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Trinity Seven season 2

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Will there be a season 2 of Trinity Seven? What we know about the start date of the new episodes in 2015/2016? The continuation still possible!

Manga: Trinity Seven: 7-nin no Masho Tsukai
Studio: Seven Arcs
Licensed by: Madman Entertainment

«Trinity Seven» anime series is complemented with 30-minute OVA, the release date of which is scheduled for March 25, 2015. This information was confirmed by Seven Arcs representatives, who are engaged in manga adaptation.

As for the development of season 2, at the moment there is no information concerning the production start. Experts believe, the project has great potential, that’s why except for the second season, the third one has all the chances to be created.

According to some Internet-resources, the release date of anime continuation is scheduled for the fall of 2015, but this information isn’t confirmed, that’s why we have to wait for the official announcement.

Trinity Seven season 2 – [N/A, wait]

If you have some «fresh» data, please, share them in comments.

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  1. Hunter

    Let’s hope it sells well in Japan and can warrant a second season once there is enough content!

  2. GlaGo

    You will have to wait at least several months until it even becomes possible that an announcement can be made.

  3. Sain_t

    A satisfying ending. Looking forward to that OVA and season 2!

  4. MrBeelz

    make season 2 in 2015, please!

  5. Mad^^

    There must be season 2! Can’t wait! Hurry UP!

  6. TriCips

    I believe Trinity Seven is the best anime! Hope for new season in 2015!

    • Big Wumpy

      i would like to disagree. highschool dxd beast ANIME EVARRR

      • fran

        YES, “H.S. DxD” is one of the best I’ve seen so far. Don’t get me wrong there are several great anime, like “S.A.O.” or “The Devils a part Timer” witch comes real close to DxD. “Trinity Seven” is in the making of being a great anime. Lets hope for it to continue for a couple seasons.

        • Deathly

          You were spelling so well until the “witch” instead of “which” xD

      • Anime fan

        Big Wumpy is right on that go High School DxD. Wish there was a season four for it though (Highschool dxd)

      • Scooter

        Why you are a man of culture too i see

  7. asif

    hope they will make season 2 really quickly & release it this year

  8. Kojou

    Can’t wait for the second season :)))))))

  9. anime_lover

    i wish season 2 will be release in 2015 cause i like a anime like this with boobies lol im perverted too but im not like other man in streets that really likes sex and they are watching real bad videos it it makes me say wtf do they want to do with their lives lol…i love anime and my wish is the season 2 would be release this year by the way im a ”BOY”…

  10. VoltS8

    they better make a season 2 or imam wop dat asss. XD jk I love this series

  11. Juan

    They need a season 2 plz 2015 fall or beginning of 2016

  12. Timo

    we all are still waiting but i hope there will be a season 2

  13. Predator tjb

    well its 2018 and i haven’t heard of a season 2 yet i realy liked the anime aswell i think this is the same like high school of the dead

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