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Red Band Society season 2?

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When does season 2 of Red Band Society show start? Bad news… The series would stop production after the 13-episode order. No premiere air date in 2015!

TV-channel: Fox
Genre: teen medical comedy-drama
Starring: Octavia Spencer, Dave Annable, Griffin Gluck
Developed by: Margaret Nagle

Season 1 Episode 1: 4.10 million U.S. viewers

Season 1 Episode 9: 2.46 million U.S. viewers

Bad news for the fans of «Red Band Society» television series came from Fox television channel management. According to the data received, we won’t see season 2 in 2015, as it is officially closed.

The broadcast of the tenth episode became the final of the TV-project, as the start date of three more filmed episodes wasn’t announced (UPDATE 1).

The fans still believe that the rights holders will find the way to renew it; however, both experts and critics are sure it won’t work. It should be noted, that the reason for the show closing lies both in its low rating and decrease of the number of fans from 4,1 million to 2,5 million people.

UPDATE 1 (Jan.13, 2015): Red Band Society will return to the schedule on Saturday, Jan. 31, 2015 and then conclude its run with back-to-back episodes on Feb. 7, 2015.

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  1. Molly

    Red Band Society is a very good show. Please, make season 2!

    • Jay

      What a good show. Come on FOX you got something different here and you are going to cancel it? You know it’s good when the viewers remember the characters’ names. And we do. What will FOX replace this show with another reality show or copy another network’s show maybe another vampire or political show. You tried something different with Red Band and it worked. Give it at least another season. You need to advertise a little more, let the people find this show. Plus get these actors out there and make appearances to talk about the show. Promote it………

    • N145

      What an amazing show!

  2. Max

    The only surprise here is that FOX may never air the last 3 episodes.

  3. Maryann

    I’m really hoping the show goes to another network, it probably would be more successful!

  4. Jan

    Dislike!! This is who I hate watching first season of shows.

  5. R0nn1e

    I hope there’s a way that Fox will bring it back

  6. Li

    Maybe ABC Family (or CW) will pick this up.

    • Jillian

      I hope someone will pick it up

      • terri

        Love the show !!! Different and full of love and surprises. We need shows like this . Hopefully another station picks it up !!!!

  7. Marta Cain

    The pilot of Red Band Society was the best of the year. Octavia Spencer and those kids were incredible. Fox, give it a 2nd chance!!!

  8. adrian

    Season 2!!!!!!!!!!! Please

  9. Gail Childers

    Please bring it back for all the kids that live in the hospitals and can relate to the kids on the show. I can see it has helped my daughter who is a cancer survivor.

  10. becky

    Please make a season 2. the way things are left is not okay the suspense it killing me!!! PLEASE!!!!

  11. charlene


  12. Jillian

    this was like the best show ever ,why cancel now?

  13. Marie

    I love the show please make season 2!

  14. Betty

    I enjoyed the show very much, please make season 2 happen 🙂

  15. Alex

    Just when I get into the show, POOF, it’s gone. Gotta bring it back…somebody!

  16. Gabby

    When is season 2?????

  17. Cody


  18. Brittany

    Please make a season two this is one of the best shows ever it has been helping my friend with cancer look at it totally different please someone pick it up so we can see season two and hopefully more seasons to come

  19. Yan

    Glad to see it returning….really loved the show!

  20. sam

    I love the show so much so does my mom if you don’t make a season 2 let us know what all happens with everyone

  21. Mike

    I was born and grew with television. In most of my 70 years the tube in front of me has created a very large pile of cr*p. Red Band Society has NOT been a part of the pile. Thank You, for a show that reaches deep within, I have never laughed so loud nor cried so often!

  22. Cliff

    There NEEDS to be a Season 2. The show has a great premise, a great cast which has great chemistry with each other, and characters that viewers remember and fall in love with. If the show isn’t what FOX wants or needs then another network should definitely pick it up. Charlie (Griffin Gluck) is the only original Red Bander who left. There could easily be a reason written in to bring him back. (Because anything can happen when you’ve had a brain injury). We need to know how Jeordi’s second surgery went, how Leo takes to the trial treatment, what happens with Emma and her mom, if Kara’s body accepts her new heart or eventually rejects it perhaps, and if Dash is ever able to have any type of relationship with Mae or if there has to be none at all. Nobody likes to see people suffering, especially children. This show let’s us see how some of them cope with it and how others (the hospital staff) help them along the way while trying to make them better. Red Band Society needs to continue and someone needs to make it happen.

  23. Kathie

    What a disappointment that they are going to cancel this show. It’s different and humanizes childhood illnesses.

    What we don’t need are more stupid reality shows.

  24. angela

    What a huge disappointment. They didn’t even give this show a fair chance to flourish. I looked forward to this show all week. Such a shame. 🙁

  25. Luanne

    I think that this was the best show that has been on in a long time. Something kids can watch and see what happens to the kids with health problems and how they handle it. I worked in the healthcare field for over 30 years and think this is a lot better than some of the stuff that is out there now and things that are coming on. Give it a fair shake. Try it a second season. You’ve already seen by the comments here that it is going to be a hit or hopefully another channel will pick it up. To bad, you get a hit show on your hands and you don’t even know it and you shut it down before it even gets a chance.

  26. Skye

    Hello, I am an American who is currently living in China! I love this show, and I watch it every week all the way from China! PLEASE KEEP THE SHOW!

  27. Theo Bear

    Red Band Society is a show that should continue in order to depth and hope to those children who are in similar positions. Health issues like cancer, CF, Anorexia and other serious life threatening illness or conditions are never addressed outside the home or hospital. These kids need a show that depicts them, supports them and offers real role models (despite the fact that the show is sanitized). Please don’t take this off the air. This means so much to the kids and the families that watch too.
    Thank you for listening.

  28. miyann

    I have a personal connection to all the characters and it bothers me that the show is only having one season .I don’t wanna see this show end so early,and each character really shows a part of who Iam and it kinda hurts to see it go.PLEASE DONT CANCEL THE SHOW I KINDA NEED IT.

  29. cia

    red band society is the best show i have ever seen. my friends and i love watching this show, we literaly screamed when we saw the first episode. we would wait and wait for the next episode. why are they canceling it now??? these cancer shows are the only shows real people can relate to. the people at fox need to open their eyes and see that the actual vewiers that have watched the red band society episodes since the begining, are almost crying over the cancelation of this show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! when i got my hands on some merchendise from red band society, i freaked!!! i am not happy at all about them canceling this show!!! they neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed to bring it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. ashley

    This show is amazing please bring it back. If not I really hope some other network picks it up.

  31. willow

    I really love this show, im hoping that someone will bring this show up again, and seriously you guys can’t leave me hanging after the last episode!! Come on FOX!!

  32. Anon

    Come on fox! This is a great show!!! Leave it on or another net work please pick it up!!
    It is something we need to watch it is heartwarming, touching, dramatic and a really in depth show
    Come on!!!!

  33. Jonathan Tchengang

    This show changed my life and the way I look at people. I love this show and I love all the actors…This show should have another because this is the best show I ever watched. Please let Season 2 come out.PLEASE!!! You guys probably dont care what I think but I spend so many hours trying to find the best group of actors and I finally found them.
    -Nurse Jackson
    I’m 14…You don’t know how much I Love this cast…As much as I would want to meet them that wouldn’t happen…The least yall could is keep it going. Pleas…

  34. Morg

    Absolutely love this show. I suggest you keep it running and create a season 2

  35. Emily

    this show is seriously one of best shows I’ve ever seen and i don’t like a lot of shows……. i watch 2 episodes and I was addicted… season 2 needs to happen it NEEDS to

  36. Linda Meeks

    I can’t believe it! A show about teens trying to figure out life, just like any regular teen, and trying to hang on to it as well. What a concept, what a show! It’s a true travesty to cancel it.

  37. Denise

    Check episodes watched on demand. This show has to have a season 2. It may just be a sleeper. But look at all these comments. I can understand if the ratings don’t pick up not having a season 3. But give it a chance please

  38. haily

    This show was fantastic and should be returned to the air. I enjoyed seeing people really caring about each other instead of so much violence on television. It was great to see them supporting each other. It also dealt with so many problems teenagers are facing, not just the illnesses, but dating, changing their thinking on issues. You really sold this show short when the messages were so important to todays youth.

    Thank You

  39. andre

    im in love with emma but I don’t understand why her and jordi did not even get together once so that’s stupid there should be another season with them to together and now that charlies out of the coma he he justs leaves and the shows over that’s so stupid he just started talking and it just ended im very frustrated on why they did not make another season I have hulu and im wondering why new episodes did not pop up and now I read the series is over im very very mad also the thing with hunter and kara at the end was awesome how he gave her the heart but there should be more to that great series the producers should change there mind and make new season ………….. very disapionting prouducers very im addicted to this show MAKE MORE EPISODES PLZ WE NEED THEM……..
    I love this show so much plz hear my cry and make new season

  40. naiomi

    I hope theres another seas because the way it inspired me to not be afraid of my cancer and how I can be surviver I really need prouducers to make new season we need them I need them they cant just stop making episodes and think that all millions of pll who love the show wont cooment on it the ppl who made this are complte morons for not make a season to let alone three or just make more episodes to first seson /.thanks for listening

  41. Sue

    This was a smart and different kind of show which is why I LOVED it. My grandson (tween) and I would watch together. It sparked many interesting discussions between us about all things “teen-ager”. With so many violent and zombie type shows out there it was nice to have something that was unique. The cast members were relatable and interesting! I am very disappointed to learn there might not be another season. I am so sick of reality TV and sitcoms.

  42. Taliyah

    I LOVE this show I really do….hearing that it might not pick up a 2nd season is kinda wrong. People have kids who have these kind of medical condition and it shows the brighter side of that. Just because a child is sick and has to basically live in a hospital doesn’t mean they can’t have fun. I’m 15 so I ENJOY this show more then all the other shows including reality TV. If it doesn’t pick up a 2nd season because of ratings then just have them tape season 2 and put it up on your website. Just because some people don’t like it doesn’t mean you cancel it for everyone else who ENJOYS THIS AMAZING SHOW. Tape the show, put it on the website and let us watch it from there. It doesn’t interfere with FOX’s schedule and we can still enjoy the show.

  43. iloveharry


  44. Elaine

    We need more shows like this where there are not vampires, people shooting people, everyone hopping in and out of bed with everyone else on the show. This was a show that could be watched as a family. My Mom is 92 and still on her own, and she looked forward to Red Band Society every week. She continues to ask when it is coming back. Please give me something positive for her to look forward to. This is the best new show I have seen in a long time, and it SHOULD be brought back for another season!!!!

  45. Gail

    I love Love LOVE this show. It’s just disappointing that it is not returning.

  46. Mollie

    Please make a season 2! I have gained a connection with the characters and I am not ready to give that up yet! Please, this has literally been my life and now it is over, my life is over!

  47. chesney bethel

    My dads a lawyer, a good one too. If there isn’t a season 2 I’ll sue and try to get copy right of the show to make a season 2.
    I got you red band society lovers.

    • Lara

      You would be my Hero.

  48. bonnie conners

    i liked the show it is very hard to find a show the did not revolve around sex drugs or violence, it was included because thats what young people deal with but the show dealt with more serious matters i hope you change your minds there is not much out there that kids can relate to, think about the kids it might help instead of having to have the top 10 spot

  49. Ashley

    Not knowing there might not be a second season makes me want to cry.

  50. Cierra

    I Loved the show!! if fox does cancel it they should do at a least one more season without the cliff hangers, the suspense was terrible.

  51. Hope

    Bring back RBS this is a great show not only for the drama but the meaning to children…. this show brings children not only hope but laughter… how could you take that away Bring back RBS

  52. miyann

    Please have season two its and amazing show with amazing actors and everyone who put it together is amazing.I think that each viewer has a connection with each character because they are normal people with the same social,emotional ,and sometimes mental problems as real people.And when we see them go through it I tho k it helps us in a way get through it cause we saw them going through a problem and overcame it and it helps us believe that we can.So please bring the shoe back for season two.

  53. alyssa

    i feel it would be more successful on abc family or a network where teens and young adults watch more and i love the show but had no idea it was aired until episode 10 . i hope they make another season and more successful this time !

  54. sarahm

    this show is one of the best shows to hit fox in awhile, if they don’t bring it back it won’t just hurt me or the fans. it will hurt every body who has cancer who had faith that somebody knew how they felt. don’t cancle, so please don’t make me loose my hope.

  55. J.L. Day

    Of COURSE it was cancelled, heaven forbid we have an uplifting, spiritually insightful show that actually gave people HOPE and brought a little love and light into this world.
    TYPICAL SO….WHat kind of CR*P reality garbage do you have lined up to replace it with?

  56. L.J

    They didn’t put back to back episodes

  57. Hazlee

    Just because people are too emotional and didn’t watch it doesn’t mean that it wasn’t awesome. My whole school wore pre-tape headbands and bracelets and called us the purple band society. This show was so surreal and realistic. The actors and actresses were great and was an educational show about feelings, death, and sickness. This show probably won’t be picked up but I hope it is because it put a mark on my life.
    Oh and they left it on a CLIFF HANGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. Christina

    This show was the best I’ve ever seen , make a season two !!

  59. ........?

    Is there a season 2 (23/12/2015)

  60. Lara

    I don’t think Fox realizes just how much of a difference this show makes. This show is not only very good, it is a source of strength for so many people, including me. It brings to light so many things that people like to look over. I relate to Emma more than I care to admit and she is my favorite character. This show personally gave me strength and I believe it should come back for a season two. I cannot express how big of a mistake fox has made by discontinuing Red Band Society.

  61. cathy

    Loved this show and the story line. What great characters that showed how you can get through anything with the right attitudes and friends. Octavia Spencer was superb along with the rest of the cast. What a great model this show was for our young people. BRING it back.

  62. Sara Sims

    i miss it

  63. Robyn mosley

    Loved this show. Watched every single episode of season 1. Really miss this show. I was very disappointed to learn it was cancelled. Would love it if you could bring this show back.

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