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The Mentalist season 8?

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When does «The Mentalist» season 8 start in 2015 on CBS? TV-show was renewed or cancelled? What is know about the premiere air date? We are waiting for release!

TV-channel: CBS
Genre: police procedural
Created by: Bruno Heller
Starring: Simon Baker, Robin Tunney, Tim Kang, Owain Yeoman

Season 7 Episode 1: 10.89 million U.S. viewers

Season 7 Episode 8: 9.60 million U.S. viewers

CBS television series «The Mentalist» debuted on the TV back in 2008 and already after the first episodes it became clear that the show would remain on air.

The plot is exciting and interesting and Simon Baker perfectly acted as mentalist. According to experts, the TV-project lived for seven years on TV, 151 episodes were broadcast in total.

The premiere air date of the final episode is scheduled for February 18, 2015 and right after that the series will get the «ended» status. Unfortunately, season 8 shouldn’t be expected as the story will end logically, however many fans disagree with such a decision.

So does it make any sense to continue the show as after Red John’s death the rating was constantly falling?

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  1. Mary Owen

    I am going to miss Simon Baker and Tim Kang. They are the best actors on this show! Please, don’t stop!

  2. Teri

    Oh finally! It should end now without continuing on another network.

  3. Ross Y.

    Honestly, I think it should have ended after the Red John Storyline wrapped up.

  4. Luke Garner

    It is one of the few show’s I enjoy on TV. Please, make season 8!

  5. Hubert Lee

    The show died when red john did.

    • Reggie J

      Red John character couldn’t go on forever, but what you do is bring in another character to replace Red John and keep the show rolling and not just stop it. A person that quit or stop in life, never succeeds in life. Life stops after you stop.

  6. Leslie

    It is a great show! I’m a big fan of the series! Hope for more seasons !

  7. Patrick#1

    Keep it going!

  8. Sammy77

    Seriously, cancelling the Mentalist? One of the only good shows left on television and you want to cancel it! CBS s*cks.

  9. Nina (UK)

    It is a big mistake. Don’t cancel The Mentalist now!

  10. WhiteMan

    This is truly a great show! Thank you CBS and Bruno!

  11. Drew Obrien

    It’s been my favorite show the whole time it was on. It was fully unique. The reboot has re-energised the show! Don’t stop in 2015! Simon Baker is the best.

  12. 88Archie-N.99

    It should be continue. It is my favorite TV show.

  13. Emily Ryan

    Great series. Enjoyed watching every episode and season hope it continues forever )

  14. Phyllis

    I have watched this show from the beginning, and am very saddened to hear CBS is ending it. Hopefully, another station will be smart enough to pick it up!

  15. Lizzie

    There are several new relationships and characters to follow which will provide plenty of substance and suspense to continue for season 8,9…etc.

    • Sam

      I agree! The SHOW NEEDS TO CONTINUE!!!

  16. Jim DenHollander

    INTELLIGENCE is limited but stupidity goes on forever. CBS and all of the rest cancel great shows with very good scripts, and great actors. Great actors cost money and cut into profits. But where is the profit in shows people do not watch? Regardless of what people think, acting is very hard work and it costs money for good actors. Stopping shows like “The Mentalist” is just an example of what the bean counters can do to kill a fantabulous show. Most shows are an insult to me. Mostly to bad writing, but also to terrible acting. “The Mentalist” is a show that must stay.

    • Jack Strapp

      I agree that the acting has been good. I don’t understand the thinking that Red John was a main motive force for the series. I found it to be incidental. What I liked is the personality of Jane and the cleverness with which he approached any situation.
      But there are other things to consider…if the ratings went down, better to leave on a good note than torture the last ounce out of it. And after seven years the actors may be exhausted and need a break or just want time to pursue other things. Hard to say unless you’re on the inside just what contributes to a shows success or failure. The only thing we get to see are the ratings.

    • Reggie J

      I agree a 125%.

  17. Helen Stewart

    Look forward to it every week. One of few “clean” TV shows on; someone actually put thought into it. Vaguely remember Red John. It and NCIS are our favorites on TV. My husband and I wish you would reconsider canceling!

  18. Linda

    I have enjoyed this show from the beginning and I do hope that it will be renewed. Not many new shows to enjoy!

  19. Martha

    Shame to lose this show. One of my fave TV series.

  20. Lano

    I am a big fan of the show but it feels like time to end.

  21. SoPranoBoy

    This was a elegant show with a unique aesthetic. Good job, CBS and Mr. Bruno Heller!

  22. Cleo7

    l love this show. The reboot has been very good, and I hope another network picks it up!!!!

  23. JaneLoveU

    The Mentalist was a really fun show and I will miss Patrick Jane and company.

  24. Kay VanAntwerp

    CBS made a big mistake putting this show on Sunday nights, it’s a kiss of death, they never showed it correctly after the football game, most people thought it was already off the air. Plus the writers can’t leave a good show alone, it got boring with Red John, it seem to go on forever, the show was interesting when he solved murders, they take a good show like many others & make it all on one person to carry it all it comes boring & dull. I love Simon Baker & hope they go to another station & learn their lesson, leave Jane alone & let him do what he’s good at.

  25. Shaver

    Keep it running with season 8 and beyond. Trust the writers and the actors will make it work.

  26. Paul

    The Mentalist is a GREAT show. It is very interesting, good character development and the reboot was a good sag-way to another life for the show. Great writing….so what gives. I can think of many other shows that do not have the writing and character development that this show has. I vote to keep “The Mentalist”!!

  27. Felix

    I think, that Red John is still alive after Gabriel, the psycic, said to Jane (season 7/episode 11) “… cure will come with number 3.”.
    What happend to Christina, the medium (the one with the curly blonde hair)?
    Maybe she had been kidnapped by Red John?
    I think there’s another season coming…

  28. Reggie J

    My family and I are a huge big fan of The Mentalist. When my wife and I are not going to be able to watch The Mentalist due to work, then we records it on D V R and as soon as we gets home, that’s the first thing we do is watch The Mentalist. CBS has created a huge mistake not renewing The Mentalist for a season 8, 9, and 10 as well. If another network such as, ABC, NBC, or TNT have any type of a business mind, then one of those networks should realize that The Mentalist is a gold mine, AKA, A MONEY MAKER. CBS has no business sense. Bring back The Mentalist and keep it’s fans happy. CBS, just remember this quote, a real mind is a terrible thing to waste and even a dum mind still have an opportunity to make things right before it’s to late.

  29. Lisa duke

    Is there any hope to renew the mentalist? or Simon already has moved to Sydney. Him and Robin Tunney made a great couple and I’m sure they had developed feelings for each other after 7 years of working together. After all Robin is engaged to a guy who looks just like Simon so guess why?

  30. Rebecca h.

    My Husband and I Love this show. and were Very sad and upset to see it go. we Love Simon Baker. we just can,t get enough of this Show. I do hope to see more of the Mentalist soon in the near future. Please bring it back . There are hardly any thing good on tv worth watching these days. So Yes I would Love to see more of the Mentalist. as they Say the Show must go on.!!!!.

  31. Lee G.

    I’m with the majority on this one, there are always bad guys to bust! Hence there is no need to end such an amazing show :(… Either way one of the best TV shows ever made, great job everyone involved.

  32. Robin A.

    Please keep writing and producing and delivering the goods to your appreciative waiting audience! Truly a shame if you leave us in a lurch!

  33. edythe

    we really enjoy the show and all the cast but have a hard time dealing with the back ground music. It is far too loud and I am sure this loses a lot of the audience.
    Keep it going but soften the background..Thanks

  34. misra

    woow this is a great show am a huge fan of simon baker if you stop the show u make a huge mistake i think you should make it look someone is trying to replace red john like a copy cat or in the name list that simon lie to FbI someone should take red john place because is a big organization which can not go down like that, please dnt stop it.

  35. lynnie

    Please make season 8! I love mentalist so so much! Why does soap operas goes on forever?! WHY can’t we have this show do the same?!?!!!!

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