I didn’t even know Torchwood existed, since then I have caught up with all the seasons and would love the show to keep on going. Please, Please keep the seasons coming. One of the things I hate is when I find a show I like then it disappears never to be seen again.

  120. Ellen g

    Terrific series-watch it over and over. Please bring it back in 2015

  121. Bob

    Please do another season.

  122. Johnny

    Come on guys u can’t leave us like that!!!!!!! At least one more season!!!!!

  123. Anne

    Would love to have season 5. I thought the best one was Children of the Earth. But I liked having the Hub. Bring it back to England and Bring the Black guy Mekhi Phifer also. Love to see how he keeps getting reborn also.

    I thought the first season was not very good. 2nd season was great then the killed almost everyone off. Then Season 3 was really fantastic. Season 4 was too long and not edited enough. I am a fan and I did enjoy it.

    HOpe they bring back a season 5

  124. D.L.Spencer

    PLEASE continue the story! We love Jack, Gwen, Rys & Rex…we Must know what happens next!

  125. Vince

    Please renew. Leave out those silly aliens and stop killing off all the good actors. Bring it back to Wales.

  126. Zing

    Bring back Torchwood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  127. Rosie

    Yes please bring back TorchWood. It and Dr.Who are my favorite shows.

  128. Anna

    PLEASE BRING TORCHWOOD BACK!!!!!! You can’t leave us like this! I love the plots and LOVE the characters so give us season 5!!!

  129. Tara

    I would absolutely LOVE to see Torchwood come back! I loved that show and Im still looking forward to it’s return!! So please bring it back!!!

  130. Tom

    Please Russel T Davies these four series were and still are one of my favourite tv programs of all time I don’t care that it has been four years just make the conclusion or even better make another few series . Ever since I watched the first episode I didn’t want to leave this program in my opinion all series were good but pleaseee at least give us some news but reading through the comments you don’t see a negative aspect towards a fifth series . PLEASE DO THIS FOR THE FANS ( FAN IS SHORT FOR FANATIC #DOCTOR WHO OLD SCHOOL)
    Ok please Russell T Davies just look at these comments not a single one has a negative thing to say about torchwood. It really did capture our hearts and we have grown with the series I loved every episode and the actors. We need this last or more series for me and the other fans sake it wasn’t for a more younger audience it was more mature and also a lot more unpredictable, with doctor who you saw if the doctor was at gun point you know he would not get shot unless it was in the news where as torchwood really left you on the edge of your seat please anyone who can help. BRING BACK TORCHWOOD FOR THE FANS SAKE!

  131. Susan Forester

    This series was fantastic! So creative and well written. Every actor was terrific. I so hope for a season 5. I’ll be so sad if there isn’t any.

  132. cara

    i loved season 1 and 2 the best miracle day and the children of earth were not my favorite. I really miss ianto and ester, but if they don’t bring torchwood back for a season 5 i swear i will personally fly to England go to the makers and take them as my hostages till they agree to make a season 5 AND 6 with an ending we can all live with. lol BRING US TORCHWOOD!

    • Jessica

      Preach lol we’ll get a team of our own lol

    • JUST "J"

      U r my type of FAN….A+….. HELL YEAH. I WILL ROLL W/ U.

  133. michael

    I personally am a huge fan of torchwood. Please Please bring back torchwood. you cant help but love Jack Harkness and his team.

  134. Jessica

    Please keep the show going!!!! We need season 5!!!

  135. JUST "J"


  136. Nastya

    Please return “Torchwood”! Wonderful, interesting show! Still waiting for Season 5 !! With love from Russia. ))

  137. CT

    Please bring back Torchwood. I love the show!

  138. w cox

    se give Torchwood a 5th season.Love the show

  139. Linda

    Torchwood was canceled because of the moral concept of it. Since things in our moral society have changed, thing that were once taboo are now embraced,I see no reason Torchwood should not returned. I Loved the show.

  140. Brandon

    I think that they should bring Torchwood back especially when they made Rex immortal, I think that they should tell us how that happened since they said that Jack’s blood wasn’t what made him immortal. I don’t care how they do it or who pays for it just bring it back.

  141. Mike fenton

    Excellent fun show. Love to see it resumed.

  142. Trinity Dionne

    Pleases bring it back

  143. Jo

    I just finished watching all four seasons. They were great!!! The first time I saw season four I was disappointed, but this time I felt a lot better about it and I want more! From what I read, the UK got some more episodes in February 2014. How come the US didn’t? I really hope you bring it back. The way the show ended left it wide open for all kinds of interesting possibilities. I really want to see more.

  144. ian

    bring it back. just finished season 4 and you cant just leave a cliffhanger that big!

  145. John Berry

    In the last two weeks I have finished watching seasons 3 & 4. I almost stopped watching season 4 about halfway thru, but decided to give it a chance. I must say that I am glad that I did. It proved to me that it was as good as ever. I am at the age that I may not live to see a season 5. I hope not. There is not much I truly like on TV, Torchwood is one that I do. Thank you.

  146. trudy

    Left hanging love it so much please bring itback

  147. Tina Pollard

    Love it! N now that they have 2 that can’t die is even more awesome. Plus what about the rift n aliens slipping through? But they do need more than just weevils to hunt n also should have the doctor there to help make them decide to come back.

  148. Donna Sweers

    It would be fantastic to have Torchwood-season 5. All of your viewers myself included have enjoyed every episode to date. I might be a tad behind but, this series is Excellent and deserves to be continued.
    Regards……..Cumming, Georgia, USA.

  149. william booth

    you have to bring back torchwood looking forward to hearing it will happen

  150. Lucy Christensen

    I love the series!! I really hope you bring it back!

  151. Pamela Greer

    Bring it back, loved it.

  152. Ginny

    I wish I was on torchwood

  153. Crystal

    I want Torchwood to return for more seasons.

  154. Brenda Impson

    yes I would love to see Torchwood return. I love the show and miss it. it has to return

  155. Brenda

    Please keep running next season 5 bec it so good movie so please don’t cancelled !!

  156. John Sargent

    You left us hanging, but I did prefer earlier format. it needs to have a culmination not just stop!!!

  157. Sheridan

    I would like having torchwood back on TV so I don’t have to listen to it

  158. Torchwood Fan

    YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES………never ending PLEASE bring it BACK!!!

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