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Unbreakable Machine-Doll season 2?

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We need a season 2 of Unbreakable Machine-Doll anime series! There’s just too many mysteries yet to be explained! When does the new episodes release?

The premier season of anime television series «Unbreakable Machine-Doll» tells the plot of the first three novels.

All 12 episodes, which have debuted the last year, were successful and the profit from the sale of DVD with OVA exceeded all the expectations.

The release date of the last of 6 DVDs is scheduled for May 28, 2014 and after that the rights holders will count the earned money. The producers don’t hide that Season 2 will be created; as the materials for the further adaptation are ready and now the question is only about money.

Japanese studio Lerche, which has been involved into the debut season production, is ready to start working on the continuation as soon as «the green light» is given. But they predict Season 2 of the anime won’t be launched before 2015.

Now we should only wait for the official announcement of Funimation Entertainment concerning the new episodes ordering, that’s why, please, be patient and follow the updates. Share the news in comments!

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  1. Kira H.

    i love this anime. 1st fight sense was really good but then he like lost every fight after that. hopes for season 2 and a figure of yaya, alter or koto maybe.

    • Loki

      What’s wrong with getting beaten up? Apparently, people now days are looking for “badass” characters.

      There is a reason for him getting his ass beaten. It’s inevitable for Raishin without getting hurt after his battles especially when his enemy is an automatons or magician (e.g. Kimberly, Edward Rutherford, Astrid).


      As the story progress Raishin will get stronger and can even fight on par with Automatons (not all automatons) and Magicians (not all magicians also such Edward, Kimberly, Astrid, ect). The Raishin I’m talking about at Volume 9 of the light novel. In volume 12, he will get even stronger after he acquire a Katana from his kendo master. He can be par (not exactly but a half way more) with powerful automatons and powerful magicians (without his automatons).


      • Kaze

        Great! I can’t imagine Raishin getting this stronger! Badass!!!

      • Enternal

        Holy cr*p, sir. what’s the meaning of this? OMG!!! Raishin is Badass!!!!

      • god

        You serious dude? Where did you get those information? If its really true yeah he is very badass.

        • matteo wu

          Bruh still 2020 and No season 2

          • silentSHeep


      • Andry Nurjaman

        Akinya Seson 2 keluar juga Setelah aku menunggu selama 10 tahun :v ^_^

      • LoKi

        Their are 3 things I will not tolerate someone telling me what to do someone telling me off and waiting for the show to come back

    • junrey

      do you have season 2

  2. Ponta

    This anime started out good, but then the plot gets pretty confusin wid all the many different plot twists thrown at you.

    • Loki

      Tell me what are the confusing parts and I’ll explain it to you.

  3. Marry

    no plans for a season 2 yet. They have to wait for DVD/BD sales to see if they can afford to do another season.

  4. Triada

    Yaya was lovely, the other girls are fun and Raishin is quite badass.

  5. Smash (Poland)

    really hope for a season 2!

  6. Li

    Incomplete ending 0_0 i expect more action XD yeah second season! But dude yaya is awesome!

    • UMDP

      You’ll probably need a total of 60 ~ 96 episodes to cover all the story arcs not yet including Facing “Shadow Moon” which would make 64 ~ 100 episodes.

  7. Soprano

    best anime ever!!!

  8. PortC

    season 2 and more please!

  9. TAnimeBoyT

    Nice storyboard. I really like it. So much mystery which make you want to know more. Now, we just have to wait for the season 2 which I know is comformed to be released, but not in a short time. Anyway, I love it very much.

  10. Yaya

    I love Yaya <3!!!

    • Enternal

      I also love her! She is my favorite character of all.

  11. Hiem


  12. Hiem

    Season 2
    I want to watch it!

  13. Kaze

    Who can wait for season 2? I can’t wait any more! Season 2 realese!!! This made my day!

  14. Enternal

    I can’t wait anymore!!! Help!

  15. Hime

    The anime is good that I watch it over and over again probably around 5x XD and Yaya is awesome she my favorite character of all and I can’t wait for season 2, hopefully they will produce 24 episodes. Also I can’t wait for Raishin x Yaya.

    • Derp Duraore

      I Can’t F*cking Wait Hurry It Up Already!!!! P.S When Will Yaya And Raishin Get It On Dear God Stop Teasing Us!

      • Kirito

        I’d quite like to see Raisin x Charlotte to be honest

  16. Takamiya

    The story, characters, music, art, opening and ending, ect are perfect. Hopefully, will get a second season.

  17. Key of Heaven

    This what I am waiting for. I hope for more Yaya XD

  18. Cog

    This is definitely my most favorite anime of all. Hope for season because I am really craving for it. Can’t wait for I need to buy all of its products.

  19. god

    Cant wait for the next season!

  20. 87th


  21. Bronson

    I’ve been waiting for season 2, now it should come in 2015!

    • Anonymous

      ALREADY 2016 AND I’M STILL WAITING….why is the world so cruel to me…

  22. Sigma

    I hope for more Yaya and Frey! Aww I really badly want to know who the hell is Shouko? A very mysterious woman. Kimberly X Cruel XD

    • Rand

      LOL at Kimberly x Cruel!!!!! Anyway I am looking forward on the next season. Also YAYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! <3 I love her!

  23. animelover

    awsome anime. but akame ga kill and sao2 is better.

    • Math

      I agree that akame ga kill is better but sao 2 is sh*t.

  24. craxy

    awesome anime. waiting for the season 2 …. hop anime will riles soon ….

  25. Arata

    Amo esse anime ta no meu top 3,realmente espero que a season 2 venha logo quanto mais Yaya,Charlotte,Frey,Irori e batalhas épicas melhor xD.

  26. andrew

    i need it i want it best anime ever next to sword atr online and dbz. and we can all agree this anime is bad a*s i wanted to see what happened when raishin and yaya were alone o.o

  27. Atom

    This anime is badass, especially Raishin and Yaya. Shin is so OP the battle are so intense! The best fighting scene ever! Hope for more!

    • UMDP

      At Facing “Elf Speeder” arc, Shin’s power was only half not until Facing “Rosen Kavalier” arc where Shin’s full potential was used alongside with Alice.

  28. EndlessSin

    Now it is 2015, clearly the article says its going to be released BEFORE 2015. Wtf is going on? Will it consider as a rumor?

    • Blaze

      The article said season 2 won’t be released before 2015, please read carefully.

  29. juan

    Has anyone heard word of an official date yet?

    • UMDP

      Nope, we’ll have to wait for a bit longer.

  30. UMDP

    The anime studio Lerche hasn’t announce Unbreakable Machine-Doll season 2 until July of 2015 as Gakkō Gurashi! will be aired on the said date. I think season 2 will come out October of 2015 just like the first season aired date. I was wondering if they will cover volume 3 to volume 9 of the light novel which would make 24 episodes of the anime. The current volume of the light novel is 14 and 15 will be released on March of this year. We have to patiently wait for the announcement and hopefully it will announce this year.

    • juan

      Thanks buddy for the insight! hope they will release it later on this year 😛

      • UMDP

        No problem. If you want UMD information type “Unbreakable Machine-Doll Wiki” (be sure to type it exactly) on Yahoo then look for the third link the with the spelling of the link “(unbreakable-machine-doll)” (don’t forget the two dash part) and summary that looks like this: “Welcome to the Unbreakable Machine-Doll Universe Wiki: The world of early 20th century where both science and magic exists together. • Have something to talk about?”. Because there are three Wikia’s under the same series which is confusing.

        Since I can’t tell you directly as linking here is not allowed.

        • Dude

          BTW Gakkou Girashi is School-Live…. also its 2016 and I dont think they released season 2

    • UMDP

      * volume 4-9 not 3-9 as 1-3 is already done

  31. Ra Ku

    When unbreak machine doll realis season 2 ? I’n waiting for this -_-

  32. Crimson S

    This is 2015 when will is come out i’m losing patientions i can’t wait !!!

  33. Kojou

    Lossing all the patients I got !!! Plssssss…….make a season 2 plsssssss…. :((((((((((((

    • Sky

      You name comes from Akatsuki Kojou of Strike the Blood?

  34. no one

    2015 and no seson 2 for no game no life + season 3 for spice and wolf

  35. Gemini

    is it going to release season 2 in 2015 ?

  36. Charlotte Belew

    Yaya is So Cuteee <3
    also i want Raishin To Be Stronger If Season 2 is released…
    Maybe the season 2 will in March Or October…

    • UMDP

      Yes Raishin will become stronger even stronger the more the series progress.

  37. raishin

    i hope there is season 2 so please make it fast 😀 😀 😀 😀 ima right fans? 😀 😀

    • UMDP

      Yes, indeed. Min if I ask you if you have an account on Wikia? No bad intention.

  38. []BIBOY[]

    Make Season 2 Please!!!! I love This Anime 😛

  39. racon

    i really wish for a 2 season

  40. unknown

    This anime is truly enjoyable. And I really hope for the second season.

  41. sekret0

    any update when season 2 will be released?..

  42. Sya

    So many things I’m confused about and want an answer plus the series is very interesting

  43. kirito

    Make season 2 plzzz

  44. robert

    Plss make a good s2 story of raishin and friends of raishin we appreciate good s2

  45. zersear

    Yaya <3
    Pls Make
    Season 2

  46. neko

    Am I the only one who likes Frey instead of yaya?

  47. Devil

    When season 2 release?

  48. KnightZ

    When is the season 2 @_@

  49. Cloudseven

    it’s been canceled D:

    • Poorman99

      Demn, that’s harsh

  50. Kanishka

    Its 2016, still waiting for a season 2, wonder when the hell will they make it

  51. Poorman99

    Well, i just hope they make season 2…
    Can’t just abandon a great anime.
    It’s 2017

    • Eiji

      Ikr….. i really hope this anime would get a season 2…..
      April 2017

  52. Kowai

    its already past 2015 and almost 2018 so when i cant wait i hope they make it

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