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Resurrection season 3?

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When does season 3 of Resurrection TV-show start? We are waiting for the premiere air date in 2015! What is known about the new episodes on ABC?

TV-channel: ABC
Based on: The Returned by Jason Mott
Developed by: Aaron Zelman
Genre: fantasy drama

Season 2 Episode 1: 7.55 million U.S. viewers

Season 2 Episode 9: 3.98 million U.S. viewers

«Resurrection» television series didn’t manage to get a good rating in 2014 and it was loosing its viewers with every new episode of the second season. Experts and critics agreed that the new episodes now were a question as the show wouldn’t be renewed for season 3, having such a low rating.

ABC management doesn’t hurry to finance the continuation of the series. However, the show hasn’t been announced «closed» yet.

Resurrection season 3 start – [cancelled] (UPDATE 1)

Let’s hope the premiere date of the third season will be announced, as the storyline is still possible to be developed, isn’t it? Let’s wait!

UPDATE 1 (May 7, 2015): Bad news… Resurrection has been cancelled after two seasons.

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  1. Randy

    Please renew this show. I finally found a nice series on ABC…

    • anthony

      It is a great show, the reason why is cuz people don’t have cable or not watching it on Sunday. They best not mess this show up. It best last another 5 seasons. One of the best.

  2. Jo7

    New viewer and completely hooked! Can’t wait for Season 3 of Resurrection.

  3. Clara Robbins

    Whole family loves this show! Please do not stop! Resurrection is the only reason we watch ABC.

  4. Nancy D.

    Sure hope for season 3. Please keep it coming.

  5. Henry

    They better make a season 3 that show is too good to be ended. Please reconsider give it at least one more season we all love the TV-series!!!

  6. Gladys Soto

    I am waiting the return of Resurrection. The acting is excellent!

    • anthony

      I totally agree, I want it to at least last another 5 seasons.

  7. Teri Evans (fan nmbr 1)

    Please make a season 3! Bring Resurrection BACK !

  8. Marie

    please do not cancel my favorite show. Wish it was coming back!

  9. Cindy Pouncey

    Please, we need a season 3.

  10. lillian

    I am hooked on it too; I have read the book too, of course series and a book are not the same there are elements in the book the series is using in the development of the series . The television series has taken a different direction in this season 2 which will take us into season 3.The direction I am referring to is the evil versus good plot inthis season 2 ; season 1 opened the possibility of returning and all the philosophical questions attached to that phenomenon.

  11. rich

    You must bring this show back.

  12. Stephanie Nieves

    Please Let It Be A 3rd Season. The 2nd Season Was So Good Especially That Rachel’s Baby Was Born. Please ABC Bring Resurrection BACK !!

  13. al s

    please renew this show

  14. Cora

    Please renew Resurrection for a third season. I look forward to watching it.

  15. Karri

    Please do not cancel this show. I look forward to Sunday nights before work now!!

  16. Logan

    I have been looking at many websites to see if and when the 3rd season will come out. I love Ressurection sooo much!!! This is the only show that I really love on tv. I think the ABC network is stupid if they want to end Ressurection.Have they even looked at any of the reviews for ressurection? On Ressurection’s facebook page, almost every post about the season finale says that they want a season 3 and that they can’t wait for one to come out.Hope the ABC network is reading this comment right now.

    • Sostyling

      I love Ressurection too. It is one of my favorite shows. But with that being said, I have worked in the TV industry for over 25 years. If New York people don’t like a particular series they cancel it. This is know for a fact. So we all should hope that New Yorkers and the east coast like the show. That is where the AP get their information survey’s from. Point, do you ever get a call from the AP asking you about your favorite show??? Doubt it.

  17. Tiffany

    Please come back soon so hooked on this show needs to (play longer ) I love this show

  18. Meli

    Renew please!!!!

  19. Anna

    Please renew Resurrection for season 3. I will be looking forward to it. Yayy!

  20. jaye

    Please renew resurrection. I look forward to watching this show on Sunday night’s!! Sunday night’s would not be the same if you cancel my favorite show!! Please hurry up and let us know when it gets renewed

  21. Charlotte

    This is the only tv show I watch on a regular basis. I love everthing about it and have never been so hooked on any tv show. Please bring it back and make it worth my time to continue to pay my cable bill! The acting is great and the storyline is wonderful.

  22. Leslie

    I am captivated by this show, I hope it continues…there are so many possible directions this story could go.

  23. virginia

    Finally a good TV show a whole family can watch, please bring it back for season three.

  24. Patricia

    This show is captivating! I have watched every show as well as many of my friend. Please bring it back for Season 3. This series keeps your mind working and has a great story line. A group of us talk together immediately after each show to discuss what happened and what may happen in the next show. This is an AWESOME show!

  25. Veronica

    This has been my favorite show on ABC.
    I have not missed an episode and I look forward to watching every Sunday !
    It will be a MISTAKE not to renew !! I love this show .

  26. Hank

    Please renew Resurrection. The story has always been great and it just keeps getting better. It is set up perfectly.for a new season. Everyone is on the edge of their seat. PLEASE ABC. Don’t let your audience down.

  27. Karen

    Please renew for 3rd Season Please

  28. Brenda

    Season 3 please… Love this show… And the possibility of the directions the show could take are mind blowing! Seaon 3 … Ok!

  29. michelle

    I truly hope ABC continues with season 3. This is one of my favourite shows. Please reconsider.

  30. Hailey

    Don’t stop making them I’m hooked on this show, best show ever my mom and I look forward to watching it every Sunday.

  31. rosiedoll

    I LOVE this show! Please bring it back for season 3 then 4 and so on!

  32. kat

    Please renew if u want better ratings maybe switch it to during the week and not when Sunday night football is… love the show need to see what the evil baby will do

  33. Amanda

    Please renew this show. I have been hooked on this show! I love it.

  34. Laura

    Yes, it’s mine and my daughter’s favorite series on tv…I hope they don’t cancel it!

  35. Jace

    Please renew this show is so good.

  36. Karen

    There are still more to the story line that wasn’t answered. Please we need a season 3

  37. Karen

    Please renew the show. I’m so sick of stupid reality shows I love the suspense of what is next. Please Please we need season 3!!!!

  38. Mike

    Please bring the show back!!!!

  39. Ted

    I’ll be surprised if ABC doesn’t do a season 3 and even a 4th and final season. I get it that the people on the coasts make up the viewing choices for the rest of us. Maybe it’s time for networks to only broadcast to those markets if that’s how they feel. Bring Resurrection another season or two for the rest of us who don’t get heard over the noise of LA and New York.

  40. Ted

    I love Resurrection. Great storyline, great acting, and it’s not the usual singing, dancing, drama that we call reality tv. ABC; keep the series going to at least bring it to a conclusion. If you can’t keep a good show going, at least produce 20 more episodes and put them online.

  41. Michele

    I said I wouldnot start watching a new show because they always get canceled but I was hooked after the first episode!! This is an original show which is hard to find these days! Enough with the game shows and reality! Let’s continue with the old fashioned tv series!! This show rocks!! It can still go so many places with the storyline!!

    • anthony

      I completely agree with you, at least I hope for 5 more seasons of it.

  42. Mark

    Please bring back Season 3 of Resurrection. My daughter and I look forward to it each week.

  43. Maryann


    • MTS

      OMG, please renew this show, it’s fabulous and keeps me on the edge of my seat. I’ve also developed a relationship with the characters!!

  44. JB

    Love this show. There have been many others that I have loved too and got cancelled….Americans are addicted to sex and violence….maybe this doesn’t have what
    they want – some at least. It seems stations have to work very hard to get a good following for shows without it, or at least without a lot of it. One of the shows with the most violence is into what their 9th year…It takes some great writers to engage viewers and get them hooked with just a great story and great actors/actress…congrats to all who have produced this very well written and acted show….Eventually it will come to an end, but hopefully it won’t be too soon…..

  45. Rachel

    Please continue this show! Can’t wait for the announcement of the season 3 premiere date!

  46. Annmarie

    Love, Love this show. it wouldn’t be fair to the many viewers if Season three should be cancelled. Please continue this show. I can’t wait for season 3 premiere date.

  47. summer

    Please show the next season. I love resurrection. Every Sunday I wait for it to come on, cause I love this shoe sooooo much

  48. Bud

    Please continue this show. I haven’t watched a network TV show
    in years. This show caught and kept my attention. Can’t wait to see
    more and where it all goes.

  49. Michelle

    Please Renew for season 3 I am so hooked on this show I am ling forward to see what happens in season 3 and the premiere date, Please, please please don’t cancel the show!

  50. ALMA

    Please Renew season 3 I cant wait to see what happens next!!! Every episode gets better and better. Its been a long time since I was hooked on a good show until Resurrection came on and caught my eyes……. I am eager and anxious to see the next season!!!!

  51. Tiffany

    when is season 3 coming??!?!?!?!??????

  52. Shirley mccall

    What a relief to finally have a good show to watch. Cancel, under the dome and keep resurrection going. It was probably inspired by a passage in the book of revelations, that speaks of a horde of locusts coming out of a pit to torment mankind for five months. However in revelations, they are false teachers teaching apostasy. I wonder what twist the writers will take on this?


  53. Claudia Velez

    All the great shows get cancel why?!!!!!!!!..

  54. BGS

    Love this show. Only thing decent on ABC

  55. Sandi

    Everytime I like a show they cancel it. What the hell!

    • Abby

      i agree

  56. Zoraida

    Please renew this series my family loves this show

  57. dorothy burgess

    finally found a show I really do like. please keep it on a third season.

  58. Morag

    This show has been sooo entertaining. Why on earth do all the good and interesting shows get cancelled and all the cop/murder shows keep going on forever? I look forward to this show every week and I cannot believe you have so little faith in your TV audience that you would cancel this show without giving it half a chance. I agree with one comment – Resurrection is the reason I tune into ABC – don’t cancel it – please.

  59. Julie

    Please renew and film a season 3 – this show is awesome! I looked forward to it and there is still a storyline to be developed. Don’t leave us hanging 🙁

  60. Abby

    pleaae renew!!!!! this is the only decwnt thibg to watzh on qeekends now thst football is done! please abc LISTEN TO US FANS!!!! SO Sicl of getting into shows i LIKE and tbey get the AX! BUT KEEP Garbage shows on limw the bach bachlorwttw dwts plus my mom also watches it!

  61. Stephanie Nieves

    Please Bring Season 3 I’m Been So Hooked To The Show Since The Beginning.
    & Theres A Show Called The Returned Based On The French Version On A&E Starting March 9th.

  62. Mari

    Please renew, I look forward to watching Resurrection.

  63. bridget pearce

    Please don’t cancel I really like the show and if the cancel it I sure would hate that considering how it ended in season 2 I really would like it to stay on I want to know how things end

  64. Heather

    I just heard about the show, I’m only in the 1st season but I love it. Can’t wait to finish it, I hope it gets renewed for a third.

  65. Pat

    Please please renew for 2015 love it!!

  66. Gloria Dorman

    Please don’t cancel Resurrection…..Love it.

  67. Elsa

    I have never seen a show that is great like the resurrection so please bring season 3 as soon as possible I can not for it to start this show has a lot meaning and is great to relex on Sunday nights to please please please bring back soon

  68. Delynn Amerman

    Awesome show. Have been anxiously awaiting the season 3 priemier I can’t even imagine not seeing a season 3. I WILL NOT BE VERY HAPPY if there is not a third season

  69. michael

    Season one recap aired and the premiere followed a month later, what. The season starts but takes a month off. Restarts but takes a other month off. Three month show air airs over six months. Textbook example of how to loose an audience. What show can withstand that kind of scheduling incompetence. Good show but ABC has zero respect for sci-fi and neglected it to death.

  70. Steve and Jacki

    We enjoy this show. If it has to end it should at least be given a “final season” they should give it a proper conclusion rather than keep viewers hanging. That goes for all shows. They’d did the same to “Dallas” … left us with a cliffhanger then canceled the show. And to the show “V” several years ago.

  71. Tammy

    just watched season 1 and 2 on hulu AND WANT SEASON 3 SO VERY BAD!!! #PLEASEBRINGONSEASON3

    • anthony

      5 more seasons at least.

  72. Becky

    Yeah, I agree with 100% of the comments, Bring it back for season 3 and finish with a satisfying end. PLEASE do not leave us stranded like *(@**@ TNT did to “Dallas”. Oh man that was a sad day when I found out it got canceled, just when it was just making jump off the couch in the last three episodes.
    Resurrection could take many twists and turns indeed, and I love the sci fiction edge to it, yet it have a good family theme going through. I really loved the Margaret the Henry’s mother, she was a piece of work, great acting by all in this show, and oh boy ! was that ever a twisted ended on the finale of this last season !!
    Please give us Season 3 !!

  73. Elena

    Please renew this show. Its he best show ever. Bring it back the fans are demanding its return

  74. Katelyn

    Please bring back “Resurrection”. I loved it! I do agree the story line needed some tweaking…but it’s not a good reason to cancel the show; good writers can take the story line and make it work. The actors were great!

    As it stands now…the line-up of total CR*P on TV (broadcast/cable/satellite) is embarrassing. Story lines cater to perverts and soon-to-be porn freaks…gratuitous sex, violence, dysfunctional families, and the worst offender….so-called Reality TV. WTF!

  75. April

    This has been the first “network,” “regular TV, “basic cable,” television series that I have watched probably since my late teens. I’m sure the last series that I watched (and enjoyed) were 90210 (the original), Melrose Place and Party of Five. Now in my forties…the fact that I loved and followed these shows, makes me appreciate that my brain has fully developed

  76. Kim

    Please more shows. We are watching the new one. But really, we need the show back. Please

  77. Haylee from Sydney australia

    Love the show.. We need a season 3 at least to find out why the returned came back. Season 2 ended ridiculously mysterious but in saying that, the show is awesome and if it was to succeed, it needs more nail blighting scenes.

  78. Aparna Kareddula

    We definitely should have a season 3 for Resurrection!
    I find it an interesting plot and the actors are excellent!

  79. Sandy

    Season 3 please! I’m shocked that Once upon a time is still playing but not resurrection, really? A few years ago JC Penney thought it was a good idea to find a young person to tell the American public what they wanted and how they wanted to shop. Being so arrogant as to only put certain items in the catalog, if you want to call it that, basically saying we should only look at this because anything else we might want would buy would be unacceptable. They rid themselves of the biggest mistake of their business career just in time to turn it back around right before bankruptcy. They are actually starting to have people who work in the stores again, it’s amazing. We are the kids of the 60s, we don’t like to be told what to do or watch. If we find a show we like we are loyal to it and look forward to it. This is the first show on any of the 3 major networks that I’ve watched in years. Young people don’t watch television, they watch streaming videos, they keep their faces in social media always. They are not your target. Your target should be the kids of the 60s who are watching television and would rather have a phone conversation than a text marathon. I really loved the first season, the entire second season I was frustrated and just basically confused because they just kept piling on the questions without ever answering any questions from season 1. Then at the end of 2 you start to pull it together a little bit for us and now can’t decide to finish. How about having a whole season of a balance of questions and answers. I know a lot of people that felt the same as myself. You are right now at the place where Penney’s got it together and saved themselves. The story has plenty of potential for entertainment, it just needs to get on with it.

  80. yodog

    best show ever keep it going need season 3

  81. Crickett Hutson

    Please, please renew the series, they left us hanging,my husband and I looked forward to Resurrection every Sunday night, like really some of the shows they still put on t.v. and they take off a show that was awesome,,,Still waiting !!!!!!

  82. anthony

    They best renew this show, at least 5 more seasons.

  83. Rhonda

    Yes, Please renew the show for season 3

  84. Julie

    Love the show and sad that it will not return.

  85. farzaneh

    This was one good show, and i really enjoyed it. I can’t wait for the season three to starts again.

  86. Ross

    My wife and myself, look forward to this show every Sunday night. We can wait to see what will happen next. You know the Star Trek series started out this way. I guess we are turning into loyal resurrecties

  87. Gabriella

    They better have a season 3!
    My dad, my brother, and I watch this show every Sunday!
    Its so good. Please continue. Please.

  88. Cathy

    WE need this show to have a 3rd Season ! Resurrection is THE BEST series on TV !PLEASE bring it back !I NEVER MISS AN EPISODE !! Let the public know what is going on !

  89. Angela

    Please bring Resurrection back for at least another season! I still need to know more information! It’s part of our Sunday family line up.

  90. Christine

    The hit series Resurrection is a great show for ABC please do not stop this show. I have watched this show since the first date and I’m looking forward to watching season 3. Please keep this show on the air.

  91. Lilith

    This is such a good show. I really hope there are several more seasons.

  92. Shard

    please renew this show. Love the storyline

  93. TAnya

    Renew. Show is brilliant THERE are so many places the show can go. If it ends this will have to be the fault of idiotic TV people who don’t know a good thing when they have it. Too many shows have been lost that are fantastic yet we seem to keep the same old same old going. I don’t believe this is based on viewers at all. Everyone I know watches and there seems to be a massive following.

  94. Dixie Sneed

    Please bring back the show Resurection, I love this show. At least let us have some closure from the storylines. This is a very good show. Maybe a different time slot would get more ratings.

  95. minnesotasue

    We have looked forward to every episode, sure would hate to see it end… don’t know how some shows stay on, the good ones seem to be canceled. Hoping there will be a season 3!

  96. Alexandra

    I love Resurrection! It is an awesome show. They will cancel the show because they are idiots and idiots always screw us out of an excellent show.

  97. sue

    Love this show! If I can’t watch when it is on I record and watch later. Please keep it going!

  98. Donna

    When is season 3 starting? I can’t wait!!! I was ready for season 3 right after season 2 ended lol!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT CANCEL THIS SHOW!!!

  99. James

    The show is loved by millions and millions of people listen to your devoted fans of this show

  100. Jean

    We love the show ! Please bring it back for season 3 … There are a lot of not as good shows that should be taken off , but not resurrection … Please bring it back !!!

  101. Debbie

    Plz resurrect resurrection. The only reason it had lower ratings the second season is they put it on the same day and time other shows are on if you don’t have a dvr to tape it you’re beat

  102. Danny T.

    Cancelled? NOOOO!!! WHY??? ABC S*CKS !!!

  103. Lorna

    I hate to hear this, I really enjoyed the show!

  104. Jennette Hendrix

    Resurrection was a great show. I will be missing (((

  105. Alicia stinglen


  106. Dale

    You can not just cancel this show, it is one of the best shows on TV. Please bring resurrection back for a season 3…. Great story line and cast of actors!!!!!

  107. lisa

    y wood u people stop showing resurrection that’s the best show on tv bring it back

  108. Sandy

    How can you cancel a show without a finale and leave an open ending. At least finish it to show what caused the resurrection.

  109. Marla

    I love this show.. Hate that its on Sunday’s so I have to watch on on demand.. I just paid for hulu so I could watch the entire 2nd season. I love this show NEED to know what is going to happen next. Please ABC don’t cancel it. Give us at least one more season so we know what the reason is. What’s up with Rachel’s baby. We need closure. if you planned on canceling it. Why not at least finish it off with why it happened and give us answers.. I hate when shows do this cr*p. Now we will never know. PLEASE PLEASE bring it back.

  110. Lisa

    My husband and I love this show!! We have watched every episode……i really hope we get to see what caused the resurrection. If we don’t see some kind of closure, I would probably not watch any continuous series on ABC again. Please don’t cancel it the people who watch it each week absolutely love it

  111. YRIVERA

    Come on you can’t leave us fans of the series!
    I myself was glued to the television on
    A Sunday night waiting for Resurrection to come on
    Such as so many people . You Guys can’t Cancel Please Cancel something else Not Resurrection
    Please let the season 3 of Resurrection come to ABC
    Here I sit a big fan of the series.
    Waiting. (*.*)

  112. Tiffany Walker

    I am very upset for this series to end. We really enjoyed watching this as a family!

  113. georgia

    I am so bummed …. I never have found a show that I liked as much as this . I can’t believe it isn’t going to be returning . Please Resurect this show

  114. Marina

    Please,please,please bring this show back!!!! Please!!!!!!!!

  115. Amanda

    My whole family loved this show! Please bring it back!!!

  116. Diane Dumoulin

    Love the show and waiting for season 3…….hope it is not cancel

  117. Karen

    Please bring on a season3. Love the show

  118. Carmen

    Please bring resurrection back love the show don’t cancel it

  119. liz

    Don’t cancel resurrection this is the only show my daughter and I watch together but other then that it is so good. hoping for a primere in October fingers crossed.

  120. Nicole

    Please release the season 3…I really, really, really, like this show!!! I it very interesting and I enjoy watching it.

  121. Crystal

    I love the show but I also loved BELIEVE and they cancelled that too.

  122. Debra

    What a shame! Loved this show!

  123. Nicole

    I loved this show. It’s ashame that you canceled it when things were getting really good. I wish you would reconsider making this show. My whole family loved this. Get rid of the reality tv shows!

  124. Deborah

    I love this show. Why would they cancel and leave everyone hanging? Please reconsider.

  125. michelle

    Resurrection need to be resurrected please a great show always waiting for new episode plz plz plz get this done!!!!!!!:

  126. Kel

    I really loved this show. I agree with everyone. They need to bring it back along with the other canceled shows. Please bring back.

  127. Nichole Elam

    Me and my fiancee just finished watching the 2nd season on Hulu. We are both very disappointed that there isn’t a 3rd :'( Btw, along with many others nowadays, Netflix and Hulu are the only way we watch tv

    • Andraya I Tyson

      Exactly. It doesn’t have to be a cable TV thing. Netflix or Hulu original, just like Stranger Things is.

  128. Heather

    Please bRing season 3. Love this. Need to see more

  129. Andraya I Tyson

    My husband and I just bought both season 1 and 2 on Amazon Prime and are bummed there’s no season 3. Would be great to have a show to watch that everyone in family can watch and not have to worry about inappropriate content. Bring it back.

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