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  1. Mysterious Joker season 2: release date

    When will season 2 of Mysterious Joker start? The anime will be returning this year! We are waiting for the release in April 2015!

  2. Strike the Blood season 2?

    When will Strike the Blood season 2 come out? What are the chances of the new episodes start in 2015? We need the release date!

  3. Nisekoi season 2: release date

    When does Nisekoi season 2 come out in 2015? The release date of the second season has been announced. We are waiting for the start […]

  4. Sword art Online season 3: release date

    When will Sword art Online season 3 come out? Will anime series have the new episodes in 2015-2016? The release date of third season still […]

  5. Working!! season 3: release date

    Will there be a Working!! Season 3? A third season has been announced. The new episodes will premiere in July 2015. Let’s wait the start!

  6. To Love-Ru Darkness season 2: release date

    A season 2 of anime adaptation of To LOVE-Ru Darkness was announced! When does the second season start? We are waiting for the release in […]

  7. Haikyuu!! season 2: release date

    When does Haikyuu season 2 come out? The anime series received good reviews and start air date is coming! We are waiting for the release […]

  8. Trinity Seven season 2

    Will there be a season 2 of Trinity Seven? What we know about the start date of the new episodes in 2015/2016? The continuation still […]

  9. Chihayafuru season 3

    Will Chihayafuru anime series return for season 3? When does new episodes start? What is known about release date in 2015/2016?

  10. GJ Club season 2

    When does season 2 of GJ Club anime television series come out? Will the story return in 2014/2015 with the new episodes? We are waiting […]

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